Solace in Reading

I am thirsty for love but I try to quench it by drinking from the cup of knowledge.

As I had posted many times over, I am broken-hearted and depressed these past few days. My past relationship devastated my soul and left me feeling desolated and alone. I had reached hell, just to discover that hell is not blazing with fire and boiling with sulfur but frozen below zero degrees centigrade. Many times, I hid, I ran away, I chose to be alone, to remove the rein of my imagination. I got tired of my situation, eventually. So last Sunday night I fought my depression in a desperate battle.

Instead of thinking of my misery, I chose to focus my attention in trying to understand society and politics. I found solace in reading. Right now I am reading the novel of H. G. Wells, "The Time Machine."

I am glad that reading somehow brought forth peace to my mind. I have read "1984," "Repent Harlequin Said the Tick Tock Man," and now "Time Machine." Knowledge quenches my thirst but I know that it is not enough, but hey it’s better than sulking in the corner.


Sa lahat ng mga taga-U.P., kung kayo ay mapadpad sa may CAL at may kailangan kayong bilhin. I recommend that you make bili (yuck, how cono) kay Manong Tindero sa kiosk sa tapat ng CAL. ‘yung bilhan ninyong manong ay yung nasa gitna ng dalawang tindahan. Mabait ‘yung manong na iyon.

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