Two Words

I am a little bit depressed this weekend. The reason? Read my past posts and you will know why. So, I am again at that point where I am thinking of sad memories and sad future. I getting tired of it...really really exhausted by my situation, until I encountered a friendster account of one of my friendster. I read on her friendster this: "I have two words for you........MOVE ON."

A timely advice from a friend that I rarely see. Thank you very much to you. You do not know how you always make me smile everytime I received e-mail from you. Thanks for the advice (even though you do not intended it for me).

It was said that good things come from unexpected sources. That is true. Many times in my life I received beautiful things from unlikely persons. Now I received this advice from a near yet rarely seen person. Danke Schon! Life is good.

Oo nga pala gusto ko lang ipagyabang dito sa blogosphere na nanalo ang aming UP Pep squad sa 2007 Cheerdance Competition ng UAAP. Ano kayo ngayon! Go UP go. Go Pep Squad. You made us proud.

I love the UP Pep Squad.

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