Me, an Anorexic?

Lately, I find it hard to swallow my food. I can't swallow not in the sense that I have a problem with my throat or my esophagus. My problem is that I have the tendency to puke what I am trying to swallow. The problem is not the food because I like what I am eating, pork adobo.

I do not know, maybe I am becoming to be an anorexic and I think that the problem is psychological. I feel nervous, very very nervous. Maybe it affects the function of my stomach or the peristalsis of my esophagus.

I fight my condition though, because I still swallow my food. I do not to skip lunch because my ulcer will come and I believe that no one should waste food.

I feel nervous these days and it affects my bodily functions. I know the solution to my problem, but I do not have the strength to do it. What my problem is? I will tell you later.

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