When in Marikina - We Buy Leather Shoes

When Filipinos are looking for good quality shoes, the place that they go to is the City of Marikina, which is known as the "Shoe Capital of the Philippines". So when I was in need of a pair of office shoes, My Beloved Wife and I dropped by a shoe factory in Barangay Concepcion Uno known as CPoint.

Marikina leather shoe store - CPoint

The shoe factory of CPoint is located along Bagong Silang Street in Concepcion Uno.

At first I did not know that it was a shoe factory because the store looks more like a cafe.

CPoint Cafe and Shoe Store in Marikina City

There are really nice chairs where I sat when I am fitting shoes. This is also the good place to sip your coffee or tea.

Yes, you can sip your coffee or milk tea here because CPoint is a shoe store and a cafe rolled into one. That means that you can shop for shoes while sipping your coffee or tea.

CPoint shoe store offers milk tea and coffee.

Milk Tea and Coffee at CPoint, Marikina City

I did not order any coffee or milk tea so I do not know if its worthy to be included in your Facebook or Instagram posts.

Unfortunately, those who have allergy or asthmatics may not enjoy CPoint’s cafe because the air inside the store smells strongly of glue.

The reason for the glue smell is because at the back is the shoe factory. I actually saw, through the back door, workers make CPoint Shoes. Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the factory so I was not able to get a good photo. However, this the Marikina City Government website has this good photo of CPoint's shoe factory:

CPoint Shoe Factory in Marikina City
(Source: Marikina City Government)

According to a story in the Marikina City Government website, the shoe store/cafe/shoe factory of CPoint stands on the spot of the former shoe factory where the shoe maker parents of CPoint owner Noel Evangelista were employed once.

Noel Evangelista now owns the area of that old factory and turned it into a spot of a 5-storey headquarters of his shoe company.

CPoint Shoe Store where you can buy Marikina leather shoes

Most of the shoes on display are made of leather and there are so many of such shoes to choose from!

Shoes for Sale in CPoint Marikina

The popularity of CPoint shoes took off Eat Bulaga’s Maine Mendoza visited CPoint during Eat Bulaga's "Juan for All, All for Juan" segment. Maine even shared the CPoint shoes that Jose Manalo bought for her.

Aside from shoes, CPoint also sells other leather products like belts and leather bags. 

Leather Belt at CPoint Marikina

The shoes that I chose are these smooth and shiny charol shoes. 

CPoint Marikina Black Leather Charol Shoes
(Source: CPoint FB page)

I chose charol because I don't need extra effort to make it shiny. I got these shoes for 925 pesos. The CPoint staff told me a tip in taking care of my charol shoes. She said that I use kerosene to clean the shoes. She told me not to use Kiwi or similar shoe shine products because it can ruin my charol shoes.

There is another CPoint shoe store a few meters away from the 5-storey CPoint shoe store/cafe/shoe factory. The store is much smaller but also has plenty of shoes to choose from.

Marikina Leather Shoes at CPoint

After C Point, My Beloved Wife and I went to neighboring Jednic Store where we bought sandals. 

Jednic Marikina Leather Sandals

Many resellers go to this shop to buy sandals. These resellers get discounts or factory price because they buy on bulk. My Beloved Wife, on the other hand, only got the regular price for a few pairs of sandals. Still, the regular price is much lower than those in SM or other shopping malls.

Jednic Slippers Marikina

I can say that I got a good pair of office shoes for a reasonable price. Buying shoes in Marikina is much better than going to the shopping malls, where the price of the same Marikina-made shoes are astronomical.

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