NEWS FLASH: Jesus is Alive!

Though we may not be sure of its true date, today is the day that the Catholic Church celebrates the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Easter Day is a day associated with the pagan deity Aster. The Church stamped out the pagan tradition and put the day of our GOD’s resurrection in its place.

Jesus’ resurrection is the happiest moment in the history of the Universe. On this day, the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets were fulfilled. It is a victory against Satan. The age-old promise of our GOD (read Genesis 3:14-15) after the fall of Adam and Eve came true. The bridge between humanity and GOD was restored.

Easter should focus on Jesus. But then again, just like many Christian celebrations, the focus went to other things. The Easter bunny and the Easter egg hunt stole the Christian essence of Easter. It is sad that Easter degenerated to its pagan past ---- a mere celebration of spring, of being alive again after a long cold winter.

The death and resurrection of our Lord should be remembered. Its memory must move us in striving to please Him.

Kill the Easter bunny. Throw away its eggs and celebrate instead the fulfillment of GOD’s promise and anticipate Jesus’ second coming.

May GOD guide and bless us always.


In middle of agony
A great angel came
As rare as a desert rain.