One-Nighter in Baras, Rizal: The Spectacular View in Punta de Fabian

Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

The little town of Baras is well below my travel radar. It is virtually unknown to me and I never expected to spend a day or two in this town. But there I was, marveling at the spectacular view of Laguna Lake.

View of Laguna Lake from Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

Aside from Laguna Lake, I also had a bird’s eye view of the lowlands of Baras, Tanay, and beyond.

Electric towers in Baras, Rizal

And where did I have this good view, you might ask. Well, the place is none other than the only resort in Baras: Punta de Fabian.

Punta de Fabian actually began as a private refuge of Teresita Fabian Pamintuan, who was recuperating from breast cancer. She built a simple house where she can breathe some fresh air and commune with nature. She eventually opened her refuge to relatives and friends, and finally to the public.

The simple house atop the crags transformed into a full blown resort that brags an infinity pool that have a good view of Laguna Lake.

Infinity pool of Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

Punta de Fabian is one of the few resorts in Rizal with infinity pool.

I got an opportunity to visit Punta de Fabian because of a workshop organized by the office. Apparently, the resort is a popular venue for team building and corporate events. People from Philippine Airlines were at the resort as the same day as our workshop.

Aside from the infinity pool, Punta de Fabian has another swimming pool.

Swimming pool of Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

I also discovered a maze, which is perfect for team building.

Maze in Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

I have no complaint with the room and I had a good sleep.

Beds of Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

The room is fairly clean and very spacious. It is average compared to the rooms in other hotels that I slept in.

Our Room in Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

The only weird thing that I noticed in my room is the big rock jutting out of the wall. My co-worker’s room is weirder because of a very big rock jutting out of the floor. It creep the hell out of that co-worker. 

Toiletries in Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

Punta de Fabian also has a hall, which is perfect for weddings. I bet many couples will want a photo with the panoramic view of Laguna Lake as the background.

Function Hall of Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

The infinity pool is quite enticing but I decided not to dip in the water. I was content in enjoying the spectacular view. 

Punta de Fabian View in Baras, Rizal

All in all, I had a good experience with Punta de Fabian. The hotel staff assisted and serve us well. Although the food that they serve and the hotel room are average by my standards, the spectacular view of Laguna Lake made up for everything.

The windmills of Tanay is visible from Punta de Fabian. Sadly, we don’t have time to visit them. Baras also boasts of having the oldest church in Rizal province. And then there’s the Masungi Geo Reserve. I missed plenty of interesting spots! I guess this is enough reason for me to go back to this part of Rizal. 


How to Go to Punta de Fabian

Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal

I reached Punta de Fabian by riding a Pililla/Tanay bound van at the van terminal located in front of Starmall EDSA. Just ask the driver if he will pass in front of Punta de Fabian.

I traveled for 3 hours from Starmall to Punta de Fabian.

The End of My Laag-Laag sa Cebu

After more than one year and 8 months, I am finally at the end of this blog series about my latest trips to the island of Cebu. I visited 2 towns and 3 cities. I entered 5 churches, 2 hotels, and tasted mouthfuls of yummy Cebuano dishes. I kicked off this blog series by posting about the Mactan Cebu International Airport and my one-of-a-kind experience of riding a boat along the Mactan Channel.

Before I finally end this blog series, let us a look back at the trip that was.

Monsters and Legends

I discovered in Lilo-an about the sea monster living in the cave under the town’s church. In Cebu City, That monster is connected to the legendary whirlpool that is said to appear in the sea off Lilo-an.

Mouthwatering Cebuano Dishes

Yummy talaba (oyster) from Consolacion town of Cebu

My gastronomic adventure made me taste fresh talaba in Consolacion, Chinese dishes, and the yummy lechon belly. My search for My Beloved Wife’s favorite Cebu pasalubong brought me to Taboan Market for the dried danggit and ro Shamrock for the otap and other yummy goodies.

Visita Iglesia

Minor Basilica of the Santo Niño in Cebu City

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño are my usual haunt. But for this trip I also visited the Lilo-an Church, Consolacion Church, and the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church.

This trip led me to the answer why Cebuanos call Mama Mary as Birhen sa Regla.

Iconic Landmarks

Porters Lighthouse in Lilo-an, Cebu

The colorful lighthouse of Lilo-an and the old Bagacay Point Lighthouse are Cebu’s landmarks near the sea. On the mountain is Temple of Leah, which I dubbed as a house of vanity. Located on the same barangay as the Temple is Tops Busay where I had a good view of Cebu from the mountains.

In the City, the iconic landmarks that I visited are the Calle Colon (Philippines' oldest street), Magellan’s Cross, Rajah Humabon’s monument, and the Heritage of Cebu.

Statue showing the rich heritage of Cebu

Bad and Good Hotels

Bayfront Hotel in Cebu City

I have been to hell and I have been to heaven. These is how I describe my hotel experiences in Cebu.

With a total of 5 trips, Cebu is now my second most visited province. I have been to Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu City, Mandaue City, Danao City, San Francisco and Poro in Camotes Islands, Lilo-an, and Consolacion. Sadly, that is 8 out of 53 cities and municipalities in Cebu. This means that  there are more interesting towns waiting to be discovered.

This ends my Cebu blog series. So now I am aboard a Philippine Airlines flight back home.

Another flight from Cebu City to Manila in Philippine Airlines


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