We Are Not Perfect

We are doing all the best things that we could...we are all doing the things that are within and sometimes beyond our capacity. Darn it...I'm pissed off! The Boss told us this after another failure of one of the equipments that we are using this night:


sh%t man! First you did not taught us all the capabilities of the equipment...second, we are just fresh graduates and no one should expect that we can do fieldwork on the level of seasoned engineers...and lastly is that you are not here in the field. The whole team in the field is only composed of me and my fellow fresh graduate. Don't blame us if we err...we are just beginners.

Thank God that he is still with me. I Love you my dear GOD!

(Ishmael unloading his stress after an exhausting day with backpains and increasing sadness).

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  1. Na imagine ko lang years from now you can go back from your old post like this and laugh about it.

  2. Ah...these are the days. Sobrang napaka-immature ko pa nun. Hopefully sa ngayon ay medyo mature na ako pagdating sa trabaho.


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