Justice for Cris Mendez

Sikat na naman kami dito sa U.P. dahil sa mga frat. at few months before the centennial celebration pa. Astig din naman ang timing nila.

I wrote this post to show my indignation to what happened to Cris Mendez, a graduating public administration student, who was killed brutally by his supposedly future brads in the Sigma Rho Fraternity. Another young & bright student killed by the culture of violence that is almost as old as the university itself. What a waste, yes that is how I look at Cris' death. Waste of another life, waste of the taxpayer's money.

Joining a fraternity had been a dilemma for me. In the, past I was also invited of joining one but I refused (and mind you I had a very hard time refusing them). I do not say that all fraternities subscribe to violence, there are still fraternities out there that fosters brotherhood not in a violent way.

What perplex me is that applicants are subjected to hazing. What is the logic for that? Does that promote brotherhood within the fraternity, or is it just a form of retaliation because the members were subjected to the same tortures when they are still applicants? These people call themselves as iskolar ng bayan, matatalino. Shame! Its a shame to the masses. They sacrificed their life, their blood for us to get an education. Its a shame!

Fraternities like the Sigma Rho is nothing but gangsterism camouflaging as a legitimate brotherhood and the university had been blind on this.

I call for justice, justice for Cris, justice to other people killed by the senseless hazing, justice for the innocent people killed by fraternities because they were mistaken as member of the rival fraternity.

I call for the alumni and elders of these fraternities, please rein in your brads. One thing I want for the perpetrators of the murder, I want them expelled from the university, I want them imprisoned.

Boycott Manila Standard Today

Manila Standard Today did not fired Malu Fernandez...they did not heed the call of bloggers, OFWs and similar minded people that call for the resignation or firing of Malu. For this, I join tens of bloggers which call for the boycott of Manila Standard. Please do not buy their newspaper. Let us show the owners of this paper that we will not put up with their indifference. Join us. Please put this badge on your site. Let us spread the word, let us defend our OFW fellowmen. Thank you.

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