New on Jollibee Menu: Jollibee Float

I am sure that everyone is familiar with this one:
Source: Marcus Castle.

That is the McDonalds Coke Float, which is also known as McFloat. Just recently, Jollibee placed a new item on the Jollibee Menu and that is the Jollibee Float.

A float is just a simple softdrink placed with a float, which could either be an ice cream or a sundae.
Source: Jollibee.

I was surprised to see this new addition to the Jollibee Menu so me and my beloved tried it one time. Well, there is nothing special with Jollibee Float. It is just a coke with a sundae on top. I believe that the McFloat tastes better than the Jollibee Float because their ice cream or sundae is better.

I think that Jollibee will continue innovating the Jollibee Menu and they will improve the Jollibee Float. But as of now, if I am looking for a float, I would go to McDonalds.

How about you? What do you think of the Jollibee Float?


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Pangangailangan ng Kababaihan

MORAL na Kamalayan

Ang isinusulong namin sa grupong ito, at sa maraming pro-life groups, ay ang mga kabutihang-asal – tulad ng pagiging TAPAT ng mag-asawa, chastity education, pagtitimpi, pagsasakripisyo, atbp.– sapagka’t ito ang pangmatagalang solusyon sa tinatawag na “unwanted pregnancies” na laging bukang-bibig ng mga pro-R.H.Bill.

Nakasaad sa isang artikulo ng Philippine Population Review:
“…women who had unintended pregnancies or births were older, not living together with a partner, had no previous birth or had a closely-spaced birth interval, had both sons and daughters, rural residents, not well educated and poor. Moreover, these women were ever-users of contraceptives, had three or more living children and whose ideal number of children was lesser than what they actually had.”
Pagmasdan ang mga kataingan ng mga may “unintended pregnancies” – gumagamit ng kontraseptibo, wala sa nararapat na kalagayan ng nakikipagtalik –may lehitimong asawa at TAPAT sa asawa at sa asawa lamang kikilos ng ganito… [Sa mga single, ang chastity ay pag-iwas sa anumang aktibidad sekswal.]

This a portion of the article written by Prof Aliza Racelis. Read the full article in Filipinos for Life.

Congressman Manny Pacquiao is Smarter than What You Think

Edcel Lagman vs Manny Pacquiao

That is an amusing take on what really transpired last week in the Philippine Congress when Congressman Manny Pacquiao took the mic and start questioning Congressman Edcel Lagman, who is the chief sponsor of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill).

In the course of questioning, Congressman Pacquiao asked Edcel Lagman about certain provisions in the RH Bill such as the mandatory sex education, the mandatory giving of “reproductive health services” to employees by employers, and other foul provisions of the RH Bill.

Edcel Lagman insisted that all those provisions were already amended.

The real punch came to Lagman when Manny Pacquao told him that the Period of Amendments follows the Period of Interpellation. Congressman Pacquiao asked when did the amendments were adopted in the current version of the RH Bill. He also asked what House Rules did Lagman used to effect the alleged amendments. Edcel Lagman had no answer.

It is frustrating to see the mainstream media picture Pacquiao as a person that who don't know what he is doing. Seems like his anti-RH stance placed him under the fire of these biased media establishments like GMA 7 and ABS-CBN and these media entities keep on ridiculing and making fun of him.

Why is the media silent about the false claim of Edcel Lagman that amendments were already placed in HB 4244? If GMA 7 and ABS-CBN are really unbiased and the bearer of truth then why they don't expose this lie of Lagman?

Congressman Manny Pacquiao is a serious sportsman and it showed in all his victories inside the boxing ring. It seems like Congressman Manny Pacquiao is applying the same diligence in his stint as a legislator and the representative of his constituents in Sarangani.

Manny Pacquiao is serious and smart and the pro-RH camp is hating that fact.

To know more about the RH Bill, visit Filipinos for Life or join the I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook Page.

The Danger of Pills, IUD and Depo Provera

I posted for many times already about the dangers of artificial family planning tools being pushed by the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) which is HB 4244 as the current version in Congress. It seems like more people are still unaware about the health hazards of artificial family planning tools because many people are still promoting its use and the Aquino Administration is still intent on pushing RH Bill despite the fact that it is dangerous to women's health.

Now, let me show you the health hazards of Oral Contraceptive Pills (a.k.a. Birth Control Pills), Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) and Depo Provera.
Dangers of OCP, IUD and Depo Provera

For the woman taking oral contraceptive pills (or birth control pills), she has the chance to get breast cancer, cervical cancer and venous thrombosis.

For the woman using IUD, she has the chance to get actinomycosis, ovarian abscess, stones and cervicitis.

Those who are using Depo Provera has the chance to get osteoporosis.

Birth control pills, IUDs and Depo Provera are dangerous to women's health. The question is why some of our Legislators in Senate and Congress are hell-bent in passing the RH Bill that will mandate the government to "freely" distribute this dangerous artificial family planning tools? Are they not concerned about the health of Filipina women who will receive these artificial family planning tools? What is more frustrating is that the promoters of RH Bill are women like Miriam-Defensor Santiago, Janette Garin and Pia Cayetano.

To know more about the reasons why the RH Bill is not acceptable, please visit Filipinos for Life or join I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook Page.

Image was obtained from Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter.

What's Inside UP MSI?

During my college days, when I have classes in Math Building or the Physics Building, I usually pass in front of the building of UP MSI, which is also known as UP Marine Science Institute. UP MSI is the place where the best marine scientists in the Philippines study.

In the previous post (Passing by UP Diliman Lagoon), I said that I attended a training at UP MSI. Because of this training, I got the chance to enter the building of UP MSI.

Painting of deep-sea creatures, UP MSI.
A painting that shows various deep-sea creatures welcomes anyone who enters UP MSI. There are some sort of fish, squids and invertebrates that are shown on the painting.

Well, UP MSI is just like any building inside UP Diliman. Nothing special in the building. What are special in UP MSI are the people there. I had learned a great deal of things from UP MSI's marine scientists from a just a short training.


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Passing by UP Diliman Lagoon

Last month, my office me sent me to a short training in my alma mater UP Diliman or formally known as University of the Philippines – Diliman. In previous posts, I already talked about UP Diliman, which me and my beloved visited one time. I also talked about the time when my brother when to UP Diliman to take the UPCAT.

When I went to the Marine Science Institute, I passed through here:
UP Lagoon in UP Diliman
(Source: Phlog)
That is the famous UP Lagoon. Actually it is not a lagoon but just an area with a small lake that was connected to the small creek that pass through the middle of the Campus. During summer days when there is no rain, the "lagoon" is even missing because it is dried up  because of the heat.

UP Lagoon is close to me because I usually pass through this area during my college years. I always enter the campus through the Ylanan Street entrance and take a shortcut via UP Lagoon for my classes in Palma Hall, College of Arts and Letters, Physics Building and the Math Building. Aside from being my usual shortcut, UP Lagoon is close to my heart because of this:
(Source: Digital Photographer Philippines)
Those are trees inside UP Lagoon where I usually eat my packed lunch. Since I am a loner back then, I prefer to eat alone either in CASAA (a canteen or eatery near Palma Hall) or beneath the shades of those trees when CASAA is jam packed with students. It is refreshing to eat beneath the shade of those trees and sometimes I miss those days.

Inside UP Lagoon is this statue:
The Sewing of Philippine Flag, UP Diliman Lagoon
The statue depicts the Agoncillo sisters at the time when they are sewing the flag that was used during the declaration of Philippine Independence by Emilio Aguinaldo.

UP Lagoon is a good place to stay, especially for loners like me. Well, it is good to be back to see one of my old haunts during my college years. If I can only visit the UP Diliman Library, which is another of my favorite haunt, then my visit to UP Diliman would have been complete.


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An Infiltrator in KofC Building, Intramuros

Last month, Filipinos for Life hosted a pro-life forum that was held inside the KofC building located inside Intramuros. Because of this, I got the chance to infiltrate the Manila headquarters of KofC in Manila. What is KofC? Well, KofC stands for Knights of Columbus.

KofC or the Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization established by Father Michael McGivney in Connecticut in the year 1881. Father McGivney intended the new organization  to serve in supporting the families left behind by members who died. During the time of Father McGivney, Catholic immigrants do intensive works and many of them die because of hard work. Catholic immigrants do not have an organization to support them and their families, that is why Father McGivney started the KofC as a sort of organization that provide insurance to its members.
Christopher Columbus
KofC was so named in honor of Christopher Columbus, who is a devout Catholic and is look upon by Catholics during the time of Father McGivney. This is also a sort of mild rebuke to the Anglo-Saxons in America who also honor Columbus but discriminate Catholics during that time.

KofC was established by the Americans in the 1905 inside Intramuros. Membership grew because many people were attracted in joining KofC. I saw this statue in front of the KofC building:
Father George Willman, SJ
That is Father George Willman who served KofC in the Philippines from 1948 to 1978. Members of KofC in the Philippines honor Father Willman because the KofC in the Philippines became strong under his leadership. KofC is advancing the beatification of this strong and wise knight.

Inside the KofC hall is this painting:

That is the painting showing Father George Willman. Well, Father Willman is really honored by the KofC in the Philippines.


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Happy Mother's Day to All Filipina Mothers

This morning, I read an e-mail from Nuffnang that contains this image:

The words in the advertisement says, “This is how close you are in the past. Hope that you are still this close this Mother's Day.”

I agree. For 9 months, we are so close with our mothers. We are inside of their womb being nourished and protected by our loving mother. That is why our mothers are the most special woman for all of us, even before the sons met their wives.

For 9 months, we are inside of her body. For our whole childhood, we are under her care.

So to all mothers there, especially to all Filipina mothers, “HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY” to all of you.


Are you thinking of a gift that you can offer to all Filipina moms? Well, there is one gift that you can offer all Filipina mothers and that is opposing the Reproductive Health Bill. This bill promotes artificial family planning tools that are dangerous to the health of Filipina mothers.

So if you have love and respect to all Filipina moms, then please oppose the RH Bill.


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Meet the New Philippine Peso Bill

Finally, I got the chance to get my first copy the new Philippine Peso Bill.

Yup, you read that right, “new Philippine Peso bill.” It is new because the new president wants all things new that is why he also tinkered with our money. I also think that the president want to have a new set of Philippine Peso bills because he want to remove this:

That is the back part of 200 pesos and it depicts the inauguration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, right after the second EDSA “People Power” deposed Erap from Malacanang. Noynoy really hates PGMA that he don’t want to see her on the Philippine Peso bill whenever he pay for his yosi (cigarettes) or for his the Diesel of his Porsche. I am also not a fan of the 200-peso note and also of EDSA II, so this is good riddance.

I got the new 20-peso bill and there are many changes on the front and back part. Here is the new 20-peso bill:

Here is the old 20-peso bill:

Notice that President Manuel Quezon in the new 20-peso bill. Also, the Malacanang Palace is transferred at the front. At the back are Banaue Rice Terraces and an animal, which is called as palm civet.

Are the new Philippine Peso Bills good things? I don’t know. What I know is that some people mistook it for play money just like the old lady inside that argued with the jeepney driver to give her real money:

Lola: Manong, manong! Ayaw ko nitong sukli mo. Play money binigay mo sa akin eh.

Driver: Nay, totoong pera po iyan. Bagong labas lang po.

Lola: Hindi! Niloloko mo ako eh. Play money ito.

At walang nagawa si manong driver kundi kunin ang “play money” at isukli ang lumang bente.


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Images of Philippine Peso bills came from GenSanBlog, Philippine Coins and Banknotes and Money of the World

Artificial Family Planning Tools are Dangerous

Promoters of the Reproductive Health Bill (HB 4244) say that they are pushing for medically-safe artificial family planning methods. Safe? Do they know what they are talking about? Or maybe they want to downplay the risks of artificial family planning tools so that their contraceptive businesses will continue being profitable. Let's hear from condom, birth control pill and IUD how safe they are:

(Click the image for a larger view)

Yup, that's true. These artificial family planning tools are not that medically-safe. They have their own risks and I believe that it is time for the government and artificial family planning businesses to broadcast the truth.

Condoms, for instance, are being marketed as a perfect artificial family tool to keep men from making their sex partners pregnant and prevent from contracting sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). This is untrue. Condoms have failure rate of 10% to 15% and you can still make a woman pregnant because of manufacture defects, breakage and slippage. Condoms do not guarantee "safe-sex" because it does not guarantee that it can block HIV or AIDS virus 100%. Also, other STDs like genital warts can also be contracted even if condoms work perfectly.

Birth control pills, on the other hand, bring a host of grave side-effects to women like breast cancer and liver cancer. This fact is admitted by ex-DOH Secretary Esperanza Cabral in a radio interview.

Intra-uterine devices or IUD creates holes inside the womb and migrates to colon. This happens because the woman's body treats IUD as a foreign object and does its best to remove it inside the womb. Because of this, the womb gets affected and gets "eaten" by IUD in the process. That's why it can create holes on uterine lining.

It is bad that legislators pushing the passage of Reproductive Health Bill are silent on these facts regarding the artificial family planning tools that RH Bill promotes. When will they say to the public that artificial family planning tools have negative effects to our health? C'mon Edcel Lagman, do a Cabral and admit the truth.


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Read more about RH Bill and artificial family planning tools at Filipinos for Life and I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook Page.

How Birth Control Pill Kills

I found this educational poster/cartoon from the I Oppose the RH Bill FB page. It is in Filipino/Tagalog language and it talks about how birth control pills kill a newly formed life inside the mother's womb.

*Please click the image to view it on a larger screen.

For non-Filipino readers of my blog, here is the translation of the wordings in this poster/cartoons.


"Life begins the moment the egg cell of a woman and the sperm cell of a man join. This fact is agreed upon by the Philippine Medical Association. Birth control pills work by preventing ovulation. However, there are instances that birth control pill fails and breakthrough ovulation occurs. Because of this, it is possible that the sperm and egg cell can still meet and form a new life."


"One effect of birth control pills is the thinning of the uterine lining (a.k.a. endometrium). The thinning of the uterine lining prevents the newly formed baby from implanting to the uterine lining."


"Because the newly formed baby can't implant to the uterine lining, the baby will die and will be go out of the mother's womb. This is a clear case of Chemical Abortion."

Bottom Part:

"Remember: Birth Control Pill, which is also known as contraceptive pill, is deadly. Users of the pill don't have knowledge that they are already killing the baby inside their womb because of the abortifacient effect of birth control pills. Stop using birth control pills. Respect and protect life."


More information about contraceptive pills can be read at Filipinos for Life.

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A Trespasser in UST

Everyday, as I pass along Espana Boulevard, I always see this:

That archway always makes me wonder what is beyond it and what are the things that can be found inside the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas (UST). Well, I did manage to gain entry to this historic university in Manila by pretending as a UST student. I did this because I thought that the guards will not allow me to enter the campus.

As had said in the previous post, University of Santo Tomas is celebrating its 400th anniversary. This is a great celebration for UST and many Thomasians are proud of this because UST is the oldest university in Asia. Due to its 400 years of existence, UST's heritage is rich and many famous Filipinos passed through its historic archway.

Since I am avoiding guards, I entered UST through the gate along Padre Campa because I heard that it is the gate used by parishioners and outsiders who wish to visit the church inside UST campus.

The first building that I saw is the church inside the University of Santo Tomas. Unfortunately, there is some renovation being done inside the church that's why I did not manage to enter it and take some photos.

In front of the church is the UST Grounds. This is the place where UST made their large human cross that they vied for Guinness Book of World Records.

The large buildings in the background are the new condominiums located along Espana Boulevard.

I also got the chance to take close shots of the historic UST archway or arch-door. This is my favorite structure inside UST and I like the statue above the arch. The statue is Saint Thomas Aquinas, who is the patron of UST.

The arch-door is just a replica of the original arch-door erected in the 17th Century in Intramuros. This arch-door survived the Second World War.

To the left and to the right are fountains  each having a statue of woman in the middle.


A friend of mine told me that the statue in the above photo is the statue of Athena, who is the Greek goddess that personifies wisdom.

Also, I got the chance to walk through the UST arch.

Back view of the UST Arch.
I almost felt like a UST freshman student as I walk through the UST arch-door and the pathway beyond.


The path will lead you to the main building of UST and also to the statue of an important person in the history of University of Santo Tomas.

That person is Father Miguel de Benavides, who is the founder of the University of Santo Tomas. He came to the Philippines with the first Dominican missionaries and acted as the archbishop of Manila.
Archbishop Miguel de Benavidez
UST has some joke about this statue. According to them, the statue of Father Benavides points to the university where students go if they were kicked out of UST. What is that university? Just ask any UST student for the answer.

My visit to UST satisfied my curiosity about this university and their campus. UST has old buildings which makes me feel like I am inside Intramuros. Well, that is not surprising because 400 years of existence of UST is an evidence of its rich heritage and great contributions to the Philippine society.


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