Prayer to Jesus (The Author of Life)

Oh dear Jesus, author of grace
Lead us in this battle we face
Strengthen our hearts and guide our ways
To make this country a better place

Open our eyes that we may see clearly
How important it is to protect the family
If it is degraded, we destroy society
As well as the hope of progress in our country

Open our ears that we may hear
Your word which takes away our fear
Make us realize that You are always here
Inspire us to protect the values we hold so dear

Open our mouths that we may speak
The truth to those who are confused and sick
Make us humble and make us meek
Until we achieve the goal we tirelessly seek

Oh loving Jesus, Prince of Light
Be with us as we continue this fight
To give the innocent unborn their basic right
With Your help, we will work with greater might

Make us persevering in fighting this bill
As we fully believe this is not Your will
No time to be silent, no time to stay still
For it is Your people, too, they secretly kill

Oh Jesus, come into our hearts and stay
And let Your presence show us the way
For this bill not to be passed, we earnestly pray
Because it will lead a lot of people astray

Oh Holy Spirit, the Paraclete
Be our strength; make us stand on our feet
There is no turning back, there is no retreat
Because with You, Lord, there is no defeat


A prayer composed by John Juat.

It is all about money. Yes, my dear readers. I am appalled. I am dismayed. I am disgusted with these congressmen who chose money over people's welfare. I am irritated to know that these "high and mighty" legislators disregarded valid arguments against the Reproductive Health Bill over the faulty economics and medical hula-baloo.

May the Lord enlighten their minds and finally throw the RH Bill to the trash bin. May Jesus Christ avenge the deaths of the unborn because these legislators prefer a law that will lead to abortion and will kill many babies inside their mothers womb. May the Holy Spirit guide the hearts of Sonny Belmonte and all members of the Lower House and may they see the errors of the RH Bill.

Feasting on Meat at Kamayan

On the second week of January, a Malaysian blogger friend of mine visited Manila for the very first time. Before his visit, I promised to bring him to a restaurant so that he could taste Filipino dishes. Well, I brought him to Kamayan.

Of the many restaurants offering Filipino dishes, Kamayan get the thumbs up of many bloggers. Kamayan is a Filipino word that means to eat using hands. Aside from using utensils, Filipinos eat using their bare hands. I also eat with my bare hands especially if I am eating roasted pork. However, in Kamayan, I never saw anyone eating using their hands. If we are just in Mang Inasal, then I won't hesitate using my hands.

Kamayan is a buffet restaurant. Actually, the place where we ate also offers Dad's American Buffet and Saisaki, which is a Japanese buffet. When you enter the restaurant, you can get food from Kamayan, Saisaki and Dad's in just one payment.

For this lunch, we paid around 600 pesos per person, exclusive of the drinks.
Kamayan Buffet

I brought my friend to a Kamayan Restaurant that is located along Padre Faura Street. If you are planning to eat there, I suggest that you call them first to reserve a seat. Sometimes the place is packed with reservations and your time might be wasted if you didn't call them. I suggest that you visit Kamayan's website for their contact details.

Here is my plate full of food:
My plate at Kamayan Buffet

I guess that was my second helping. Sorry, the photo is terrible.

What I have on my plate is a ginataang pusit (squid cooked in coconut milk), embutido, and binagoongang baboy. When you eat at Kamayan, the drinks are paid separately from the buffet. I ordered guyabano juice. I was surprised when they brought my juice because of this:
White bear of Kamayan Buffet

Yeah! My guyabano juice is accompanied by a cute Teddy Bear. Too bad that the bear has no mark that says he came from Kamayan. I guess they should put Kamayan's logo to the bear to make it a better souvenir.

We kept on eating and sharing good stories. This is one reason why it’s good to meet fellow bloggers (hint hint Bluedreamer :-P). During that day, I stuffed myself with chicken curry, lechon de leche, pork barbecue, ginataang squid, embutido and other Filipino dishes.
Yummy Filipino food in Kamayan's Buffet

Also, we were serenaded by the singers and musicians of Kamayan. We requested a Malaysian song but only the girl knows a Malaysian song so we settled for an English song. I thought that we need to pay a fee after they sang, but there is no fee. Maybe if you are very generous, then you can give them some tips.
Musicians of Kamayan's Buffet

I have no complaint with the foods of Kamayan. The food is great and bloggers who praised Kamayan are not wrong. My only problem is that they only have meat dishes at Kamayan. I didn't see any vegetable dish. Where is pinakbet, Bicol express and other famous vegetable Filipino dishes? However, my good friend Rey (the first commenter of this post), told me that there are vegetable dishes in Kamayan. It seems like I just failed to see it.

Phew! Seems like this is a very long post! I will be talking about Kamayan's desserts on the next post.


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Who the Hell is SalenGa?

If you frequent the city of Manila, then I am sure that you saw a chalk written scribble like this:
Scribbles of SalenGa

The scribble asks, “Do you see a round ocean? Earth locally flat www.salen-ga Tangent Theorem.”

Chalk written scribbles like this is quite common in Manila and I have seen another one like this on a wall along in front of Quiapo Church. The scribble above was written on the wall of dilapidated Metropolitan Theater in the Lawton Area of Manila.

What is so special with this scribble? The special thing about this is Salen-ga or Salenga. He is a “mysterious” man who scribbles his theories about flat earth and positive electrons all around Manila. Mystery about this guy abounds that many people talks about him, there is even a heated debate about who he is or if his theories are correct. There are also stories that some professors are telling their students to look for Salenga (Salen-Ga) and interview him.

Actually, I had a close encounter with Salenga (Salen-Ga) and during that encounter, I never knew that he is somewhat a celebrity in Manila.

About two years or a year ago, a middle-aged man climbed up our bus. He did not took any seat but started preaching. Well, preachers talking about the Bible is ordinary but when the middle-aged man started lambasting scientists and accused media of covering scientific lies, then I know that I am in for a weird treat. The middle-aged man talked about the earth as a flat object. He reasoned that when you stand in the middle of the road, all you can see is plane surface and you can never see any curvature. He kept on talking for almost an hour until he climbed down our bus.

Salenga (Salen-Ga) is somewhat weird because he chose to air his scientific arguments inside a bus where most of the people don’t care much about science or any theories about flat earth or positive electrons. I am amazed with Salenga (Salen-Ga) because he doesn’t tire preaching his scientific belief and he doesn’t stop scribbling his ideas on walls around Manila.

How Salenga (Salen-Ga) looks like? Here is his photo I found from a Flickr account.

So did you already saw the Salenga (Salen-Ga) scribbles or saw Salenga himself? Tell me about it.


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A Second Home in UK

The Buckingham Palace, the Stone Henge, the mysterious ley lines, Camelot, the town of Greenwich and even the falling bridge of London, these are just of the things that I want to see when I go to United Kingdom or UK. United Kingdom is the center of the British Empire. The empire, during its golden era, controls India (including Pakistan), North America, landholdings in China (Hongkong), Australia, New Zealand and colonies in Africa. Because of this, United Kingdom was enriched, not just economically, but also culturally by its colonies. Because of this, I guess it will be not bad to have second homes in United Kingdom.

If the fate allows, then I will go to the countryside of United Kingdom to look for a house and lot. Then I will use my second home as my home base for my travel around United Kingdom. From my home in UK, I will visit Scotland, Ireland, England and other component kingdoms of United Kingdom. Then, if I visited all tourist spots in United Kingdom, then I will go to mainland Europe and visit France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Getting a second home in United Kingdom would be fine for me. My only hope that the future will permit me to have it.

I am Back to See Ninoy Aquino

Well, I came back yesterday to Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife. If you can remember my old post about Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife, then I hope you can remember this statue:

Yeah, that is the bust of Ninoy Aquino, who is the father of the current president of the Philippines. It seems like Ninoy Aquino is still smiling when he saw me. :-P

Why did I return to Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife? Is it to see Ninoy Aquino there again? Did I go there to enjoy the scenery inside Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife?

Well, no. I just came back there to enjoy their CR and answer the call of Mother Nature. :-P

I had a bad morning yesterday when the bus I am riding going to work broke down and forced all commuters to transfer to other buses and cursed the bus conductor and driver for the inconvenience.

Oh, well, that morning is not that bad because I was able to take this picture:

And also this photo:

These are the photos that I failed to capture when I last visited Ninoy Aquino's Parks and Wildlife. This is the real front gate of the park. However, I failed to take a shot of the smiling Ninoy Aquino.

For those who don't know, Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife is the place where people take wild animals caught around Metro Manila. Captured pythons, birds, and other animals in the Metro are sent here for proper care and release to their habitats. The park was named in honor of Ninoy Aquino, who died during the Martial Law Years. Ninoy Aquino is the bitterest rival of Ferdinad Marcos during that time.
Drizzle inside Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife

Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife is also a great place to jog every morning and I saw some joggers yesterday morning. No! I did not jog. I am too lazy for that. :-P


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Hooray for Weekend Break!

Finally, today is Friday! It only means that today is the last day of work for this week and I can now look forward for a restful weekend break.

I did many things this week and most of them are stressful work related activities. Compound that with the fact that I had to get into heavy traffic when I to work every morning and also, when I go back home in the evenings. My body feels the stress that my upper back aches because of this. Another thing is the fact that I usually sleep late. I usually sleep around eleven o’clock PM to twelve midnight. Sometimes I am still awake even beyond midnight. My waking time is always four forty-five in the early morning, which means that I have barely enough sleep.

This is why my feeling gets heavier as the days pass by. I can’t relieve the feeling because I can’t sleep in the afternoon because of hectic schedules and heavy workloads.

That is why I keep on looking forward to weekend breaks. Weekend break allows me to stay idle and de-stress me. During the weekends, I usually stay at, do some chores and do whatever I want to do. Weekend breaks the day to day monotony of my life.

Ah! Thank God it’s Friday!

The Not Great but Not Bad Coffee Shop

When I was still aboard a ship, the captain decided to anchor for a while in the vicinity of Limay in Bataan. We went ashore to resupply and for the crew to have some "good time" or in other words to find some place to drink ice-cold beer.

Since some of us didn't want to drink, we decided to look for some place to eat lunch. Along the provincial highway, we found this coffee shop:
Meksi Coffee, Limay, Bataan

We went inside Meksi Coffee, which is the place recommended by the beer store owner. Meksi Coffee is near a major bank and just a ride away from Lamao, which is the major port for the town of Limay.

We are sated with food from the galley, so we decided to order dishes that are not usually prepared by the ship's chef. I decided to order some grilled pork or a pork dish (which I can't remember by now). We are hungry but the service is quite slow. I noticed that many people frequent this coffee shop and some of them can't get in because there is no more space available for them. Other guests could have a seats if the service was faster. The problem is that the coffee shop only has two waiters that also acted as the shop's cashier and janitor. I think that the shop also have one cook that's why the food was cooked and prepared slowly.
Inside Meksi Coffee shop

One of my friends is losing his patience while we are waiting for the food. Thank God that the food came before he lose his temper.

This what I got:
Meksi Coffee's grilled pork and kangkong adobo
Grilled pork, adobong kangkong and rice.

Well, the food is not bad but it is not great either. It was just ok but the price of around 100 plus pesos (iced tea included) is expensive. I think I could buy this dish from other shops for a lower price. I might go to other restaurant when I got the chance to return to Limay.

Meksi Coffee needs improvement to cope up with the demands of its customers. The number of crews should be increased and the service should be made faster. Also, they should have a full-time janitor so to keep their comfort room clean. Their comfort room did not pass my standards in cleanliness. It would be ok if their shop is just an eatery, but their shop is a coffee shop and a coffee shop must have a clean comfort room.

The place of Meksi Coffee is already great because motorists passing through the highway usually stop by the place to have lunch or just rest after a long drive. The owner must improve the place to make the experience of dining at Meksi Coffee better.


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Let's Go on a Vacation

Yesterday, I met a blogger friend who I just known through the blogosphere. He is a Malaysian blogger and he visited many places in the Asian Region. He said that he already visited Thailand and China. Now, he added the Philippines to his list of countries that he already visited.

He said that he experienced many things and enjoyed his visits to other countries. Visiting other countries is a good way to see the sights, feel the atmosphere and experience the local culture. I envy him for that. Visiting other countries is one of my dreams. I want to visit countries in Asia, America and, of course, Europe.

I really want to visit Europe. I want to see old Greek buildings in Athens. I want to see the Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City. I want to walk under the Arch of Triumph in France. I want to take photos of the remnants of the Berlin Wall in Germany. I want to see the fjords of Norway. I want to experience canal holidays in United Kingdom.

Going to a vacation in Europe will be a great experience for me. It is a continent that has great impact to the world. If will ever got a chance, I will definitely grab it so I could take a vacation on Europe.

On Why I Don't Like the Lion Show

In our visit to Manila Ocean Park, we passed by the Oceanarium and the Jellyfish Tanks. Our promo ticket gave us this last stop, and this is the Marine Life Show.

Marine Life Show is not the sort of show where you will many kinds of marine animals do their "shows." The only marine animal that you will see is the lovable sea lions.

The show is shown beside the swimming pools of Manila Ocean Park and the area is complete with rafters that have the capacity to seat more than a hundred park visitors.
Audience waiting for the show.

The Marine Life Show's superstars are Icis, Ira, Sandra, Isabel, Yeni, Vincent. On that day, we watched Icis and Vincent. Vincent is the only male sea lion that the Manila Ocean Park has.
The show's about to start.

Well, the Marine Life Show is not that grand. The trainers and the show's emcee will show some tricks that their sea lions could do. Truthfully, the sea lions are good and they were trained well. They know how to clap, how to dance, to fetch things thrown in the swimming pool, and they also know how to please their audience. These sea lions were trained well.

I actually enjoyed the show and me and my beloved laughed out loud to the sea lions' antics.

However, I was distressed by the truth. These sea lions endured many sufferings during training. They forced to eat dead frozen fish when in their real habitat, they eat live fresh fish that they caught by their own. To instil obedience, they are denied food or punished through other means until they learn to obey their trainers. Finally, they live in a place that is a far-cry from their natural habitat. Just like the animals in the zoos, the sea lions are in prison.

After the Marine Life Show, we visited the sea lions in the area where they were being kept.

So, that's our final stop when we visited the Manila Ocean Park. Too bad that we want to go home early so we failed to see the Musical Fountain Show, which some people say is good. Oh, well, maybe next time, I will visit Manila Ocean Park again to their Musical Fountain Show.


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Searching and Researching for Web Hosting

Part of the blogger’s work is to make his or her blog better. A good blogger think carefully of many things when it comes to his or her blog. A blogger should think about the template of her blog, the niche of the blog on which the articles will focus on, the way how the blog will be marketed to the public, and, of course, the hosting that should be used for the blog.

Hosting is an important element of blogging. It is especially important for bloggers who want their blog to be paid hosted. Paid hosted blogs are those blogs that have their own domain names and uses paid hosting services offered by many web hosting companies. On the other hand, there is also the free hosted blogs that are hosted on free hosting websites like Blogger and Wordpress.

Looking for the right and reliable web hosting services is tricky. I knew some bloggers who complained about the companies that host their blogs. Some blogs just crash because of unreliable web hosting services. Some web hosting services are quite expensive but cannot deliver the promised services.

Luckily, there are many reviews about different web hosting services. You can ask the professional bloggers via Social Networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t have professional blogger friends, you can also rely on web hosting reviews in the Internet. You can find many review article like this justhost reviews.

Finding a reliable web hosting services is very important. That is why research is very important. You must not go to uncharted parts of the blogosphere without proper research.

Jellyfishing in Manila Ocean Park

...well sort of.

In my last post, I wrote about our visit in Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium. After visiting the Oceanarium, our next stop is...

...the jellyfish aquarium.

The jellyfish aquarium is not that big as compared to the Oceanarium. When we were there, the construction inside the jellyfish aquarium is not yet done. The room is bare and some tanks are yet to be placed. However, there are already jellyfishes inside the jellyfish aquarium.

Inside the room, there are lots of aquarium placed at the wall that contains, of course, jellyfishes!
White jellyfishes.

The lighting in the aquarium changes so after some moments the white jellyfishes “transformed” into...
Pink jellyfishes.

After that, you will enter this room:

Nope! Those are not the big tubes that are shown from sci-fi movies containing clones. Those are jellyfish tanks. Well, I am somewhat hoping that there indeed “clones” inside of those tubes.

Well, that’s it! A short trip inside the Jellyfish Aquarium. The area is small and I think that it is better that they did not separate it with the Oceanarium.

Well, at least my beloved had fun posing with the jellyfish. :-)


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Fishes Surrounded me in Manila Ocean Park

In Manila Ocean Park, you will be surrounded by aquariums. You will be surrounded by fishes. You will also be surrounded by “pasaway” Filipinos (and some foreign visitors too).

The first rule inside the Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium is that “no flash photography is allowed” to reduce the stress inflicted on the fishes. Plenty of “flash” lights that may destroy the fishes’ eyesight. However, many people ignore that rule so they could they take clear photos inside the Oceanarium.

The Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium

The Oceanarium is the most popular attraction inside the Manila Ocean Park because of the aquarium tunnel that let you feel like you are walking under the sea.
Tunnel aquarium in Manila Ocean Park

Inside the tunnel, you will see fishes to your left, to your right, and above. My favorite is the manta ray that “glides” in the water and move above you to show his “smiling mouth.” I had a hard time taking the manta ray’s photo but here is my “best shot.”
Manta ray in Manila Ocean Park

Good experience right? Nah! The tunnel is hot and noisy. Oceanarium visitors tend to loiter inside the tunnel taking photos and talking, as if the place is a sort of indoor picnic area. The tunnel is too crowded that visitors will have a hard time walking to the tunnel’s exit.
Fishes in Manila Ocean Park

I also a little bit disappointed because the tunnel is too short. Bitin! I guess I have to go to Singapore to experience a better underwater tunnel.

Crocodiles and some Fishes

The Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium has ample number of marine animal species. They have some crocodiles, starfishes, and lots of fishes. Here are some of my favorite inside the Oceanarium.
Crocdile in Manila Ocean Park

My Beloved just laughed at the Oceanarium’s crocodiles. She called them “baby crocodiles” because she saw larger crocodiles in Davao.
Spotted Garden Eel in Manila Ocean Park

Shown in the picture above are not worms. They are Spotted Garden Eel. They tend to poke their head out to catch prey. I don’t know why they are called garden eel, unless they are the preferred eels inside Poseidon’s garden.
Fish eggs in Manila Ocean Park

Lined horizontally in the photo above are the egg sacs showing the growth of fish from a simple egg into a grown fish.

Other fishes that could be found inside the Oceanarium are:
Pagi in Manila Ocean Park

Razorfish in Manila Ocean Park
Shrimpfish or razorfish
Ribbon Eel in Manila Ocean Park
Ribbon eel
Sunken ship in Manila Ocean Park
A fish that found a perfect place.
Fishman in Manila Ocean Park
A Fishman. :-P

Nah! That is not a fish. That is one of the attractions in Manila Ocean Park. You will be given an underwater suit so that you can walk inside their big aquarium. It looks pretty cool but I can’t see what’s exciting about it.

So that’s some of the things that you could see inside Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium. The Oceanarium is cool and especially a good place to bring your kids so that they could learn more about the marine life.

My only suggestion is that you try to avoid going in the oceanarium when their is a school tour because the underwater tunnel will surely be too crowded for you to appreciate it.


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Repair Your Car or Else

It is a usual scene in the streets of Metro Manila, a car suddenly broke down in the middle of a highway, causing major traffic jams. This is a great hassle for all of motorists and it is caused by the laziness of some car owners to always conduct maintenance check for their vehicles. Aside from major traffic jams, the laziness of car owners also causes accident. In the news, there is car that needs a brake job but the driver insisted on driving the car. The driver ended his life along Commonwealth Avenue, where the brakes malfunctioned causing him to hit an electric post.

Scenarios like these made the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) issued tighter regulations and higher fines for drivers that don’t do the customary vehicle maintenance check. According the MMDA, vehicles should be subjected to regular check-up, oil change, and other usual maintenance procedures. MMDA wants to lessen traffic jams and accidents by making sure that car owners will do the regular maintenance checks.

Drivers must always conduct regular maintenance for their vehicles. If something is broken, car owners should immediately repair those broken parts by hiring some mechanics or sending the car to car repair shops. Also, drivers can get car maintenance-related information from the Internet like the review of Acura TL from the Houston auto repair website. Website like this is helpful because drivers can get info about their vehicles.

Nurses Look Good in White

The whole Philippines are flooded with nurses. The reason for this is that nurses are in-demand (in the previous years) abroad. So, many high school students opted to study nursing and be hired abroad in the future. The whole country is flooded with nurses and Manila is flooded in white uniforms of nurses and nursing students. There are many nurses that I see. There are scrub nurses, travel nurse, nurse midwife and many other kinds of nurses.

What I like about nurses is their uniforms. The nursing uniform is good to look at, especially, because of its whiteness. It as if to show that nurses are immaculately white and clean, so as to assure the patients that the person helping them in being cured from their diseases is free from dirt and germs.

Last week, I saw a scrub nurse going to the hospital. She is not wearing the usual white uniform, but the green scrubs. Well, the green scrub uniform is nice too, and I bet it will be good also if it is in other hue like blue or maroon.

The “Bitin” Manila Ocean Park Experience

Last October, I finally got the chance to visit one of the most popular places in Manila. This place is the Manila Ocean Park. Me and my beloved celebrated our anniversary there because she also wants to see the Manila Ocean Park.

How to go to Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is located just beside the Quirino Grandstand, at the place between the grandstand and the Manila Bay. For those who have their own vehicle, Manila Ocean Park is very accessible and has ample parking spaces. However, the reverse is true for commuters that do not want to take a taxi cab.

Manila Ocean Park can be reached by riding any jeepney or bus that passes through Taft Avenue. Just tell the driver that you are going to Rizal Park. Alternatively, you could also ride the LRT line 1 and go down the U.N. Avenue Station. Then, you must walk through Rizal Park and cross the Quirino Highway to reach Manila Ocean Park. The reason for this is that buses and jeepneys pass through Taft Avenue, which is on the other side of Rizal Park.

Entrance Fees

Manila Ocean Park offers different kinds of package. Each package contains different combination of places that you can visit. The packages that the park promo offers are: Moonlight Adventure (500 pesos), Marine Life Encounter (500 pesos), Sun Up Saver (600 pesos) and Ultimate Experience (800 pesos).

For the price of each showcase, please go to the Manila Ocean Park website.

For our visit, we availed of their Marine Life Encounter promo. Just for 500 pesos per person, we can go to the Oceanarium, Jellyfish Tanks, and the Marine Life Show. I just wished that they also included some free snacks.

What to See Inside Manila Ocean Park

The major attractions inside the Manila Ocean Parks are the Oceanarium, Jelly Fish Tanks, Marine Life Shows, Marine Life Show. I will talk about these attractions in the succeeding posts. During the night, Manila Ocean Park is visited because of its Musical Fountain Shows, which the park brags as best as the musical fountain shows in other countries.

There is also a swimming pool, food booths where you could buy some snacks, and a fine-dining restaurant managed by Tamayo’s Catering.
Ozeano Fusion Restaurant

Other activities includes underwater diving (wearing an aquanaut's suit), glass boat ride, and fish spa, which uses small fishes that will eat the dead skin and dirt off your feet.

All in all, me and my beloved enjoyed visiting the Manila Ocean Park. However, I felt “bitin” because Manila Ocean Park is not as grand as it was shown in TV and posters.

I will talk more about the Manila Ocean Park in the next posts, so please stay tuned.

Let’s Shop Online and Buy Late Gifts

After Christmas Day, I suddenly remembered that I forgot someone in my Christmas list. Yes, it is terrible when the person you forgot send you a text message asking you where their gift was. With all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season, it is likely that you will forget someone. However, it is not too late to give a post-Christmas gift for those people that you had forgotten. And one way to but their easily is to buy online. So, I browse on online shops and chose the gift that I could give that person. Aside from looking for the gift that I need, I also browsed some things that I need to buy, like some commercial couches.

I also remembered a neighbor who has a local retail shop in our subdivision. His shop has lots of products for sale like snacks, candies, spices, kitchen items, fruits, vegetables and other items. I had noticed that her fruit display cabinet is already falling apart. I guess it would be best if I suggest to him the 3 tiered wrought iron fruit stand that I found on an online shop.

Also, my mother is planning to replace the table located at the front yard of our house. The old wooden table couldn’t stand a chance against the elements like the sun and rain. Browsing on the online shops, I found this console marble tables that will look good in the front yard. The marble table can withstand the elements.

So there! You see the good things that I found just browsing on online shops? Shopping there is easy and hassle free. And what gift did I find for my “forgotten” friend? That’s a very cute cup.