Before the Eastern Sunset

Long time ago
Before the eastern sunset
A tadpole swam
and eaten by pudding plum
A child-man came out with the blood.
Between the morning sunrise
and the foreboding sunset
The child-man played
and hurt
and cried
Did he laughed and smiled?
Sometimes yes
sometimes nay
On the way home
an old man looked back
Uncrippled mind scanned the many pasts
With the end of the eastern sunset
he died

Event of the Day: Make Way for the Train

Going home from a job application, my bus suddenly stopped. I looked out of the window to see the reason for the sudden traffic jam.

I am amazed at what I saw. A train of Philippine National Railways chugging through Quezon Avenue. “It is running! It is running!” my mind exclaimed. Actually it is just creeping. Then my mind shouted, “Wow, there are passengers, unbelievable.”

On that moment, it seems that I am watching an LRT2 train prototype ---- moving in 8 times slowmo.

It chugged out of sight, and the little boars are once again free to run the length of Quezon Ave.

The Mantis and the Spider

One sunny day, just like every summer days
The mantis and the spider had a battle
Where in the end one is devoured by the other.

One fine day, just like other summer days
The mantis and the spider did battle
On an arena which obviously is a dead twig
Where one will lose and be eaten by the other.

One hot day, just like any summer days
The mantis and the spider battled
Inside the circle formed by a sweaty crowd
Where cattles and golds were gambled.

The spider
Hungry as can be
Started toward the waiting mantis.

But in a flash
The spider was slashed
Its body twitching on the ground
Its head eaten by its opponent.

One dry day, just like all summer days
Bodies lay around the twitching spider
The mob cursing, punching and kicking
Nourishing the thirsty earth with their blood.

Jobless on Labor Day

Today is Labor Day all over the country, but for me, today is Laborless Day because I resigned from the company where I worked for the past six months (after realizing that I will not prosper in that company because even after staying for more than six months my salary is still pegged to 300 pesos per day plus the fact that I have no SSS, medical benefits, 13th month pay, holidays, leave and no pay for overtime).

From the ranks of the underemployed, I welcome myself to the world of the unemployed.

I know that finding another place to work is hard. I had to compete with hundreds of other job hunters that may have better qualifications and better connections than me. I know that this will be an uphill battle.

I will do my best ---- and hope that my laborless days will be over before June 1 comes.

(This post was written yesterday but unfortunately, it rained hard so I did not go to an internet cafe due to a high probability of an electrical blackout)