Malunggay Wars 2! Feralac vs Moringa Vita

My Beloved Wife knows that breastfeeding is important for the health of our bunso. Physically, breastfeeding gives our baby a good immune system, healthy tummy, and other health benefits. Emotionally, breastfeeding makes the bond between our baby and my wife strong. Financially, it is less costly than buying the expensive infant milk formula.

However, there are times when my wife's milk supply is not enough to meet the needs of our growing baby. To ensure that she has enough milk, My Beloved Wife eats galactagogue food or food that boost the milk supply of breastfeeding moms. 

Aside from eating galactagogue food, she also takes malunggay supplement. There are many brands of malunggay supplement. I talked about some of them in my previous post. Now, she tried a new malunggay supplement brand, which is Feralac.


It was difficult to go out during the ECQ lockdowns so there were times that we couldn't immediately buy a malunggay supplement. Good thing that there is Shopee where my wife can buy the malunggay supplements that she needs. 

The malunggay supplement that she ordered from Shopee is Feralac.

Feralac Malunggay Supplement
(Source: Shopee)

She bought one box of Feralac Malunggay Supplement (30 pieces of 50 mg capsules). The price is 250 pesos per box of 100 capsules.

My Beloved Wife said that Feralac is not working for her. This malunggay supplement is not increasing her milk supply. In the end, she stopped taking it and she just bartered it for Yakult.

Since Feralac is not a good galactagogue (breastmilk booster), she returned to Moringa Vita.

Tai Chi Moringa Vita

Moringa Vita is my wife's tried and tested malunggay supplement. She used it while breastfeeding our first and second child. She is now using it for our third child.

My wife noticed better results with Moringa Vita so she still preferred it than other brands. 

Moringa Vita is available in Mercury Drug and can also be bought online from Shopee or Lazada.

My wife's experience with malunggay supplements doesn't mean that Moringa Vita is better than Feralac. The truth is that other moms have good results with Feralac. This only means that each mother is unique and has different results. So, if you think that the current malunggay supplement that you're taking is not boosting your milk supply, then that means you need to try other malunggay supplements. You can also eat more food that is known to boost milk supply like malunggay leaves, green papaya, and carrots.

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