Thanks 2010 and Welcome 2011

It is about 6 hours before the dawn of year 2011 as I write this post of mine. Explosions are ringing everywhere as my neighbors and other people in my hometown are blasting one firecracker after another. I am also beginning to smell the good aroma of dishes that my Mom and Dad are preparing for our Media Noche (New Year's Eve Feast). I also prepared my own arsenal of firecrackers that I will use to welcome the year 2011.

Time sure fly very fast. It is as if just a few days ago that we had our Media Noche to welcome the year 2010. Now, we are here, saying goodbye to 2010 and welcoming 2011.

2010 had been a blessed year for me and my blog. I had met new friends through my blogs and through my Facebook and Twitter accounts. 2010 had also been a great year for me in learning new things about blogging.
Happy New Year!

2010 also had been an upheaval of sorts because I got enganged in fighting for the Faith that I believe for. I stood my ground in my belief that the Reproductive Health Bill will give more problems to the Philippines than its purported benefits. I became involved deeply in the fight against the RH Bill that I always argued and argued online, specifically on Twitter and Facebook (specifically on the I Oppose the RH Bill page).

This upheaval became an eye-opener for me. An incident fomented by a Rizal-impersonator pushed me to scrutinize my conscience to delve deeply into the Faith.

I am saying goodbye to 2010 and as I say goodbye, I want to say thank you to all of my good friends that spent their time on my blog reading and commenting. Thank you very much Mariel, Ren, Ate Liza, Ate Claire, parekoy Fiel-kun, Steve, LordCM, Poorprince, Sikoletlover, Nicxter, Faye, Leah, Aenid, Ate Bev, Rommel, Unknown Psalmist, Bluedreamer, Suitapui, Pen, Mommy Tots, Xprosiac, and the super-kulit Maartehin.

I want to especially thank these people:

Kashina - my newly found friend and a good sister. Thank you very much for the trust and the friendship. I am so glad to met you and even if haven't met personally, I feel your honesty and that you really mean well to me.

I want to especially thank my friends in I Oppose the RH Bill and 100% Katolikong Pinoy page. You help me to stand up, especially during the bleak times when all of the faithful were being mocked and assaulted left, right and within.

I also want to thank my beloved for making my 2010 full of love and happiness.

Finally, I also want to thank GOD for blessing me in the year 2010.

Lord God, thank you very much for all the blessings, love, and graces that You rained upon me. I am nothing yet You love me and continue to sustain me, my family, my beloved and all of my love ones.

Thank You very much Lord for 2010 and I am sure that You will continue blessing me in 2011.


So there my friends! Have a blessed 2011.

Be safe during the celebrations!

Hope that you keep visiting my blog in 2011.

Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Sana Last na Nga!

Yesterday, me and my beloved watched the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movie “Ang Tanging Ina Mo.”

Ang Tanging Ina is led by the comedian Aiai de las Alas. Other artistas in this movie are Eugene Domingo (of the super funny Kimmy Dora), Marvin Agustin, Shaina Magdayao, Nikki Valdez and many more popular and not so popular artistas in the Philippine Showbiz. The movie is directed by Wenn de Ramas.

Ang Tanging Ina is sort of a continuation of “Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat,” which was shown in 2008.

In Ang Tanging Ina, Ina Montecilio (Aiai de las Alas) thought that she had a head tumor after she was x-rayed after an accident in the first scene of the movie. Ina was afraid to tell her sons and daughters of her illness and did comical and dramatic scenes just to hide her illness to them. In the end, it was discovered that Ina doesn’t have tumor at all and she will not die (which means that there is a possibility of another Tanging Ina movie in the future).

Tanging Ina Mo, as far as I could see, has no problem in its comedy aspect. Being MMFF 2010’s top grossing movie, I guess that Aiai de las Alas caught the tickle-bones of Filipino moviegoers. I heard people inside the theater laugh out loud with Aiai de las Alas and Eugene Domingo’s antics. But my question is, since Ang Tanging Ina Mo was packaged in its TV ads as a funny movie, then why didn’t just make Ang Tanging Ina a funny movie all the way?

The truth is I am confused. Is Ang Tanging Ina a comedy or a drama film? If it is comedy, then why is the large portion of the movie full of dramatics? I am anticipating a funny movie but all I see are characters crying, which destroys my mood to have some fun in the movie.

Another thing is that this movie depends heavily upon Aiai  de las Alas and Eugene to deliver the funny scenes. They don’t have enough comedians to give more variety to the comedy that is in this movie. Having Marvin Agustin, Shaina Magdayao and all other drama actors and actresses do not help in making the movie as funny as it could be.

That’s my complaint with Ang Tanging Ina Mo. If Star Cinema will produce another sequel of this movie in the future, I hope that they focus more in the comedy and not on the dramatics. Moviegoers go to watch the Ang Tanging Ina movies to laugh and not to cry.


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Finally, A Visit to Bicolandia

I am a half-Tagalog and a half-Bicolano. My mother lives and grew in the city of Marikina. My father grew in Bicol before he and his family migrated to Manila.

Even though part of my genes came my Bicolano side of my family, I never had any chance of visiting the homeland of my father. I grew up as a Tagalog and I never learned the Bicolano language. I always crave to visit Bicol and see the great sights in my father’s hometown. That is why I became excited when I discovered that our ship would have a stopover at the town of Bulan, Sorsogon.

For those who do not know about Bicolandia, please visit Wikpedia's article about it. Bicol is famous for its beautiful Mayon Volcano, which has the perfect cone as compared to other volcanoes around the world. Bicolandia is also hailed because of the Bicol Express, which is a very spicy dish filled with siling labuyo.
Welcome to Bulan.

Bulan, Sorsogon is a small coastal town located about three hours travel from Sorsogon City. The town is one of the busy ports in Bicolandia and is a place where ferry and cargo vessels take goods and passengers to be delivered to Masbate and other parts of Bicol.
San Miguel Beer being loaded for delivery.

Well, the town is not that big or famous for it’s scenery. Major establishments in the town are located on the sides of the major highway. In fairness, the town has Jollibee, which is the only fast food in the area.

Like my other travels, I made it sure that I visit the town’s church.
The Church of Bulan.
People waiting for the Mass to start.

It was just a short visit. We just ate our lunch (at Jollibee because my good friend missed eating at Jollibee and he is tired of the food from the galley) and bought some supplies for the ship.

Bulan Lighthouse.

No matter how short our visit was I could still say that I finally set my foot on Bicolandia.


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December 25 is not Christmas

During the Christmas Season of the past years, I have always lamented the same things about Christmas. It seems that I will repeat the same lamentations for this year’s Christmas Season.

I feel infuriated every time that the Christmas Season draws near. I feel infuriated not because I hate Christmas, which is actually is one of my favorite holidays, like the Grinch. I feel infuriated simply because the current celebration of Christmas is devoid of its true meaning. What people are actually celebrating is the un-Christmas Season.

Un-Christmas Season is the season when people claims to celebrate Christmas but are actually more focused on superficial things and not on the true Celebrant of Christmas.

The symbol of the un-Christmas Season is everywhere. Leading of all the un-Christmas Season is the old jolly big-bellied man named Santa Claus. Actually, the true Santa Claus is not that red garbed guy with a white beard. Big businesses degraded the image of Santa Claus and transformed him as an idol of everything that is materialistic in Christmas.

Yes, Santa Claus is the giver of gifts, but the gifts he gives are material things like toys, gadgets, and other things that could be bought at the department stores. Instead of promoting the true essence of gift-giving, this image of Santa Claus promotes the atmosphere to buy buy buy material things so that they could be like the generous Santa Claus for their “inaanaks” (godchildren), friends, and loved ones.

The people now tend to focus more on the gifts than the essence of giving and receiving gifts. Yes, because of materialism, people have the tendency to value gifts based on their monetary value. Thus, we hear some inaanaks who hates the gift of their ninong (godfather) and ninang (godmother) because it is not expensive and we hear of ninongs and ninang who hides from their inaanaks because they have no material gifts to offer. 

The True Christmas

Behind the veil of the materialistic brouhaha lies the true Christmas. Materialistic eyes will never see this true Christmas. The proud heart will never appreciate the humble meaning of Christmas.

Yes there is a true essence of Christmas. The true essence of Christmas lies on the manger and pours out from that tiny babe. It resides in every heart of the humble and meek. It shows itself to those who shun the materialistic demands of the world.

The three wise men recognized the Eternal King and went to Him to give him material gifts. But their gifts were outshone by the wisdom they receive from the holy infant. This is the wisdom that made them glorify the King and believe in Him.

The shepherds, amazed by the joyous celebration of the heavenly hosts, visited the baby and received the gift of happiness to their hearts for they knew that King and Savior had come to redeem His loved ones.

Oh, how great our gifts will be if we also come to Him and celebrate His coming to this world. His gift is way beyond the material things. His gift is His great outpouring of Love, of Mercy, and Eternal Life to those who humbly receive Him into their hearts.

Jesus is the true center of Christmas. He is the reason why we are celebrating Christmas.

Material things can make us happy for the briefest moment but in the end, those things will leave us empty and wanting. But accepting Christ as a gift into our hearts will fill us up with joy and peace that will last eternally.


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Playing Sailor for 20 Days

Maybe some of you are wondering were did I go the last four weeks. Did I abandoned my blogs? Did I go to some pit and failed to go out alive? Nah!

Like what I said in my farewell post, I was sent by our office to a ship for a project. So there, I live in a ship for almost a month and walked on land just for few hours.

I did miss land, but I did not kiss it like the shaken sailors during the Age of Discoveries.

Finally, I got a glimpse of this island

That island is Corregidor Island. The island that used to be the formidable fortress against enemies who desire to attack Manila until it was destroyed by the Japanese during the World War.

I did not go to Corrigedor Island but I just looked at it from afar. :-)

I also got the chance to see Manila from the sea. Yeah, Manila is too smoky and the air is polluted. It is no wonder why some Metro Manilans are suffering from respiratory illnesses.
Hazy Manila in the early morn.

I am also lucky to reach the town of Bulan. Finally, I could say that I set my foot on my father's home province, which is Sorsogon in Bicolandia.

Bulusan Volcano is shown in the photo above. Unfortunately, there are clouds blocking Bulusan's peak.

Almost a month away from home. Almost a month away from the Internet. Almost a month feeling the rocking of the sea whenever you wake up. Well, at least I experienced part of a seaman's life.


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Great Logo Makes Your Business Stand Out

During my few weeks stay aboard a vessel, my shipmates and me always crave of going to the port and visit various establishments of good food and other establishments that offer entertainments. Therefore, we always stand at the deck to look at the shore and drool with thoughts of good foods that are tastier than the ones offered in the galley.

Every time we look longingly at the towns at the shore, our attention was always caught by the great Business Logo Designs that are noticeable from the sea. Those business logos always catch our attention, especially the restaurants. The logos makes as think of the products and services offered by the establishments represented by the business logo. The business logos are so effective to the point that my shipmates and me think of the things that we will buy inside those establishment once we go back to land.

Business logos are effective tools in making you business stand out. Great business logo designs make your business more noticeable and help the establishment be distinguished from other businesses. It also helps make an imprint on the minds of the public and prospective customers.

My experience with business logos during the time when I am aboard a ship is enough for me to realize the effectiveness of great business logo design.

Cheap Cabins this Holiday Season

Christmas Season is here once again and it only means that many people will have their most anticipated Holiday Vacations. Many people are waiting eagerly for the Christmas break and plans their travel months before Christmas.

Many people will return to their hometowns to spend Christmas with their relatives and join in the family reunions. Some will use the Christmas break to take a well deserved rest so that they can recharge for the coming year. Some people will use the Christmas break to visit places or travel abroad.

For those who are planning to use the Christmas break for nature tripping or just to have some time alone and away from the noise of the city, it is good to get some cheap cabins to assure serenity and a place to relax and recharge.

There are many cheap cabins that could be found in various places, wherever you want to go. Looking for an affordable and convenient cabin is easy. All you have to do is do some Internet search to find the cabin that fits your budget. There are many cheap cabins that could be found in the Internet. However, not all cabin rental offerings in the Net are trustworthy. You have to make sure that the owner of the cabin is trustworthy and delivers what they promised in their advertisements in the Internet.