Watching the Perfect Ip Man

Propaganda movies are movies that aim to inspire people to subscribe to the agenda or ideology that is being portrayed. The Nazis are expert in the field of propaganda that many Germans were fooled by their twisted ideology. Communists also utilized propaganda movies during the Cold War. The Ip Man movies that watched were not propaganda movies but they gave me a feeling that it is.

Ip Man is the master of Bruce Lee. He originated from Foshan and escaped to Hongkong when Maoists took over the Chinese government. Ip Man established the martial arts of Wing Chun.
Ip Man poster

I first saw the Ip Man movie while am riding a bus on the way home. The fight scenes are superb and I can see that the actors are well-rehearsed in their stunts. I also enjoyed watching the whole movie from the time when Ip Man defeated the Northern master, Jin Shanzhao, to his fight with Japanese general Miura at the end of the movie. I wanted to watch the whole movie, that’s I am glad when my brother brought not only one but all of the Ip Man movies.

Ip Man has three movies. The first movie is set during the time when Japanese soldiers invaded mainland China. Ip Man 2 is set after World War and at the time when Ip Man is establishing his dojo in Hongkong. Ip Man Zero is about the young Ip Man and was set prior to Sino-Japanese War.

Each movie has excellent fight scenes at the each end. Ip Man Zero has intense fight between Ip Man and the Japanese instigators. Ip Man 2 has a fight between Ip Man and a Japanese general who is a karate master. Ip Man 2 has a fight between Ip Man and a famous British boxer. Ip Man won all those fights.
Ip Man versus the boxer
Ip Man vs the boxer.

What I noticed about the Ip Man movies is that Ip Man was portrayed as a perfect person. He is the one who saved the country from the evil plans of the Japanese. He is the one who upheld the pride of whole Foshan against a Northern martial arts master. He is the one who defeated a Japanese general and inspired the people to fight the Japanese. He is the one whom all Hongkong masters depended on when standing against foreign pigs (the British colonizers). Having a perfect character is not a problem in a fictional movie. Ip Man movies, however, are supposedly biographical. I can’t believe that the true Ip Man can do all those things. A perfect Ip Man in the movie made me feel that I am watching a propaganda film and not the biography of the man.

My complaints are minor and can be ignored if Ip Man movies are treated as fictional. I enjoyed the watching all of the three Ip Man movies. The fight scenes didn’t disappoint because they are few of the best fight scenes that I saw in a Chinese movie. The movie is very colorful and shows how colorful the Chinese culture is. The Ip Man movies made we want to learn Wing Chun.


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Facing the Wrath of Typhoon Pedring

Typhoon Pedring threw his full force yesterday morning in the City of Manila and I am one of the unfortunate people who had to face it. Despite the heavy rain, I still went to the office because the government and my bosses did not declare any cancellation of  work. My trip to the office was fine and the bus is traveling fast because there are no traffic because classes in universities were canceled.

Everything was OK until I went down the bus and face the strong winds caused by the storm surge. My red umbrella battled with the strong wind but its resistance is futile. In few seconds, my red umbrella was mangled, bent and defeated. I have no other choice but to throw the umbrella away and be soaked in the rain. I am just few steps to the office when I saw an office mate who told me that the Malacanan Palace just announced that work is canceled because of Typhoon Pedring. I am frustrated with the fact I braved the winds and rain for nothing. The government should have made the announcement very early so that office workers, who leave their homes early, will know that work is canceled. Are the inhabitants of Malacanan sleeping?

Interesting things occurred when I started my travel back home. Jeepneys are already full with employees that belatedly received the news of work cancellation. Flood waters are high in some parts of Manila, specifically in Taft Avenue and Roxas Boulevard, and many jeepney drivers decided not to travel anymore. I decided to travel via the LRT but its operation was stopped because of brownout. Typhoon Pedring continued to dump heavy rains and blow strong winds to all of us who are finding a way to go home.

I was forced to walk toward Quiapo Area because it is the only place where I can easily board a bus. Travel was not easy because many parts of Manila are flooded. One of the flooded area is the street of Escolta.
Typhoon Pedring - Escolta is flooded
Flooded Escolta Avenue.
Even the street that goes directly to Quiapo Church is also flooded and people are forced to ride pedicabs to avoid walking through the filthy waters.
Typhoon Pedring - Flooded road to Quiapo
Flooded road to Quiapo Church.

Typhoon Pedring's wrath continue unabated. The storm surge continued while I walk to Quiapo. What scared me is the sound of sheets of metal roofing that is being blown by the wind. I feared that a flying metal sheet might hit me and slice me in halves.
Typhoon Pedring - BPI sign fell
Sign post of Bank of the Philippine Islands is no match with Typhoon Pedring.

Thankfully, I experienced no harm when I traveled back home. I reached our house just totally soaked because of Typhoon Pedring. I saw the news and other office workers fare worse than me. Many of them walked thhrough knee deep floods. Some were stranded because there are no bus or jeepneys that can pass through the floods.

My Typhoon Pedring experience is not that bad as compared with what I experienced during Typhoon Ondoy. The only thing that disappointed me is the slow action of the government when it comes to cancellation of work. They should have declared the cancellation very early to avoid inconveniences to Filipino workers. The slow action of the government caused many employees to be trapped in the floods and face the full wrath of Typhoon Pedring.


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An Unpleasant Morning

Last Wednesday, me and my younger sister were walking to my workplace when we happen to see this:
Lawton Park, Manila accident

A bus hit a jeepney near Lawton Park in Manila. The accident is the reason why there is heavy traffic from Quiapo Church area to Lawton. Because I am an “usisero,” I went near the accident to ask the other bystanders about what happened. One of the bystanders told me that the bus’ break malfunctioned and hit the jeepney. He also told me that at least one person, a pedestrian, died in the incident. I counted that two buses, two jeepneys and one van was involved in the accident.

I was about to leave the place when my sister told me that she saw something under the jeepney. I peeked under the vehicle and saw one of the victims, who I think is already dead. Policemen weren’t able to pull the person out and they are just waiting for rescue personnel or the SOCO.
Lawton Park, Manila accident usiseros

While we continue our walk, my sister told me that she felt bad because of what she saw. It is the first time that she saw a person who died due to a vehicular accident.

As for me, it is not the first time that I saw something as terrible as the accident last Wednesday. I saw one motorcycle rider who died along Quezon Avenue months ago. I also saw injured motorists, mostly motorcycle riders, a lot of times. Vehicular accidents are very common in Metro Manila and early morning news programs have scores of such news items every single day.

When I am still a college student, I have no fear in jaywalking across Commonwealth Avenue. I don’t care if that avenue is considered as the deadliest road in Asia. All I want is not to be inconvenienced in climbing up the high pedestrian overpass.

I now use the overpass because I don’t want to die just because I was hit by a bus while I jaywalk across Commonwealth Avenue. I wish that I will never see incidents like the one I saw last Wednesday. I hope that motorists and pedestrians will be careful to avoid unpleasant accidents from happening.


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Three Idiots: Not Really Idiotic

I think that the first Bollywood movie that I really enjoyed is the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” It is a movie of a young man who joined the Indian version of the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” His life story, and the whole film, is narrated through the young man’s recollection based on the questions during the show. Slumdog Millionaire is full of drama, humor and dance numbers. I thought that I would never find another Bollywood film that as enjoyable as Slumdog Millionaire, until I encountered this:
Three Idiots movie poster

Three Idiots is a movie about three friends; Farhan, Raju and Rancho who are studying at Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) in India. ICE is one of the leading engineering institution in India and many engineer-wannabes dream of entering that college. The three friends have different motivations in entering ICE. Farhan entered the engineering institute to obey his father's wishes even though his dream is to be a photographer. Raju, on the other hand, wants to be engineer and also to raise the status of his family. Rancho entered ICE because his passion is learning new things.
Three Idiots: Raju, Rancho and Farhan
Raju, Rancho and Farhan.
Three Idiots is filled with laughter. I especially love the part when Rancho entered the college dorm. The upperclassmen are making fun of new students by making them do silly things. Rancho managed to avoid the initiation by “electrocuting” the upperclassman who peed in front the door of his room. The electricity reached the upperclassman from the spoon, which connected to the fuse box, by traveling through the urine. The upperclassmen never bothered Rancho again.

There are other funny episodes in Three Idiots and I suggest that you watch the movie to see those funny antics of the characters in the movie.

The real struggle in the movie is between Rancho and the terror professor who is nicknamed as “Virus.” Virus represents the things that are wrong with the engineering education in ICE. Virus is the professor who always aims to finish first. He treats college as a form of competition between students and he consider those who have low grades as worthless. This form of thinking caused the students to prefer rote memorization over understanding the concepts in physics and engineering. Intense competition was also fostered and it pressured many students to fight for the top spot. This pressure caused the suicide of one of the engineering students and Virus' own son.
Three Idiots trailer.

Rancho, on the other hand, is the opposite of Virus. He doesn't care much about  grades and competition. His goal in college is to learn as much things as possible so that he can use it later in life. He doesn't rely on rote memorization but uses his creativity to make engineering concepts work in real life. Rancho's style was successful in the end because he became the most famous inventor in India who has hundreds of patented inventions.

I like the way the movie is presented. It showed what is lacking in college education nowadays, and that is not only confined in India. My country, the Philippines, also have such problems. Creativity and in depth study of concepts was replaced by shallow means, which just aim to get high grades on the class card. College is only seen as a means to get employed, not to develop mental capacity that can be used to invent and innovate things. I believe that this is one reason why there is a lack of inventors here in the Philippines because students were trained not to become inventors or innovators but only as employees of some high-level corporations.
Three Idiots - dance segment
A shot of my favorite dance segment in Three Idiots.
Three Idiots is a good movie. It is full of laughs and also has enough drama for those want it. The dance segments, which is very usual in Bollywood films, are well-made and has catchy tunes. So, if you are looking for a good Bollywood movie, I suggest that you watch the Three Idiots.


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A Visit to Pink Sisters' Convent, Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City is a popular getaway of Metro Manila citizens. Nestled on the highlands of Southern Tagalog, Tagaytay is blessed with cool weather and breathtaking view of the surrounding lowlands. Tagaytay City is popular for its tourist destinations like the Picnic Grove, People's Park and Sonya's Garden. Unknown to most visitors, Tagaytay is also the home of many Catholic monasteries and convents. The most popular of these Catholic convents is the Convent of Divine Mercy, which is the place where the Adoration Chapel of the Pink Sisters is located.

The first thing that I noticed when I entered the Pink Sister's convent is silence. The whole place is quiet and signboards were placed inside the convent grounds to remind visitors to observe silence. The reigning silence in the convent is the outward reflection of the life of the Pink Sisters who dedicated their whole life adoring the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Pink Sisters, or more officially known as Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, are a community of strictly cloistered contemplative nuns who center their life worshiping God through the adoration of the exposed Blessed Sacrament. Each of the Pink Sisters takes turn to adore the Blessed Sacrament and keep a prayerful vigil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The community of the Pink Sisters was founded by the German priest Blessed Arnold Janssen. He set up the Pink Sisters to support by prayers and sacrifice the first two missionary foundations that he established. Now, the Pink Sisters is a well known society of contemplative nuns with convents located in different parts of the world, including the one in Tagaytay City.
Gate of Pink Sisters' convent in Tagaytay
Gate of the Divine Mercy Convent

How to Go to Pink Sister's Adoration Chapel

The Adoration Chapel of the Pink Sister can be easily reached by riding a jeepney from Olivarez Center in Tagaytay City. Olivarez Center is a rotunda in Tagaytay that has a statue of Ninoy Aquino in the center. Another landmark for the Olivarez Center is the Mang Inasal restaurant located at the corner of the road going to Dasmarinas City and the road to People's Park and Picnic Grove.

The street going to Pink Sisters' convent is just 500 m meters away from Olivarez Center. Just ride a jeepney or tricycle from Olivarez Center to reach the place. There is a big signboard along the road that marks the street to the convent. Visitors need to walk few meters from the main road to reach the convent gate.

Inside the Pink Sister's Convent

Taking photos is not allowed inside the chapel. Unfortunately, I hesitated in taking photos of the ground outside the chapel that is why I don't have photos to show to you. So, to fill the void, I snatched some photos from the post of Father Abe.
Pink Sisters - Adoration Chapel
The Adoration Chapel of the Pink Sisters.
Me and my beloved prayed inside the chapel, in front of the Holy Eucharist! I always feel awed whenever I am in the presence of the Holy Eucharist. The silence inside chapel and the deep reverence of the Pink Sisters made the holiness of the Holy Eucharist more profound.
Pink Sisters - Inside the Adoration Chapel
The altar and the interior of the Adoration Chapel.
We are blessed to be in time for Midday Prayer of the Pink Sisters. It is so good to listen to their angelic voices while they sing to the Holy Eucharist. All of the sisters were there to attend the midday prayer. All, but one of the Pink Sisters, left after the midday prayer. A Pink Sister was left to adore and keep vigil in front of the Holy Eucharist.
Pink Sisters - A Pink Sister adoring the Holy Eucharist
A Pink Sister adoring the Holy Eucharist.

After praying in front of the Holy Eucharist, we wrote our prayer intentions on a piece paper and left in a drop box. There are stories from many people who had their prayers answered when they ask the Pink Sisters to pray for them. I believe that the prayers were answered because the Pink Sisters continuously pray for them. God listens to those who have deep respect to the Holy Eucharist.

Saint Josemaria Escriva, as written in The Forge, likened Christians into a regular army. He said that like in regular army, logistics is important in Christianity to support the front liners like the priests, lay people and missionaries who are at the fore in preaching the Word of God. The logistics that he meant is the continuous prayers by those who are away from the front lines. Blessed Father Janssen understood the importance of prayers that is why he established the community of Pink Sisters. Now, the Pink Sisters grew from being the “logistical support” of the other congregations established by Father Janssen to being the “logistical support” of the whole Church. The fruits of their continuous adoration of the Holy Eucharist is now being enjoyed by the whole Catholic Church and by the people who seek help from them through prayer.


The last three photos was “snatched” from Father Abe on his blog, The Splendor of the Church.

Do you want to know more about the Pink Sisters? Do you want to contact them? Please visit my post More on Pink Sisters' Convent in Tagaytay for more information. Or you may place your questions and comments at the comment section below. You may also send a private message to my Facebook page.

How to Choose Good Essay or Research Paper Topics

Writing regularly for a blog is sometimes exhausting. There are times that it seems that my brain is empty of any topic to write about. Times like these are called as “writer’s block” and even excellent writers suffer because of it. Writing a blog post is similar to writing an essay or a research paper. There are times that no research paper topics can be squeezed from our brain. This is frustrating, especially if you are required to do an essay or a research paper on a limited time.

There is no need to lose hope. There are many ways to find good essay topics or research paper topics. One thing that you can do is to browse at your old essays or research papers. Look for old topics that you can reinvent. You can also look for ideas on those old essays or research papers that were not given enough focus. Those ideas can be used as the main topic for your new essay or research paper.

Another way is to look for new topics to write about. There are many sources that you can consider like the newspapers and magazines. The Internet is also a great source of new topics and search engines can help you find good topics to write about. Also, there are websites, like, that is fully dedicated in helping people in writing their essays or research papers.

Return to People's Park, Tagaytay

My beloved told me that she misses People's Park in Tagaytay City. It has been two years since our last visit to People's Park and we thought that it is high time to revisit the place. So, last month, me and my beloved decided to have a picnic at People's Park, Tagaytay.

Just like in our first visit, we reached Tagaytay City by coming from Santa Rosa City in Laguna. We boarded a jeep at Balibago Market that passes by the Cavite town of Carmona and went down on Tagaytay Market. We planned to go to two places on this Tagaytay trip. The first place that we visited is the Convent of Divine Mercy, which more popularly known as the convent of the Pink Sisters. I will talk about the Pink Sisters on the next post. The second place that we visited is People's Park, Tagaytay.

People's Park, Tagaytay can be reached by riding a jeepney at the Tagaytay Market. Be warned that riding a jeepney going to People's Park is not easy during holidays and weekends because you have to compete with other people for the jeepney ride. Of course you can ride a tricycle to People's Park but it is costlier as compared to riding a jeepney. People's Park-bound jeepneys also pass in front of Picnic Grove.
People's Park Tagaytay - welcome to People's Park

Only few things were changed since the last time we visited People's Park, Tagaytay. The entrance fee is still 15 pesos per person.

I am glad that the weather is fair during our visit to People's Park. It was wind and rainy during our first visit and clouds are covering the Taal Volcano.
People's Park Tagaytay - road
Road up to the main part of People's Park.
In my first post about People's Park, I lamented about the need for major repair of the structures inside the park. I didn't saw any renovation at People's Park during my last visit. The structures are still dilapidated and and still need improvements. The park administrators just added few benches on the top most floor of the park's admin building. The major construction that I saw in People's Park is the building of a big communication tower beside the People's Park “pineapple.”
People's Park Tagaytay - foreign tourists
Tourists say "cheese."
I saw a group of foreign tourists in People's Park, Tagaytay. I am not sure if they are Korean or Japanese. I do hope that they enjoyed their visit in Tagaytay City.

Sans the disappointment with dilapidated structures, me and my beloved really enjoyed our second visit to People's Park, Tagaytay. We had a picnic and took tons of photos inside the park. We posed in front of the camera, as if we are print models. I will not post those photos here to spare you from having nightmares. :-P
People's Park Tagaytay
Inside People's Park, Tagaytay.
The view from People's Park, Tagaytay is still breathtaking. We shot photos of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake:
People's Park Tagaytay - View of Taal Lake.
Taal Lake as viewed from People's Park.
We are also lucky to see a rainbow during our visit. Seems like God is smiling to me and my beloved during that time.
People's Park Tagaytay - rainbow
Can you see the rainbow?
People's Park Tagaytay - Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love
Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love.
The building to the front of main park of People's Park, Tagaytay is the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love. This shrine was inaugurated in February 2003 in honor of Mama Mary. The top of the shrine is accessible to visitors and is a good vantage point for taking photos of Taal Lake and the whole Tagaytay City.
People's Park Tagaytay - Jesus Christ

The big statue of Jesus Christ is my favorite part of the park. Too bad that some visitors have no respect with the image of the Lord because they wrote graffiti at the base of the statue.

Our visit to People's Park, Tagaytay is a blast. I enjoyed it, not only because I am with my beloved, but also because People's Park is a nice place. I do hope that park admins renovate People's Park before I return there for my third visit.

Pili-made Pasalubong from Camarines

Whenever I travel from far-away places, it is customary for me to bring home some pasalubong. My trip to Camarines is no different and I also bought some pasalubong items that can be found in the area. Pili nuts are commonly found in the Bicol that is why most of the pasalubong items their made of pili.

In a previous post, I talked about pili tart that is the usual pasalubong of my Bicolano office mate whenever he go back to the office after a vacation in Bicol. I am not a fan of pili tarts that is why I did not bought any of it in Naga City. The pasalubong items that I bought are pili bar, glazed pili, pili coated with linga, and mazapan de pili.

Pili Bar

Daday's pili bar.
Pili bar is a sort of bread made of grounded pili. This is my most favorite pasalubong item that I brought from Camarines. My family and beloved liked it too and it is the pili-made pasalubong that first go missing into their mouths. Pili bar is not too sweet and this is what I liked about it.
Brown-colore pili bar. Yum yum.

Glazed Pili and Pili with Linga

If Baguio City has peanut brittle, then Bicolandia has glazed pili. This pili-made pasalubong is made by cooking the meat of pili nut with sugar syrup until the mixture became golden brown. The Pili with Linga is cooked similarly but with the taste enhanced with linga seeds (sesame seeds).
Sweet glazed pili nuts.
Glazed pili and pili with linga can be bought from vendors at the Naga City Bus Terminal. These pasalubong items are usually wrapped with plastic and sold to passengers at the bus terminal. If you want to buy these pili-made pasalubong items, I suggest that you haggle with vendors so you can buy them at cheap prices.
Pili nut with seasame seeds.

Mazapan de Pili

Mazapan de Pili is a pili-made bread, like the pili bar. The difference is that it is softer and easily broken to pieces as compared with the pili bar.
Mazapan de Pili.
I don't like the Mazapan the Pili much because it is easily broken and much of it fell to floor. I was forced to use a spoon just to eat Mazapan de Pili from its box.

I bought a lot of pili-made pasalubong during my visit to Camarines. I know that Bicolandia has more to offer when it comes to food. These pili-made sweets are preview to the other sweets and dishes that Bicolanos love. I hope that I can taste more Bicolano dishes when I return to Bicol.


Do you want to know more about pasalubong? Read about the pasalubong items I brought from Cebu.

Today is a Blessed Day

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

"Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with you. Blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the Fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and unto the hour of our death. Amen."

Today, we celebrate the birthday of one of the Filipinos most loved person. Today is the birthday of Mama Mary.

We are blessed through Mama Mary because through her, the Son of God (who is God) became a human being. Through her care and love, together with Saint Joseph, Jesus Christ grew well to fulfill the tasks gave to Him by the Father.

We are likewise blessed for our Lord, Jesus Christ, gave her to us to become our own Mother. Mama Mary is our Mother and her love to us can't be surpassed by no other saints. Mama Mary continues to pray for us and lay our petitions in front of the throne of her Son.

Let us celebrate this day praising and thanking God. For in His mercy and wisdom. Let us thank Him for giving Mama Mary to us.

Where's the Pares at Pares Express?

I finished my assigned work after a few days of wandering around Camarines. So, It was time for me to go home by traveling 10 hours or more from Naga City to Manila. I went to Naga City public terminal and rode a Philtranco bus there. The day is sunny and my trip is fast but boring. I fell asleep after few minutes of watching the changing landscape outside the bus window.

I woke up when I felt that my bus is coming to a halt. We had a stopover at a small restaurant located somewhere along the provincial highway in Quezon province. It is lunch time so I joined the other passengers to eat a lunch at the restaurant named as Pares Express.

Pares is a Filipino dish that literally means “pair.” This dish is composed of beef stew and a bowl of soup that are served together with rice. I haven't tasted beef pares for a long time now so I decided to order one at this restaurant. To my dismay, I discovered that at that time Pares Express only offers these dishes:

They have menudo, afritada, eggplant cooked in coconut milk and another vegetable dish. They don't have beef pares or any variation of the pares dish. It seems like it is a pares restaurant that doesn't offer any pares dish.

Because of this, I just ordered menudo and a cup of rice, which costs at around 70 pesos. It is expensive considering that what they gave is a small plate of menudo. I can buy a menudo dish and a cup of rice in Manila for a price of 40 pesos. It seems like the owners of Pares Express took advantage of the fact that hungry passengers have no choice but to eat at their restaurant.

Pares Express is possibly one of the usual stopovers of Philtranco buses. Our bus driver and the bus conductor has a special table at that restaurant.

Pares Express also has pay toilets that passengers can use. Toilet use is 5 pesos per person.
Pares Express has toilets available for men, women and...alien?
We resumed our travel after eating lunch. I managed to relax for the whole duration of my trip and I reached Metro Manila after few hours of travel.


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Wandering Around Camarines

In the previous posts, I talked about my travel from Metro Manila to Naga City by riding a Philtranco bus. The reason that I went to Naga City is that my office sent me to do some work around Camarines.

Camarines is composed of the provinces of Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur. Camarines serves as the gateway to Bicolandia because it is the northernmost area of the Region 5. The province of Camarines Sur is famous for its patroness, Our Lady of Peñafrancia, whose feast is celebrated every September. Unfortunately, I have been busy with my work around Camarines that I failed to visit the famous Basilica Minore in Naga City. The basilica is the church where the image of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is located.

I also failed to visit tourists sites around Camarines like the Lake Buhi that is famous for tabios, which is the smallest species of fish in the world. I also failed to visit the famous Caramoan Beach.

I failed to visit the famous areas in Camarines but that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the whole duration of my stay there. I enjoyed learning about the Bicolanos and the way of life of the people of Camarines. What I like during my visit in Camarines are scenes like this:
Camarines sea

The people of Camarines still enjoy the lush environment that I miss in Metro Manila. Rows and rows of farms and plantations are present in Camarines. These scenery can still be seen even in urbanized part of Camarines like Naga City.

Another scenery that I like is the sea of Camarines that is still clean as opposed to the smelly Manila Bay.
Camarines farm
Clean sea of Camarines. Mount Isarog is at the background.
I saw a large number of jellyfishes while I cross the San Miguel Bay from Camarines Sur to Camarines Norte. Our boatman said that catching jellyfish is one of the major livelihood in Camarines. Many fishermen catch white jellyfishes, which are dried and imported to other countries.

I feel that my visit to Camarines is incomplete because I failed to immerse my self to the culture of Bicolanos. Though my stay is brief, I managed to have a preview of what Camarines is. I wish I can go back to Naga City this September and join the feast for Our Lady of Peñafrancia.