To the girl who caught my heart but I do not have the power to tell,

I love you...that is true. Since the day that you and I chose me to be your boyfriend until this moment I feel an intense feeling of love to you. I know that it is me who caused our separation, I know I made you cry many times for the length of our relationship. I love you that is true. You are the only one that I think of from the moment I wake up until the moment I sleep. This feeling for you grow stronger day by day by day. I love the of you, heart, body and soul. You are the only one wwho make me smile my genuine smile. For every song I sing, for every poem I spun, I only think of you. You, you, no one but you. Because I want to share my whole life with you.

I love you, that is enough for me. I love even if you don't love me back. My love will always be here. You are my first true love.


from me,
Ishmael Ahab

Aguas de Augusta
The August rain did come,
Falling like arrows from the urban sky.
I threw away my parasol,
To feel the cold force of the water fall.
Soaked to the soul I confessed to the clouds
Of how I missed the warmth of January sun.

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  1. How romantic!:) Hey, hope you are ready with your 2nd step! You can do it! (And don't forget, I am a wedding planner)

    Good luck! =)

  2. He he he...yep I am a romantic. A hopeless romantic. Wedding planner ha. Sige ikaw na ang wedding planner ko. Ewan ko lang kung magpapakasal ako.

    Good lick din. ;-)


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