Doing Time

I am so busy these days. I am working as an intern in a non-govermental organization and my task is to be a researcher on land titling. I do not like being a researcher, but then again, I was tasked this job so its my responsibility to finish it. I do not see the benefit of this work in my career, and this job is so exhausting and the stress is compounded by the fact that I do not like my job. I trust God that this is part of His plan to me. I am beginning to love it though, but still I wish that I get an internship that requires me to use my knowledge that I learned in engineering.

Inspite of this, I love working with the people in this organization. I salute them for their endeavor and for the fact that they are ready to work for the urban poor even if the salary is low compared to other architects and engineers of their age. I salute thee. And thank you for the lessons that you taught me.

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