A Good Start

After so many interviews, applications, exams, prayers and personal deliberations, I finally landed a job on a bank. Thank heavens I did say, but then again, as a true to the blue pessimist, I felt uncertainties brewing inside of me as if I am expecting some bad things to happen.

But bad things do happen, and I have a good start inside my department. Fortunately, my timing is perfect...two supervisors were leaving, apparently they had a row with the management. One of the rank and file is rattling about something (which I inferred is connected to what happened with the two supervisors). And as the day progresses, I continually discover that many of my coworkers are planning to leave, if they just get the chance.

Do I chose the right decision to work in this bank? Only GOD has the answer.

Divine Providence

Ask God for a candy and he will give you two.

Ask for ill things to befell on you and He may grant it in a way that will change your perception for the better. Don’t ask anything and He will surprise you with a lot of good things.

These are my experiences with the Lord of Hosts in the twenty and one year of my existence. There are times that I feel so hopeless and scared that I accuse God of not listening. In the end, I am always humbled. My limited knowledge cannot grasp the workings of the Lord. I cannot understand the little things that He places one after another to solve the problems of a protesting human like me.

I’ve been jobless for a whole month now, In spite of being a fresh graduate and still an unlicensed engineer, I gathered all my courage to apply to many companies. I prayed for a job that will not only satisfy my financial needs but will also answer my cravings for a rewarding career life. He answered by giving me two opportunities: work in a bank or in a government agency.

But the Lord’s answers are not served on silver platter. We must understand that His answers are also challenges on the strength of our faith and love. We must also understand that His answers will not always be the answers that we want. Our faith must be strong enough to accept this truth and believe with conviction that His answer is the right solution to our problems.

The Lord works in His way and in His time and He acts always at the right moment. Let us not fear that He abandons us in the darkest of our days. He never does such things and He never will. Only a fool would think otherwise.

By and by, I failed a lot of times to uphold my faith and let fear rule my heart in just a small problem. Fortunately, the Lord of Hosts always prop me up.

In every personal catastrophe and problems, I couldn’t help but smile. Smile at the Lord’s majesty and greatness.

The Lord is great. He is so great that His greatness is beyond our imagination. Though great as He is, he sent His own Son to heal us. That is the greatest help that the Lord ever gave me in my whole life.