Weird Dream: Arrested by the Gestapo

Gestapo arresting people

Scene 1:

I am in a multi-floor apartment complex looking out through the back window. I guess I am at the second or third floor.

Suddenly, my mother went in through that back window bringing some stuffs (grocery maybe).

I wondered why my mother went in through the back window. How did she climbed up to third (or second floor)? (In hindsight, I think she climbed using the fire escape).

The atmosphere is heavy in the room

It felt that we are doing something illegal or we are afraid of something.

Scene 2:

I am on a street in the long queue of men. I don't know how I got there but a police approached me. His uniform is similar to the Nazi officers. And his demeanor is stiff and demanding.

I remembered that we (the people in the queue) are being asked to provide some metals for the war effort. I only have one piece of nail in my pocket, which I gave to the Nazi police. He was angry with what I was only able to provide.

I begged the police to have to pity on me. That I was not able to scrounge any metal because I was busy working.

"I am a busy working. We are serving the same country. Please have pity" - I said

The dream ended there. I don't know what happened after. Did the police killed the Dream Me? Did he listened to my plea?

It was a weird dream. Maybe I was just anxious. Is it my distrust with the police manifesting in my dream? I don't know.