Two Weeks Without T.V. and Other Things

Certified Radio Days

We go retro, he he he. We are forced to listen to the radio because our radio “gave up” living two weeks ago. I am not complaining ---- as a matter of fact, I am glad because I’m spared from seeing those crappy shows from GMA 7 and ABS-CBN. Yes I am spared from corny Eat Bulaga, the news program 24 Oras that is filled to the brim with sensationalized news, economically important (with pun intended) showbiz tsismis, and afternoon soap operas and nighttime teledramas that have recycled scripts. The only thing that I missed though was the season 1 final episode of “Heroes.” Damn, I missed watching Sylar die (sob!). Another thing is that I can’t finish watching my DVD of “Band of Brothers.”

So these past two weeks we listened to Rey Langit, Deo Macalma (with his “Espesyal na Balita”), Tiya Dely, and the irritating radio soaps. What I really listening to is the radio program “Boys’ Night Out” in Magic 89.9. Very very funny program hosted by Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and the CERTIFIED CANDY CUTIE Sam Y G. Hey guys, I love listening to your show.

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

Yay! Five-day vacation…thanks to you typhoon Egay for the rain and for the suspension of classes. You are a real inconvenience. Well, I think that the prayers of the catholic faithful were answered. We are now free from the dry spell. Too bad that Manila had to suffer from floods. Well, gaya nga ng sinasabi ng marami, “umambon lang ay lubog na agad na ang Maynila.” Wawa naman.

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  1. true.. listening to the radio is much better nowadays, instead of watching some lousy TV shows... at least you get the relevant news and info through the radio.. regarding the rain, yeah, it's been raining cats and dogs too here in Pampanga.. some parts are already flooded, knee-deep! i'm just thankful because in my location, there are no floods yet.. take care :)

  2. Yeah Claire, sometimes it is better to listen to the radio than watchin TV. The problem with TV stations in our country is that they are too commercialized. GMA 7, for instancce broke with KBP so that they can increase the time that is allowed for advertisements. KBP limits the time alloted for commercials for its members stations. These channels are not committed to educate its viewers. They always think of money money money. It is sad to note that the media is a very very useful tool to educate the people and yet TV stations are not deny us that wonderful possibility.

    I am glad that there still no floods yet in your place. I hope that the rain and all the typhoon to come will supply the water needed by farmers but save us from catastrophe.

    Thank you for reading my blog ;-)


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