LRT Art 2009

I didn’t anticipate that my travel by train last Friday will give me an added bonus. Aside from escaping the traffic and the flooded streets caused by heavy rains, I also chanced upon an art exhibit in the Cubao Station of LRT Line 3. The exhibit showcases that entries of various painters for the LRT Art 2009. The paintings should contain a depiction of the LRT or the train and connect it with society.
Obviously, many paintings were for propaganda or painted to delight the management of LRTA. However, many of the paintings are good to behold and here are my favorites:
LRT Art - Time Machine
"Time Machine" by Clarence Cantiveros.
LRT Art - Pumasok sa Ginhawa
"Pumasok sa Ginhawa" by John Carlo Jacinto.
LRT Art - Puno ng Kulay ang Una Kong Paglalakbay
"Puno ng Kulay ang Una Kong Paglalakbay" and Ricky Ambagan.
LRT Art - Lahat Pantay-pantay sa LRT Sumasakay
"Lahat Pantay-pantay sa LRT Sumasakay" by Redentor Castillo.
LRT Art - Ang Pundasyon ng Transportasyon
"Ang Pundasyon ng Transportasyon" by Deoner Catamora.
LRT Art - Ladder of Dreams
"Ladder of Dreams" by Rommel Ramota.

Harry Potter 6 is Disappointing

I went to Trinoma yesterday to watch the movie adaptation of the book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. All I could say is that I am disappointed with the movie. It is a basic fact that the movie can not measure up against the book since the book is more detailed and the movie is limited in time and budget. However there are so many things that are amiss that I think should be included in the movie.

The Tension of Draco

Aside from the main protagonists, Draco should be given more focus since his role is essential in the story. The movie should also show the tension experienced by Draco Malfoy. It is given that Voldemort gave him an almost impossible mission to kill Dumbledore. The movie showed snippets of Draco, but I believe he should be given more exposure. I need to see more emotions coming from Malfoy.
Harry Potter 6 - Severus Snape

Dull Moments

The movie also has its many dull moments. Even the scene of Dumbledores death is not that exciting. The movie also seems to be a bit rushed. There are sudden cuts between scenes that surprised me. However, I think that is the result of condensing the whole book into 2 and a half hour movie.

There are so many things that happened in the book that were not included and many of things are essential. The attack of the Death Eaters to the house of the Weasley’s is not included in the book and I do not know the purpose why it was included in the movie.

The magic that is present in the previous installments were also gone.

Wow Moments

My favorite part of the movie is the first scene where the deatheater’s kidnapped the wandmaker Ollivander. The death eaters mode of traveling as jets of dark clouds is good to watch.

Another part that I liked is whenever Harry and Dumbledore enters the pensieve so as to watch the memories of people. I like to see dark ink floating down the water and forms the memory of the person.

I also liked the scene where Harry and Dumbledore enter Voldemort’s secret cave. However, I think that it still lack the tension that is in the book and the scene is also a bit rushed.
Harry Potter 6 and the Half Blood Prince
The actors and actresses did their work well. I especially liked Snape and Dumbledore. I just wish that  they gave more exposure to my favorite character, which is Luna Lovegood.

All in all, the movie is fine but it did not meet my expectations. Reading the book and completing the text with imagination is better.

Killing Macho-s**t Will be Cool

I wish that I have an M-16 with me all the time, or maybe a simple “paltik” will do. And I also wish that I had the license to kill anybody, just like Agent 007. Why? Because some macho-s**t (a term for men who thinks that having many girls make them manly) out there never had a decency to shut his mouth up!

The rain this afternoon forced me to go to the LRT-3 Recto Station so that I could go home without the hassle of the flood and heavy traffic. There were these two men who keep on babbling about their officemate. They are talking about their office mate's escapade. Of many young college girls their officemate had “de-virginized.” Of how these girls allow themselves to have an affair with that guy. How they use those girls as sex objects. They even compared the current college girls with those during their college years. Apparently, the person they are talking about is a professor or someone who is working in a school. They even joked that one day, their officemate will be the one on the tabloid with a headline “Coed Tinuhog ng Prof” or something like.

How could they even joke? How dare they babble about such things in public? How dare they tolerate such acts? How could they let the Filipina be treated as sex objects?

The answer for all these question is that the two are a bunch of macho-s**t who kept on dreaming on “scoring” on college girls. Their tone hints that they want to emulate their office mate. They want to continue this violence against girls that are much younger than they. They want the student to be their sex objects.

I just want to shoot them right there and then and force them to tell where their office mate live so that I could erase him in this world.

Women activist woefully says that men and women are not equal in this country. I agree with them. Those two macho-s**ts just proved that many Filipinos are still not gender sensitive. That many Filipinos think that Filipinas are mere sex objects.

It is saddening. Really.

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LOL Cats

LOLCat - Newton is smart

These cats will really make you LOL.

I just found this website and it really make laugh out loud, and I am not even a cat-person (actually I really hate cats). The cats are called LOL Cats and they invade the WWW with funny remarks that will surely make your day.
LOLCat should be fed.

Good Days Coming Up

I feel buoyant these days. I feel as if I have a large amount of stored energy stored within me that is pushing to go out like a magma coming out of a small fissure. I do not know what the reason for this. Is it because of the positioning of the Sun, moon and the stars as the horoscopes predict. The horoscope heralds the coming of the Leo months, or when the sun enters its house in the constellation of Leo. Possibly not.

In the past years and in the past jobs, I am always down. I feel that I am being forced to go to the office and I will spend another unbearable moments of my life there. But things are different now. Even though I might say that I really hate waking up every 5 AM, I feel that my time spent in the office moves very fast so that my workday is not enough to accommodate my workload. Enjoyment in work really creates wonders. It is so good to feel being well-appreciated in the workplace and that the work is mentally challenging so as not to bore me. Yes there are days when I feel down, but that is not enough to dampen my whole week.

And it is not just in work. The good days are there in my other aspects of life. The family is more united as ever and the financial bugs that worries us in the past is slowly being solved. My brother found a work that is challenging enough for him. Sister settled well in her new college life in PUP and small brother is okay in his studies.

And even the blogosphere contributes to my happy days. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and the interaction with other fellow bloggers. I am happy to share my experiences and to tell information that may help people. Blogging keep my mind in good state and keep me thinking for ideas to tell, for information to share, and advice to give.

These good days will never be possible without the people who shared their time with me. A mountain of thanks to the Lord for the time with my beloved honey, good friend Megumi, delightful ate Rein, with family and other friends. And of course to my friends here in the WWW, thank you for visiting, reading and commenting here.

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Me a Loner? No Problem!

The professor is absent once again. Because of this you will have more free time before the next class starts. What would you do?

a) Stay behind the class room and spend your time chatting and bonding with your classmates and friends.

b) Go out of the class and go back to one of your many haunts and either study for the upcoming exams, or read your favorite books in the reference section of the library, or go back to the office to increase your income as a student assistant.

Given those options, I would really choose option b because I am a certified loner (and actually option b is what I usually do during my college days). And that’s not all of my so-called “kadramahan.” When eating lunch, the lonesome me would rather go to UP Lagoon and dine with ants and the trees rather than go to the canteen or to Starback (small “turo-turo” stores on the other side of Katipunan Avenue, behind the Narra Dormitory) with my classmates. When there is a group project, I usually ask the professor if he/she will allow me to do the project alone.

You are a Certified Loner

You are a certified loner if you experience or believe in one of the following things:

1) You are alone in a group. That is you feel awkward or feel out of place if you and your friends go out. You do not know what to say, you do not know how to act, or afraid that what you do may be contrary to what the group expects. More often you let the other members of the group decide on matters like the place to go, food to eat, etc.

2) You shine if you are with just one person or a couple of persons. You could show more of your true self and be more open.

3) If you believe that other people will just weigh down on major undertakings. Thus, you usually prefer to operate alone, very much like Lord Voldemort.

4) You do not need to havie a group of friends to make you feel better. You find relaxation or pleased with the simple things like books, computer games, or even cleaning up your room.

If you do experience or believe on any of the things listed here, then I congratulate you. You are not alone on being a loner.

Not a Problem

Being a loner is not a problem, as long as you are not being a hermit or being a loner emo who wound themselves whenever they feel alone. As an introvert, we tend to find happiness from simple things and our personality does not demand us to go to parties just to see other people who will make us happy.

The only thing is that you should not do is to spend too much time with yourself. Too much introversion is not a healthy way of being a loner.

Of Good Saturday and Transformer

Saturday of the last week of June will go down as one of the most pleasant and enjoyable day for me. It is not only because I watched the movie Transformers but also because I spent a wonderful time with my friends.

Anyways we watched Transformers that Saturday, and I could say that the movie’s plot and storyline sucks because it is predictable. I also hated many characters especially the main characters. I also hate the many references to sex like dogs making out in the opening part of the movie and that irritating scene where a toy robot is humping the leg of the girl character. Another thing is why is it that all college girls in that movie are portrayed as bitches?

Another point of contention is that why the Primes chose to die just to keep The Fallen from obtaining the Matrix of Leadership? Maybe it is better that they finished all the decepticons in that ancient time and kill The Fallen. There are so many of them.

Pasalamat na lang sila at maganda yung graphics at special effects. If not I will be truly disappointed and I will just say that I wasted my money on that movie. At least I watched the trailer of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which is really good. Now I can’t wait to watch that movie. I also saw the trailer of Wapakman, and my brother said that the trailer is well-made (though I couldn’t see why).

Prayer for the Dead

This morning, I received a SMS message from an acquaintance/friend of mine. She said:

“Patay na pastor ko! Yung naikwento ko sa iyo na dinalaw namin ni [name of boyfriend] sa ospital noon.” (My pastor is dead! He is the one I told you that we visited in hospital).

Then I replied saying that I am sending my condolences to her that I will pray for her pastor’s soul and ask God to forgive all his transgressions so that he will be worthy to stand by His side forever.

Then she answered me this SMS:

“Saved ang pastor ko, no need to pray for his soul because we are sure that his soul is already in heaven. He died last Tuesday.”

I was stumped. I mean, I can’t reply immediately because I was baffled by her SMS reply. Why would a deceased person will not require or need the prayer of other people here on earth, specifically those who love him. All people need prayer even if they are alive or already dead.

I do not want to start an argument with her, but I believe that they are blinded because they ignore the power of prayer and the wonders that it could do. Or is it simply because that the deceased person is a pastor that a prayer for the forgiveness of all his sins is not needed. They are committing a great blunder, specifically that of PRIDE. And PRIDE is a one of the seven most dangerous sin.

Every dead people should be prayed over and we should humbly ask Jesus to heal the person. Since they do not to pray for Him, I’ll be the one to pray for him.

Prayer for the Dead

Dear God, I come upon you once again to ask a great favor.

Lord, it came to my knowledge that a pastor died last Tuesday.

My God, I beseech you to forgive all his sins and that of his ancestors.

Please, remember not his evil thought and deeds.

Please keep in mind his goodness and the love of many people.

May this unknown pastor find eternal rest in Your kingdom.

May he be worthy to see Your face in the end of days.

I pray this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

Who reigns with you, forever and ever, with the Holy Spirit.

One God.