Writer's Block

My work is killing me. No. Not the whole me but the creative part of me. The poetic me...my alter ego that aspires to be a good writer, an excellent essayist, and a brilliant poet. It is too bad that I focused all my thoughts and energy to my work.

Now, sad to say, I lost me (bad grammar, whatever).

How can I resurrect the other part of me? How can I do that now that I have more burden to carry? More work to do? More problems to face?

But I will fight my current situation! I will spun new poems. I will create tales. I will react and analyze and criticize our society. I will....

....when the day comes that I successfully destroy the chains that binds my other personality.

But now I am struggling.

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  1. struggling gracefully.

    I'mt backreading from your old post.

    I like this one.
    I noticed that you had been in the blogging world for sometimes. Wow.

  2. Yes Kuya. More than three years of blogging. And looking back to my old post made realized that it is good that I struggled because blogging added a spice into my life.

    Thank you for visiting old blog posts. ^_^


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