They say that life is full of surprises and I think that they are right.

I just can't believe it at first. I hung in disbelief when my brother and I talked for the very first time since I came back home from staying in Davao for a month after finishing the project in Davao. I hung in disbelief when he told me that he was now a changed man and he speaks about GOD. He confessed that he he is now a believer (and my Mom told me that he is considering in joining the Opus Dei). By golly, what had happened to him that he was changed from an agnostic to a person aiming to be saintly? I was surprised.

GOD indeed works in mysterious ways. I praise HIM to what HE did to my brother.

From a doubter into a believer.

Now, maybe I had to evaluate my faith. My brother's new ways make me feel that I am the new agnostic in the family.

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  1. Awesome.You have prayed about it and God listen to your prayer.
    This is the best news that we can have from our own family to see them being transformed in the likeness of him.


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