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Last Exile.

Last Exile

I love this anime. I got hooked instantly the very first time I watched it over QTV Channel 11. What got me hooked is the battle between ships in the anime that is reminiscent of the pre world war naval battles wherein the winner is dictated by the ship captain's excellence in maneuvers and tactics.

Another thing that I love in this anime is the aerial battles that is similar to the aerial warfare during World War I. But this anime is not just all about war and battle. What keeps watching this anime is its good plot and story.

I recommend this anime to anyone who loves anime and war movies.

If you want to have a good preview of this anime, then you better visit Wikipedia. The website have a comprehensive review of the anime.

Writer's Block

My work is killing me. No. Not the whole me but the creative part of me. The poetic alter ego that aspires to be a good writer, an excellent essayist, and a brilliant poet. It is too bad that I focused all my thoughts and energy to my work.

Now, sad to say, I lost me (bad grammar, whatever).

How can I resurrect the other part of me? How can I do that now that I have more burden to carry? More work to do? More problems to face?

But I will fight my current situation! I will spun new poems. I will create tales. I will react and analyze and criticize our society. I will....

....when the day comes that I successfully destroy the chains that binds my other personality.

But now I am struggling.


They say that life is full of surprises and I think that they are right.

I just can't believe it at first. I hung in disbelief when my brother and I talked for the very first time since I came back home from staying in Davao for a month after finishing the project in Davao. I hung in disbelief when he told me that he was now a changed man and he speaks about GOD. He confessed that he he is now a believer (and my Mom told me that he is considering in joining the Opus Dei). By golly, what had happened to him that he was changed from an agnostic to a person aiming to be saintly? I was surprised.

GOD indeed works in mysterious ways. I praise HIM to what HE did to my brother.

From a doubter into a believer.

Now, maybe I had to evaluate my faith. My brother's new ways make me feel that I am the new agnostic in the family.

Idle Moments in Davao

Unfortunately, our work here in Davao stopped completely as my partner was sent home to Manila to have our instruments and equipments fixed. Because of this, I was stucked here in Panabo City in Davao del Norte. No I am not complaining...actually I feel good that we had stopped the work for the time being (instead of being subjected to false hopes by our unpredictable equipments).

Our project coordinator here in Davao had me settled in the boarding house of her parents. Grabe, nahihiya na nga ako dahil sa ang bait ni "Nanay." Parang spoiled na ako.

Because I was stucked here, I used my time to learn some Visayan words. What I learned so far:

Numbers from one to ten:
isa duwa tulo upat lima unum pito walo siyam and napulo

My driver had me say these words to one of the girl in the boarding house:
"Ginihugma ako sa imo"

Which means, as I found out later after a round of laughter, "iniibig kita" in Tagalog or "I love you" in English.

In the course of our work, we had seen different parts of the Davao shorelines. We had seen rocky shores, beaches and the best of them all are the mangrove forests.

Our work will resume on Sunday. I just hope and pray to GOD that our work will continue without further ado and that we may finish the work as early as we can muster.

I hope that I learn more of the Visayan language.

We Are Not Perfect

We are doing all the best things that we could...we are all doing the things that are within and sometimes beyond our capacity. Darn it...I'm pissed off! The Boss told us this after another failure of one of the equipments that we are using this night:


sh%t man! First you did not taught us all the capabilities of the equipment...second, we are just fresh graduates and no one should expect that we can do fieldwork on the level of seasoned engineers...and lastly is that you are not here in the field. The whole team in the field is only composed of me and my fellow fresh graduate. Don't blame us if we err...we are just beginners.

Thank God that he is still with me. I Love you my dear GOD!

(Ishmael unloading his stress after an exhausting day with backpains and increasing sadness).

Damn Murphy's Law

"Anything that will go wrong will go wrong"

I am now experiencing the full brunt of this law. Darn it! Since day 1, my pessimistic self tells me that there's something wrong with the project or the job that I took after I graduated this semester. As if to add more salt to my wounds of pessimism, two of the equipments that we are using for the project failed to operate after a hard days I feel that I will face the full brunt, full merciless anger, of my boss.

Ahhh! Maganda sana ang Davao kaso hindi ko ma-appreciate dahil sa mga problemang dumarating. Nakakainis na...gusto tuloy uminom ng red horse beer ngayong gabi. Mababait ang mga tao dito sa Davao. Maganda ang lugar. Pero...mukhang dedbol na kami ng partner ko.

Ahhh...bakit sa lahat ng law na tumama sa amin ay Murphy's Law pa.

(Ishmael composed this post while he is Digos City, Davao del Sur)

Said na ang Palabigasan

Naiirita talaga ako tuwing nakikita ko yung patalastas ng gobyerno kung saan ipinagmamalaki na umaasenso na ang Pilipinas. Ang commercial na sinasabi ay isang testimonial kung saan tatlong tao per commercial ang nagsasabi na ramdam na nila ang asenso. Ramdam na nila ang asenso.

P#@*&! Kami kaya ang interviewhin ninyo? Naranasan na ba ninyo na kalasin ang mga bakal-bakal sa mga bahay ninyo para may makain lang sa araw na iyon? Nasubukan na ba ninyong mag-dismantla at maghagilap ng mga maibebenta sa junkshop para may maipamasahe sa mga nag-aaral na anak ninyo? Nakakairita ang gobyernong ito! Nagsasayang ng pera para ipakalat sa masang Pilipino ana umuunlad na ang Pilipinas...mga tanga't kalahati pala sila eh. Mga anak sila ng ------ Tamaan sana sila ng kidlat. Mula sa presidente hanggang sa kurakot na barangay captain!

Kung ang sagot ng gobyerno sa nagugutom na Pilipino ay mga walang-laman na commercials...ay hindi natin masisisi ang mga OFW kung bakit sila umalis ng bansang ito. Nakakairita! Ahhh...naiinis na ako. Buti na lang at hindi ko pang naiisipang maging kriminal.

Hay naku...sori ah. Naglalabas lang galit. Nasaid na ang aming palabigasan at gutom ako ngayong buong araw...

My College Family

Last last Wednesday, three professors celebrated their birthdays and invited the whole college for a party. My bosses in the office where I serve as a student assistant tagged me along to the party. As always, I hesitated joining them, but then again I went. I was a subordinate after all. It was a big celebration. The three professors (all of whom were born on different days of September) joined forces and pooled their resources for the party. Food was aplenty and squabbles and work were set aside so that we will enjoy the celebration. As always my custom for the past four years and one semester as a student assistant in this college, I was always with my boss throughout the party. We sat with some of the professors. I was tensed ---- imagine a room filled only with professors of different ranks and administrative employees. I am felt out of place in this room filled with people from past generations. There were other student assistants, but I do not know them personally.

Two plates of food later, my hesitation waned and I started chatting with some professors gleefully. At that moment I realized that I will miss this college when I graduate. The college that adopted me as a student assistant since my freshman years. I formed some affinity with the College, even though I am an engineering student.

This college is my family here in U.P. I mourned with them when their dean died, I listened (and thankfully not included) to their squabbles and inter-office quarrels, I celebrated with them during birthdays and Christmas parties. I am with them every lantern parade. I have many friends here: students, professors, janitors, gardeners, security guards. I came to love this college more than the College of Engineering.

The party last last Wednesday, I realized, was not only a birthday party for the three professors but also a farewell party for me.

Winter Solstice

Tired of the darkness within,
A young butterfly ripped out its chrysallis,
Ready to dance under the morning sun,
Eager to taste the waiting nectar.

But ---
Darkness and permafrost awaited,
With the gust of wintry wind it fell dead.

Delicate wings frozen
It did not realized,
That in the world outside ---
All are sadness,
All are death.


Two days and two weeks left before the end of my regular undergraduate life. The end is near but I feel very very exhausted. I want a decent sleep right now. I want to sleep for a month or so...or for a millennium like Sleeping Beauty.

Ha...stress and exhaustion plus the sem-ending school works.

Ah better stop whining and start sleeping? No better start working. Two days and two weeks left.

OK I will sleep for a few minutes. Good luck to me for the remaining two days and two weeks of undergraduate life.

Two Words

I am a little bit depressed this weekend. The reason? Read my past posts and you will know why. So, I am again at that point where I am thinking of sad memories and sad future. I getting tired of it...really really exhausted by my situation, until I encountered a friendster account of one of my friendster. I read on her friendster this: "I have two words for you........MOVE ON."

A timely advice from a friend that I rarely see. Thank you very much to you. You do not know how you always make me smile everytime I received e-mail from you. Thanks for the advice (even though you do not intended it for me).

It was said that good things come from unexpected sources. That is true. Many times in my life I received beautiful things from unlikely persons. Now I received this advice from a near yet rarely seen person. Danke Schon! Life is good.

Oo nga pala gusto ko lang ipagyabang dito sa blogosphere na nanalo ang aming UP Pep squad sa 2007 Cheerdance Competition ng UAAP. Ano kayo ngayon! Go UP go. Go Pep Squad. You made us proud.

I love the UP Pep Squad.

Die, Ishmael, Die!

Depression kicked in once again.

Yesterday is the most regrettable day of my life. It is so bad that I had wished to I die. I even prayed and petitioned GOD to take away my life. I told HIM to send down lightning to turn me into ashes, or even send someone who will kill me. I even started questioning my life. I felt so miserable that I know that the people in the jeepney that I rode (to go home) feel it. I felt so miserable that I have a hard time pulling myself together so that I could finish my homework that is due today.

Someone said that a person's hardest enemy is himself (or herself). Throughout his life, he has to fight himself, he has to control himself, he has to accept himself, he has to face his weaknesses. The greatest challenge in our life is ourselves.

I hate myself. I want to go away to a far far place but I know that I have nowhere to go because wherever I go, I will always be accompanied by me.

What hell of person I am. The girl that I love is just an arm's length away from me yesterday and I did nothing! I just looked down the table, feeling very very nervous. Then she left, she went home. I am left with my other classmates, doing our homework. I am very nervous that they (my classmates) could hear me stuttering. I can't concentrate, I can't stop thinking of her, only of her. Afraid to the bones. Why did I ever cultivated the pessimism in my soul. Now I am having a hard time expressing myself to her, and to other people close to me, or to the people that I want to be close with, or to my friends, my precious college friends.

I am tired, weary but still alive. I am tired of my pessimistic self. Yes, my pessimism benefited me in the gave me edge in my academics. In my past years in college, I always expected that I will fail my subjects, so I study hard, very very hard, I studied until I perfected the computations, the exams. In those days, my pessimism benefited me much but now, one month away from leaving the University and with a different priority and need from my previous college years, my pessimism became a heavy burden. One month more, I am graduating. One month more I will be leaving her without telling her my feelings.

I always expect the worst. Damn! The worst is happening now. And I wonder why GOD did not answer my plea. Foolish me, I doubted HIM again. HE that always save me from many problems many times in the past. I had seen and felt HIM intervened in my life for the nth times now.

GOD I do not know your plans. I can't see the whole stretch of road in front of me...but I know you are there to lead the way.

Quotation for the day: Go to other peoples funeral or else they won't go to yours.

Justice for Cris Mendez

Sikat na naman kami dito sa U.P. dahil sa mga frat. at few months before the centennial celebration pa. Astig din naman ang timing nila.

I wrote this post to show my indignation to what happened to Cris Mendez, a graduating public administration student, who was killed brutally by his supposedly future brads in the Sigma Rho Fraternity. Another young & bright student killed by the culture of violence that is almost as old as the university itself. What a waste, yes that is how I look at Cris' death. Waste of another life, waste of the taxpayer's money.

Joining a fraternity had been a dilemma for me. In the, past I was also invited of joining one but I refused (and mind you I had a very hard time refusing them). I do not say that all fraternities subscribe to violence, there are still fraternities out there that fosters brotherhood not in a violent way.

What perplex me is that applicants are subjected to hazing. What is the logic for that? Does that promote brotherhood within the fraternity, or is it just a form of retaliation because the members were subjected to the same tortures when they are still applicants? These people call themselves as iskolar ng bayan, matatalino. Shame! Its a shame to the masses. They sacrificed their life, their blood for us to get an education. Its a shame!

Fraternities like the Sigma Rho is nothing but gangsterism camouflaging as a legitimate brotherhood and the university had been blind on this.

I call for justice, justice for Cris, justice to other people killed by the senseless hazing, justice for the innocent people killed by fraternities because they were mistaken as member of the rival fraternity.

I call for the alumni and elders of these fraternities, please rein in your brads. One thing I want for the perpetrators of the murder, I want them expelled from the university, I want them imprisoned.

Boycott Manila Standard Today

Manila Standard Today did not fired Malu Fernandez...they did not heed the call of bloggers, OFWs and similar minded people that call for the resignation or firing of Malu. For this, I join tens of bloggers which call for the boycott of Manila Standard. Please do not buy their newspaper. Let us show the owners of this paper that we will not put up with their indifference. Join us. Please put this badge on your site. Let us spread the word, let us defend our OFW fellowmen. Thank you.

Anak ng Papi!

Senate...keep your hands off from the hello Papi scandal. Damn, the Senate has many work to do and the senators should not waste time by having an inquiry in aid of legislation about the cheating issue in the show Wowowee.

Nak ng Papi naman oh! After the Ultra Stampede, our boob tube is again bombarded by another issue about Wowowee (which is a crappy show, btw). There seems to be cheating in one of their contests wherein Willie pulled out two numbers. one of the number is zero and the other is number two which signifies 2 million pesos. The incident created an issue that there is a cheating on the show. ABS-CBN said that it is just a technical glitch. After watching the video of the incident, I am convinced that there is really cheating, that what happened is not a technical glitch.

Currently the issue revolves around the fight of words between Joey de Leon and Willie. the top honchos of ABS-CBN are excellent tacticians. They engineered their media to focus the issue not on the real incident but on the word war between the two noontime show hosts. Now, Wowowee scrambles two keep their TFC viewers from leaving them.

There are news that the senate will investigate the matter. Wot the hell! Why don't they let the Department of Trade and Industry to tackle the issue.

In the end, I say that Wowowee should be removed from the air and ABS-CBN be punished in its crime in the Ultra Tragedy and now in cheating the contestants and breaching the trusts of their viewers in general. Willie should be imprisoned by inciting the poor people to swarm in Ultra by giving false statements and untruths.

In the end, we viewers must show our strength by saying to these media establishments that we want intelligent programs. The bastards, all they care for is their profits.

Waking Up with Heavy Feeling

Sometimes I wonder why we human beings have this feeling of longing for someone to be with us always, for someone whom we can share our thoughts, someone close who we can hug and cry on whenever we feel we are too tired and exhausted by this world.

I wonder, every now and then, especially yesterday morning when I wake up feeling this intense longing for [guess who] her. I missed her very much. I feel like an empty shell the while day yesterday and today and maybe tomorrow. The feeling is terrible enough to spoil my long weekend.

Why do I have to feel this way? Why do I need her to fill my life when I grew up without knowing her or needing her? I know the theories, that this feeling of longing is embedded in our mind for the sake of survival (so to ensure that early human beings will mate and procreate) and cultivated by culture into love, affection, attraction or anything close to that. Damn theories! Damn survival instincts. Damn life!

But then again, I am glad to have met her. I am glad but I still miss her.

OK now maybe I should stop rambling about my miserable love life. Oh how I wish to hug her to today. How I wish to look her into her eyes. How I wish…

Ahh…bahala na!

Elegy #1

An old philosopher sleeping in the lily fields

Dreams the air is filled with cotton seeds

As white as the cloudy sky, as free as his thoughts.

A young lass dance with cotton seeds

Light seeds freed by the monsoon winds

As calming as tea, as unpredictable as her emotions.

The sad man, infected, smiles as he yields

Watching the young lady, he stopped picking up lily reeds

As plenty as pieces of broken glass, as dead as his soul.

Two Weeks Without T.V. and Other Things

Certified Radio Days

We go retro, he he he. We are forced to listen to the radio because our radio “gave up” living two weeks ago. I am not complaining ---- as a matter of fact, I am glad because I’m spared from seeing those crappy shows from GMA 7 and ABS-CBN. Yes I am spared from corny Eat Bulaga, the news program 24 Oras that is filled to the brim with sensationalized news, economically important (with pun intended) showbiz tsismis, and afternoon soap operas and nighttime teledramas that have recycled scripts. The only thing that I missed though was the season 1 final episode of “Heroes.” Damn, I missed watching Sylar die (sob!). Another thing is that I can’t finish watching my DVD of “Band of Brothers.”

So these past two weeks we listened to Rey Langit, Deo Macalma (with his “Espesyal na Balita”), Tiya Dely, and the irritating radio soaps. What I really listening to is the radio program “Boys’ Night Out” in Magic 89.9. Very very funny program hosted by Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and the CERTIFIED CANDY CUTIE Sam Y G. Hey guys, I love listening to your show.

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

Yay! Five-day vacation…thanks to you typhoon Egay for the rain and for the suspension of classes. You are a real inconvenience. Well, I think that the prayers of the catholic faithful were answered. We are now free from the dry spell. Too bad that Manila had to suffer from floods. Well, gaya nga ng sinasabi ng marami, “umambon lang ay lubog na agad na ang Maynila.” Wawa naman.


Move forward! Heraus and move forward. Don't mind the people around you. Don't mind what they think.

Just charge, charge as fast as blitz.

Never surrender...never raise the white flag. For if you do, then your dead. DEAD.

Me, an Anorexic?

Lately, I find it hard to swallow my food. I can't swallow not in the sense that I have a problem with my throat or my esophagus. My problem is that I have the tendency to puke what I am trying to swallow. The problem is not the food because I like what I am eating, pork adobo.

I do not know, maybe I am becoming to be an anorexic and I think that the problem is psychological. I feel nervous, very very nervous. Maybe it affects the function of my stomach or the peristalsis of my esophagus.

I fight my condition though, because I still swallow my food. I do not to skip lunch because my ulcer will come and I believe that no one should waste food.

I feel nervous these days and it affects my bodily functions. I know the solution to my problem, but I do not have the strength to do it. What my problem is? I will tell you later.


To the girl who caught my heart but I do not have the power to tell,

I love you...that is true. Since the day that you and I chose me to be your boyfriend until this moment I feel an intense feeling of love to you. I know that it is me who caused our separation, I know I made you cry many times for the length of our relationship. I love you that is true. You are the only one that I think of from the moment I wake up until the moment I sleep. This feeling for you grow stronger day by day by day. I love the of you, heart, body and soul. You are the only one wwho make me smile my genuine smile. For every song I sing, for every poem I spun, I only think of you. You, you, no one but you. Because I want to share my whole life with you.

I love you, that is enough for me. I love even if you don't love me back. My love will always be here. You are my first true love.


from me,
Ishmael Ahab

Aguas de Augusta
The August rain did come,
Falling like arrows from the urban sky.
I threw away my parasol,
To feel the cold force of the water fall.
Soaked to the soul I confessed to the clouds
Of how I missed the warmth of January sun.

Goodbye to My GrandPa

My grandpa passed today. My Mom cried, she rarely did. She cried for her dad. Her tears falling like raindrops.

Lolo...magkikita rin tayo diyan. Ingat ka, kahit hindi tayo naging close...I want you to know that I am happy that you are my grandfather. Thank you lolo, take care diyan.

Lame Post

I've been thinking...what is lamer me or this post.

Nahhh...just thinking out loud.

I am watching again the mini-series "Band of Brothers"

I am busy again these days, as exams, projects, papers are increasing day by day by day....

My mind is still filled to the brim as usual with the thoughts of her, her and her.

I am sleepy, sleep deprived...well I am to blame, I always sleep late.

To top it all stumbled yesterday...damaged my right leg. Damn its painful.

Tomorrow the same rythm will continue, once again.

Damn, I hate lame posts!

What Will Happen Now?!

Every action starts with the first step, and that's what I did last night: I took the first step in breaking the great impasse with her. Last night I opened my communication to her. I told her what I feel about her, how I admire her.

Taking the first step in everything is one of the hardest steps that a person usually takes for every activity. Yes, I passed the first hurdle but I know that it does not end there. I know that there is more to come, and that what scares me. At this moment I feel nervous. I am nervous about her reaction to my message. My pessimistic self tells me that the worst will come, especially this afternoon. I feel doomed, like a convict that is about to be executed by the guillotine.

I am scared (a fraidy cat). What should I do? What will happen now?

Requiem to the Persons I Know and to the Multitudes that are Now Gone

I believe that death is a natural thing, that we will die no matter how powerful, how healthy and how nice we are. All of us will eventually be sent to the "other side." There is no escape; it is only a matter of time, place and circumstance. Our body will die and rot and become dust. But knowing this reality does not decrease the feeling of loss to the loved ones who dies, to whom we shared our times but are gone forever.

This post is for the two persons I know of but is not here in this Universe anymore. Persons that I am not close to but persons I had shared some of time with. This post is for the mother of my colleague here in the office where I am a student assistant. This is for her, as my form of gratitude to her, of her goodness to me. Thanks to you.

This post is for the Dean of the College who passed away last Monday. One of my bosses who had been kind to me. The college feels the greatness of your loss.

For these two persons I dedicate this poem by Federico Garcia Loca

Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias

The bull does not know you, nor the fig tree,
nor the horses, nor the ants in your own house.
The child and the afternoon do not know you
because you have died forever.

The back of the stone does not know you,
nor the black satin in which you crumble.
Your silent memory does not know you
because you have died forever.

The autumn will come with small white snails,
misty grapes and with clustered hills,
but no one will look into your eyes
because you have died forever.

Because you have died forever,
like all the dead of the Earth,
like all the dead who are forgotten
in a heap of lifeless dogs.

This poem is also for the people who were murdered because of their political stand. The people who keep liberty alive in our society. This is for the 835 who made stand against tyranny and was murdered. This is for Jonas Burgos, Sherlyn Cadapan, Karen Empeno, and hundred others who were martyred. Requiem to the people I know, and the great multitude who were annihilated by a reactionary administration.

Solace in Reading

I am thirsty for love but I try to quench it by drinking from the cup of knowledge.

As I had posted many times over, I am broken-hearted and depressed these past few days. My past relationship devastated my soul and left me feeling desolated and alone. I had reached hell, just to discover that hell is not blazing with fire and boiling with sulfur but frozen below zero degrees centigrade. Many times, I hid, I ran away, I chose to be alone, to remove the rein of my imagination. I got tired of my situation, eventually. So last Sunday night I fought my depression in a desperate battle.

Instead of thinking of my misery, I chose to focus my attention in trying to understand society and politics. I found solace in reading. Right now I am reading the novel of H. G. Wells, "The Time Machine."

I am glad that reading somehow brought forth peace to my mind. I have read "1984," "Repent Harlequin Said the Tick Tock Man," and now "Time Machine." Knowledge quenches my thirst but I know that it is not enough, but hey it’s better than sulking in the corner.


Sa lahat ng mga taga-U.P., kung kayo ay mapadpad sa may CAL at may kailangan kayong bilhin. I recommend that you make bili (yuck, how cono) kay Manong Tindero sa kiosk sa tapat ng CAL. ‘yung bilhan ninyong manong ay yung nasa gitna ng dalawang tindahan. Mabait ‘yung manong na iyon.


The sea, a.k.a life, is rough for me these days. I am mired in an impasse with one of the most important person in my life. There is a theory on human behavior that says that if a person is confronted by some danger or unpleasant situations he will either fight or flee. I chose the latter. I have a very hard time in confronting her...though I painfully miss her so much.

I want to talk to say to her that I missed her. Unfortunately, I do not have the strength to break the impasse with her. So I am left in my own solitude...wishing...

note: I hope that I managed to talk to her in the future (And I hope that this will be my last post about my broken love and anxieties).

Anxiety Spells

I had another bout of depression this morning. I did not know how it happens, but there I was, depressed, scared, my mind degenerated into a corrupted audio file that keeps on playing those painful memories again and again. I do not know what to do whenever anxiety steps in my mind. Sad memories are projected in my head, amplified to a thousand times by negative things that I imagine. Gladly, at noon I found something to focus my attention. I decided to create a movie file from a collection of pictures in my computer. That project removed my mind from nudging on the painful past. The sad thing for me is I know that these memories still lingers somewhere in my head, still bent on giving me anxiety spells in the future.

Doing Time

I am so busy these days. I am working as an intern in a non-govermental organization and my task is to be a researcher on land titling. I do not like being a researcher, but then again, I was tasked this job so its my responsibility to finish it. I do not see the benefit of this work in my career, and this job is so exhausting and the stress is compounded by the fact that I do not like my job. I trust God that this is part of His plan to me. I am beginning to love it though, but still I wish that I get an internship that requires me to use my knowledge that I learned in engineering.

Inspite of this, I love working with the people in this organization. I salute them for their endeavor and for the fact that they are ready to work for the urban poor even if the salary is low compared to other architects and engineers of their age. I salute thee. And thank you for the lessons that you taught me.