Goodbye to My GrandPa

My grandpa passed today. My Mom cried, she rarely did. She cried for her dad. Her tears falling like raindrops.

Lolo...magkikita rin tayo diyan. Ingat ka, kahit hindi tayo naging close...I want you to know that I am happy that you are my grandfather. Thank you lolo, take care diyan.

Lame Post

I've been thinking...what is lamer me or this post.

Nahhh...just thinking out loud.

I am watching again the mini-series "Band of Brothers"

I am busy again these days, as exams, projects, papers are increasing day by day by day....

My mind is still filled to the brim as usual with the thoughts of her, her and her.

I am sleepy, sleep deprived...well I am to blame, I always sleep late.

To top it all stumbled yesterday...damaged my right leg. Damn its painful.

Tomorrow the same rythm will continue, once again.

Damn, I hate lame posts!

What Will Happen Now?!

Every action starts with the first step, and that's what I did last night: I took the first step in breaking the great impasse with her. Last night I opened my communication to her. I told her what I feel about her, how I admire her.

Taking the first step in everything is one of the hardest steps that a person usually takes for every activity. Yes, I passed the first hurdle but I know that it does not end there. I know that there is more to come, and that what scares me. At this moment I feel nervous. I am nervous about her reaction to my message. My pessimistic self tells me that the worst will come, especially this afternoon. I feel doomed, like a convict that is about to be executed by the guillotine.

I am scared (a fraidy cat). What should I do? What will happen now?