Idle Moments in Davao

Unfortunately, our work here in Davao stopped completely as my partner was sent home to Manila to have our instruments and equipments fixed. Because of this, I was stucked here in Panabo City in Davao del Norte. No I am not complaining...actually I feel good that we had stopped the work for the time being (instead of being subjected to false hopes by our unpredictable equipments).

Our project coordinator here in Davao had me settled in the boarding house of her parents. Grabe, nahihiya na nga ako dahil sa ang bait ni "Nanay." Parang spoiled na ako.

Because I was stucked here, I used my time to learn some Visayan words. What I learned so far:

Numbers from one to ten:
isa duwa tulo upat lima unum pito walo siyam and napulo

My driver had me say these words to one of the girl in the boarding house:
"Ginihugma ako sa imo"

Which means, as I found out later after a round of laughter, "iniibig kita" in Tagalog or "I love you" in English.

In the course of our work, we had seen different parts of the Davao shorelines. We had seen rocky shores, beaches and the best of them all are the mangrove forests.

Our work will resume on Sunday. I just hope and pray to GOD that our work will continue without further ado and that we may finish the work as early as we can muster.

I hope that I learn more of the Visayan language.

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  1. take note of this kunti lang ang pagkakaiba ng bicol language sa visaya sa pagbilang.

    saro , duwa, tulo , apat. lima,anum,pito,walo siyang ,sampulo.

    ang cute lang diba. sounds like.
    Ano work mo nga pala are you a surveyor or something in the same line?

  2. Hehe...oo nga po eh. Yung Visaya kasi ay malapit na rin sa Bicol kaya siguro may similarities.

    I am an engineer po kuya.


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