Happy 400th Anniversary UST!

Yesterday, the University of Santo Tomas celebrated its quadricentennial celebration. Yep! University of Santo Tomas is already 400 years old. It is the oldest university in Asia.

The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas was established by Miguel de Benavides, who is the third archbishop of Manila.  He came with the first Dominican mission in the Philippines in the year 1587. The complete name of the university is The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines. This is a fitting name for a great university.

For 400th anniversary of UST, the Central Bank of the Philippines issued 200-peso notes that contain the “Unending Grace” logo of 400th anniversary of UST. I managed to get a piece of this special 200-peso note after some pangungulit with a friend who is studying in UST.
UST Quadricentennial on 200 Philippine peso bill

The “Unending Grace” logo was placed on 200-peso note because Diosdado Macapagal, the person depicted on the currency, is an alumnus of UST.
UST 400

Last March, UST attempted to form the largest human cross. The cross that they made was not just any cross but it is the Dominican Cross or the Cross of the Order of Preachers. 
UST Quadricentennial cross

I got a chance to visit the University of Santo Tomas this month. I will tell the story of my visit to UST in the next blog post. As for now, let me give you a photograph that I took when I visited UST.
UST 400 years

Those figures form the number 400 to signify UST’s celebration of its 400th year of existence.


Photo of 200 pesos came from Walang Magawa tumblr site. UST Dominican Cross picture came from Im Post.

Contraceptive Pills Increases Breast Cancer Risk

“The truth always comes out.” – this is the lesson that the pushers of Reproductive Health Bill must realize. Another lesson that they must learn is “the truth cannot be ignored.”

Yes, the truth can’t be ignored and Esperanza Cabral, the ex-DOH secretary, showed us that this is true. In a radio interview in DZIQ. Esperanza Cabral admitted that taking CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS INCREASES THE RISK OF BREAST CANCER.

Yes, oh, yes. That is the truth and Cabral can’t deny nor ignore it. Pro-life groups had been stating this fact for a long time now.


In the case of the mother, she will get grave side effects like breast cancer.

For the newly formed baby, it will lead to death because contraceptive pills change the mother’s womb and prevent implantation of newly formed life.

It is apt to say this:


Now, Cabral, tell us more about contraceptive pills. And please, tell the truth and don’t deceive Filipino women, especially those who are already taking these carcinogenic pills.


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Uy, May Royal Wedding Daw

Nagkakagulo ang taga-media. Hindi magkandaugaga kung ano ang dapat i-cover. Astig nga naman ang event na mangyayari sa Britanya eh. Nakatutok na daw ang atensyon ng buong mundo sa London, hindi dahil sa “London bridge is falling down” pero dahil daw sa Royal Wedding ng taon.

Yup, ikakasal na daw si Prince William at ang “commoner” na si Catherine Middleton. Napakahalaga dawn g pangyayari na ito kaya ang TV 5 nakipag-team up pa sa official channel ng Royal Wedding. Ang GMA at ABS-CBN naman nagpadala ng correspondents. Paulit-ulit ang advertisement ng kasal sa TV.

Teka lang, sino ba itong mga ikakasal na ito? Gaano ba kahalaga sa bansa at sa masang Pilipino ang kasal nila para pagbuhusan ng atensyon ng Philippine media. Bakit kailangan kong Makita ang mga patalastas ng kasal at maki-congrats at best wishes kay William at Catherine?

Sa tingin ko lang dapat hindi na nag-focus ang media sa Royal Wedding na ito. Marami pang mas mahalagang bagay ang dapat nating bigyan nang pansin tulad ng:

1. Love Life ni President Noynoy. Aba, dapat alam natin kung sinong chikabebs ang pinopormahan ng bachelor na president natin. Malay natin, nairgalo nap ala niya ang Mindanao sa nililigawan niya.

2. Pagtaas ng bilihin, gasolina, pamasahe at hindi pagtaas ng sweldo.

3. Ang hinayupak na RH Bill at yung patuloy na pangloloko ng mga nagsusulong nito sa Kongreso. Oh wait, may pumiyok pala. Si Esperanza Cabral, sabi niya nakaka-breast cancer daw ang contraceptive pills.

4. Mga pasabog ni Ping Lacson. Aba, importante ito. Actually yan lang naman Gawain niyan ni Ping sa Senado eh. Magpasabog.

5. Beatification ni Pope John Paul II. Mas importante pa ito kesa sa kasal na iyan. O sino kokontra?

6. Kung ano ang susunod na mangyayari sa Imortal. Aba, naglalaban na ang mga lobo at bampira. Ako matagal nang naghihintay na may lumabas na tiktik at manananggal. Oh wait, nasa labas nap ala sila ng TV, nagsusulong ng RH Bill.


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A Good Retelling of Rapunzel's Story

Rapunzel. Rapunzel. Lay down your hair...

That is the popular line in the Grimm's fairytale story of Rapunzel. Rapunzel is a lady famous for her very long hair. Her hair is so long that it is used by her Prince Charming to climb the high tower that serves as her prison.

In Grimm's fairytale, a farmer was caught by a witch stealing her pumpkin in her yard. The pumpkin was a special request by the farmer's wife but the witch does not care about that and she still demands repayment for what he tried to steal. In exchange of the pumpkin, the witch demanded the farmer's child once it is born. The witch locked Rapunzel, who is the farmer's daughter, inside a tower. Her hair grew long. Finally her Prince Charming came and visited her in her tower. The witch discovering his visits, blinded him in one of his visits. In the end, Rapunzel restored the prince's sight by hear tears and they lived happily ever after.

There are many things worth pondering in Grimm's version of Rapunzel's story. The first is why the farmer allowed his daughter to be exchanged with a pumpkin? Second, why did the witch exerted an effort to lock Rapunzel in a tower? What will she gain by locking Rapunzel inside that tower?

Disney's movie “Tangled” managed to address those questions in the retelling of Rapunzel's story.

Tangled began with a magical flower that grew from a part of the sun that fell to the ground. An old woman discovered the magical flower and it is using it to restore her youth by singing to it. A good queen, who is pregnant, fell ill and there is danger that she and her child might die. All the soldiers and citizens of the kingdom searched far and wide for a cure. They discovered the magical flower and they uprooted it and made a concoction that healed the queen. The queen birthed a girl with a blond hair and she was named Rapunzel. The old lady want to retrieve the magic of the magical flower and she discovered that the magic transferred to the hair of baby Rapunzel. She kidnapped Rapunzel, locked her in the tower and acted as her true mother for the sake of keeping the power of her magical hair for her sole use of keeping her young.

Tangled “explanation” to the questions of Grimm's fairytale is logical and is good enough for me.

And that's not the good part. What I like with the movie is the way the story flows. The singing portion of the movie is not cheesy and I like their beat and relevance to the movie.

My favorite part is when Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder is in the middle of the sea and surrounded by a host of lanterns.

The ending of the movie is also good because I didn't expect the twist at the end. I don't want to spoil the ending for you, dear reader, so I suggest that you watch Tangled to know the ending.

Just like in Grimm's version, the Rapunzel in Tangled lived happily ever after.


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The Lord is Risen!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we celebrate the resurrection of our God, Jesus Christ.

Finally, the promise of our God in the Old Testaments, through his prophets; and the words of Jesus Christ were fulfilled. Jesus Christ died on the cross, descended to the dead and on the rose again on the third day. The power of death over man was finally destroyed and those who have faith in Him was given life through his resurrection.

Here's a story originating from the former Soviet Union that is fitting for our celebration of the Feast of the Resurrection:

It was Easter, but since religious persecution was at its height, the churches were closed and anti-religious propaganda was in full swing. A Soviet officer came to a village and ordered the entire population to the go to the village center, where he harangued them about the "scientific" proofs that there is no God.

Finally, an old man spoke out. He was the village priest, who for a long time had been prevented from exercising his ministry among the people. He asked to be allowed to say a few words. The smug Soviet official, confident that the old man can do no harm to the atheist cause, let him go to the front of the people so he can speak.

Upon arriving at the front, the old priest simply said, "My people, Christ is Risen!"

First, there was an uneasy silence. Then, an old woman croaked back: "Indeed, He is Risen!" A few voices followed, "Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!" Before long the entire crowd was singing the great Paschal song of the Eastern Churches: "Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!"

The Soviets, alarmed, arrested the old man, and he was never seen again. But he had struck a blow against atheism that won't be forgotten for a long, long time.


May this day be the start of our true conversion. May we also rise up and reject our sinful ways so that we will be worthy to stand in His presence when the time of His reign comes to this world. May we also be as brave as that village priest, standing up and proclaiming to the people that Christ is risen and make people be joyous to His great VICTORY against death.

Have a blessed Holy Sunday to all of us!

Let us be Closer to Our GOD this Holy Week

Yesterday is Palm Sunday, the day when we celebrate Jesus Christ's triumphant entry to Jerusalem, which is also the beginning of Jesus Christ's passion. Yes, we are now in Holy Week, the week when we must do our very best to improve our relationship with our God.

In contemplating the passion of Jesus Christ, St. Pope Leo the Great has this to say:

True reverence for the Lord's passion means fixing the eyes of our heart on Jesus crucified and recognizing in him our true humanity,

The earth - our earthly nature - should tremble at the suffering of the Redeemer. The rocks - the hearts of unbelievers - should burst asunder. The dead, imprisoned in the tombs of their mortality, should come forth, the massive stones now ripped apart. Foreshadowings of the future resurrection should appear in the holy city, the Church of God: what is to happen to our bodies should now take place in our hearts.

No one, however weak, is denied a share in the victory of the cross. No one is beyond the help of the prayer of Christ. His prayer brought benefit to the multitude that raged against him. How much more does it bring to those who turn to him in repentance.

Ignorance has been destroyed, obstinacy has been overcome. The sacred blood of Christ has quenched the flaming sword that barred access to the tree of life. The age-old night of sin has given place to the true light.

That was lifted from Sermo 15, De passione Domini, 3-4: PL 54, 366-367


Yes, our focus for this day and, I hope, for the rest of the year, should be on our God crucified on the cross. Jesus Christ died for us. Even though He is God, He love as so much that He took our death and destroyed it through His death on the Cross and He gave us new life in His ressurection, three days after His death.

My brothers and sister, let us not remove our focus on Him. Let us not, even in a moment, to let our sinfulness overcome our love to Him that is sprouting in our hearts. May this Holy Week be the week of transformation for all of us.

Let us deepen our faith in Him. Let us offer this whole week for Him. It is time for us to have a deeper and meaningful relationship with our God, Jesus Christ.


Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!

The words from St. Pope Leo the Great was lifted from Father Jojo Zerrudo's blog, Sense of the Sacred.

Image obtained from I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page.

The Handicraft Caravan

One morning, as I rush my way to work, I happened to see this:

That is a photo of a big bull pulling a big cart of handicrafts. I am surprised to see this because I do not expect to see a handicraft caravan in Metro Manila. That is why I never hesitated to take a picture of this.

When I was a child, caravans like the in the picture is so common. Every summer, farmers place their handicrafts and other products inside a big cart to sell to different parts of Luzon. They sell brooms, baskets made of rattan, sepak takraw balls, and other products made of rattan and other materials that can be found in the farm.

Now, it is quite rare to see such caravans. Maybe the reason for this is that many of the farms in Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna and Cavite were all transformed into subdivisions. Also, I think that only few people buy farm-made handicrafts that is why many farmers are not that motivated to make and sell handicrafts.

At least some farmers still make handicrafts and bring their products to Metro Manila. The handicraft caravan is still, somewhat, alive.


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How the RH Bill Will Waste Taxpayers' Money

I found an insightful video from I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page showing how the Philippines Government will waste billions of pesos just by distributing "free" condoms if the Reproductive Health Bill become a law (I certainly hope not).

Here is the video:

It was assumed that around 12 million Filipino married men can demand condoms if the RH Bill became a law. Old men are already removed in the figure and according to census, there 15 million married men. It was also assumed that a piece of condom costs 5 pesos. It was also assumed that a married Filipino man will get 3 condoms per week plus during other special events like birthday, promotions, etc.

Doing some simple multiplication, the government will spend a whopping 9 BILLION. That is 9 Billion on condoms alone and sexually active single men are not included in this figure. Aside from that, RH Bill will also require the government to distribute "free" birth pills, IUDs and other contraceptive tools.

What a waste of money. 9 Billion will go a long way in helping the agriculture sector. That's where the money should go.

The manufacturers of condoms will be laughing at us, the Filipino people, once the RH Bill is passed. They will laugh like the turkey at the end of the video while they are sitting on our hard-earned money.

To understand more about the RH Bill, I suggest that you visit Filipinos for Life website.

Women Speak Out: The Medical and Legal Truths on the RH Bill

Defensores Fidei and The Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord invites you to:

Women Speak Out: The Medical and Legal Truths on the RH Bill

Speakers are Dr. Lucille Montes and Atty. Cristina Montes.

This will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord, from 2 PM to 4 PM. The Chapel of Eucharistic Lord is inside SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.


It is a good venue to learn more about the RH Bill so that you will understand the medical and legal implications that will result from the RH Bill.

Pro-Life Poems on Abortion

Thoughts of a Troubled Mother

This pregnancy is giving me so much stress
I've made a mistake; I've made a huge mess
Since I'm not ready to suffer the consequences
To abort my child is the only option, I guess

It's my body, it's my life, I should be free to choose
People may not agree, but I have my own views
If I take away the life of an unborn, what is there to lose?
I believe that not being ready is a reasonable excuse

It's okay if my own child I decide to kill
Anyway each of us are given free will
At least I'll have one less obligation to fulfill
At least I'll have one less mouth to fill

This has been such a huge burden on me
If i continue this, I will no long be so happy
Sickness, weakening, discomfort brought about my pregnancy
If i continue this, I will no long be free

It will be pointless to let my child live
Because there is absolutely nothing i can possibly give


Reply to Thoughts of a Troubled Mother

Dearest mama, I'm sad to see you so troubled because of me
But I hope you will allow me to see the earth's beauty
Please mama, take me home, and let me be a part of your family
Where I will experience abundant joy, love, and harmony

Choose me, mama; allow me to grow in your womb
Nourish me with love; please don't let this be my tomb
You may be scared and worried, I can easily assume
But let me live, mama, in this world there's so much room!

I am precious and beautiful; I am not filthy mud
I am meant to be this perfectly bloomed rose, though I'm still a bud
What don't you understand, mama? I am more than just blood
I am already being formed in the image of our Loving God

Let me live even if there are countless worries, it may seem
Let your love flow to me like a free-flowing stream
I have so much potential in me, I am capable of living my dream
So open your heart, open your ears, mama; listen to my silent scream

Listen to me carefully, mama, please hear my plea
Accept me, love me, and respect my dignity
Ask for guidance, mama, that you will clearly see
I am meant to be with my Creator someday for all eternity

Mama, I hope you understand how much I love you
It's an immeasurable kind of love that i assure you is true
I am a treasure, a gift, a blessing; I will make your life new
Please give me this chance, mama; I hope you love me too

Mama, I do not need power, fame and abundant money
Love me wholeheartedly, mama, it's enough for me


This poem are penned by my friend, John Juat. Hope that you like it. And I hope that you share it.

Good in Nursing Uniforms

I had a friend who is just took her oath as a registered nurse this year. Finally, after many years of studying and few months of reviewing for the board examinations, my friend finally is proud to wear hear nurse uniform and her nurse cap. When she wears her nursing uniform, she looks like a different person. Wearing a clean white uniform adds to her stature. I believe that nursing uniforms make nurses look better. Their uniforms add to their look.

Aside from the white nursing uniforms, there are also other uniforms that a nurse can wear depending on where she is assigned. One day, I chanced upon a shop that sells custom made scrubs. The shop has many scrubs that are in different color. My favorite nursing scrub would be the one in the color of sky blue.

As of this year, many just took their oath as registered nurses just like my friend. Many of them will look for uniform for nurses. There are many shops that sell such kind of uniforms for the new nurses around the country.

The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman

Nobody Owens is not a nobody. Actually, he is the only living person living inside the old graveyard of Old Town. He is the only living person being cared for the the ghosts, the inhabitants of the graveyard.

After his family was murdered by a mysterious person, Nobody Owens grew and live all of his life inside the graveyard. He created an uproar amongst the ghosts when he came to the graveyard. The ghosts don't want to let him stay in the graveyard because he is not dead yet. However, with the help of the Owenses, his guardian Silas and the Grey Lady, Nobody Owens was allowed to stay.
One of great images in The Graveyard Book.

The Graveyard Book is the first Neil Gaiman book that I ever read. I never know anything about Neil Gaiman but I heard that he has so many fans here in the Philippines and many people are praising his literary work. After I read The Graveyard Book, I understand why Neil Gaiman is highly praised.

I like The Graveyard Book because my interest is sustained as I read. There are so many mysteries that Neil Gaiman concocted in this book that kept me going. One mystery is the death of his family and their murderer. Another mystery is Nobody Owen's guardian Silas, who leaves the graveyard looking and doing “something.” Another mystery is the tomb underneath the hill, which is older than the oldest ghostly inhabitant of the graveyard.

The ghostly characters in The Graveyard Book are also interesting. I like the way Gaiman describe each ghostly character. Ghostly characters are appended with what is marked on their grave's headstone just like Doctor Trefussis (1870-1936, May He Wake to Glory).

In the last chapters, Neil Gaiman successfully resolved all the mysteries in the book. The reason of the murder of Nobody Owen's family, his association with the ghosts, his guardian Silas and the mysterious murderer were all tied up into one great ending.

Too bad that there is no sequel for The Graveyard Book. It will be a great series if Neil Gaiman will write sequels for The Graveyard Book. It will be much better that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.



Flooring Services for Your Home

Floor, roof, walls – these are the essential parts of a house. Remove any of the three then your house is incomplete. Roof is important because it protects you from the elements like sunlight and rain. Walls have the same function as the roof but it also gives homeowners some privacy. Floor, on the other hand, help homeowners in having a clean house by preventing dirt and water from seeping in from the ground where the house stands.

This is the reason why homeowners should not ignore the importance of the floor of their house. When building a home, it is necessary that homeowners consider what kind of flooring that they want. They can opt for a wooden flooring, concrete flooring and marble flooring. Each kind of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide, I believe that it is good if you consult a Floor company because such company has their own experts in dealing with flooring problems.

When I start building my own home, I will give the flooring of my house an importance. I have visited many houses that have floors teeming with cracks. There are house with uneven flooring because the house owner let an inexperienced handle the flooring jobs.

So, if you are building your house, I suggest that you give its flooring the same importance as what you give to the roof and walls of your house.

Remembering the Bataan Death March

Tomorrow, the Philippines will celebrate "Araw ng Kagitingan" (Day of Valor). It is the day when the whole country celebrates the fall of Bataan during the Second World War. It is also a day set aside to commemorate the unsung heroes of that World War who perished in the Bataan Death March.

Right after the bombing of the US Naval Station at Pearl Harbor, the Philippines was attacked by the Japanese forces. The attack surprised the Philippine Commonwealth and many towns easily fell to the invaders. President Manuel Quezon, General McArthur and other high officials of the Philippine Commonwealth flee the Philippines and left many American, Filipino and Chinese soldiers fighting the Japanese, especially in Bataan.

When Bataan fell to the Japanese, thousands of Filipino, American and Chinese soldiers were forced to march for 140 km (90 miles) to ride on rail cars in Camp O’Donnell. This forced march is the infamous Bataan Death March where hundreds of soldiers died because of heat, dehydration, hunger and atrocities by Japanese soldiers. According to Wikipedia, about 5,000 to 10,000 Filipino soldiers died during the Bataan Death March. About 600 to 650 American soldiers during that forced march.

During my visit to Limay in Bataan, I chanced upon this marker along the highway:

Markers like the one in photo were placed all along the highway in Bataan. These markers mark each kilometer that the Filipino and American soldiers endured during the Bataan Death March. The marker above shows that I am about 20 kilometers away from the place where the soldiers started the Bataan Death March.

In honor of the Filipino and American soldiers who fought and died during World War Two, the Philippine Government built the Dambana ng Kagitingan on Mount Samat, Bataan.


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Read about a good anti-RH Bill video in the previous post.

Photo of the Dambana ng Kagitingan is taken from WikiPilipinas and taken by Aileeen.

A Good Anti-RH Bill Video

I saw a good video regarding the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) In the I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook fan page. Here is that anti-RH video:

The Anti-RH Bill video may be banned by YouTube so in the case that it is banned, please watch the video at Gloria.Tv.

The video pretty summarizes the points against the RH Bill.

This video talks about the following points:

1. The Philippine Constitution protects the life of both the mother and the unborn. Thus it is unconstitutional to pass a law that will endanger the life of both the mother and the unborn. Most contraceptive pills that are being promoted by the RH Bill cause cancer, which threaten the life of women. Also, these pills are aborticafent, which means that it prevents newly conceived child from being implanted to uterine wall and results to the death of the child.

2. Life begins the moment the sperm and egg cells unite. This is the fact verified by the Philippine Medical Association.

3. The RH Bill is being pushed by people and organizations that have racist agenda, specifically by the white supremacy groups. Leading pusher of the RH Bill is Planned Parenthood, which is the leading abortion provider in USA. The founder of Planned Parenthood is a racist and aimed to reduce the number of “inferior races.”

4. Increased in the use of contraception leads to increase of abortion rates. This is verified by Guttmacher Institute and Planned Parenthood, both of which are pro-abortion groups.

5. Planned Parenthood is associated with the local organizations that push for the RH Bill, like Likhaan. With notoriety of Planned Parenthood with regards to their abortion business, it is not fartfetched to think that Likhaan will also push for an abortion bill in the future.

6. The RH Bill will lead the Philippines to Demographic Winter, which is a situation wherein there are very few babies being born and the current generation is ageing. This is the situation faced by Japan, Korea and European countries that passed their own versions of the RH Bill in the past. These countries have few young people supporting a large number of old people. Thus, these countries rely on immigrants to keep their economy running.

Those are the few points raised in the video regarding the RH Bill. I hope that you watch and share the video to your friends and family. Let us inform our kababayans regarding the evil of RH Bill.

To know more about the RH Bill, I suggest that you visit the Filipinos for Life website. To view more videos about the RH Bill and Pro-Life issues, visit the IORTHB Youtube page.

Speak up against the RH Bill, join the I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page!


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Luneta Park Dancing Fountain

In the previous post, I talked about the Anti-RH Bill Prayer Rally that I attended at the Quirino Grandstand. After the prayer rally, I and my friends walk through Luneta Park or Rizal Park to reach the buses along Taft Avenue. While we walk, I noticed something weird at Luneta Park. No, it is not the people who sleep at Luneta Park. What I noticed is this:

Well, that is just a simple fountain at Luneta Park, which is boring. However, when the night falls at Luneta Park that fountain transforms into:

Yeah, those fountains at Luneta Park become sprays of light during the night. And that's not all because the fountain "dances" and follows the beat of music being played all over Luneta Park. I enjoyed watching the fountain of light "dance" to the tune of Pyramid by Charice.

The dancing lighted fountain is an added treat at Luneta Park and I suggest to visitors of Luneta Park to look at the delightful fountain.


Finally! A Domain Name

After long weeks of waiting, I finally set-up the new domain name of my reviews and tips blog. From the free domain name provided by Blogger (which is blogspot.com), my Ahab Reviews and Tips blog now has a .com for its address.
Ahab Reviews and Tips
Now it is www.ahabreviewsandtips.com

Circumstances are working against me as I set Ahab Reviews and Tips to custom domain. There is an instance when I can’t register the custom domain in GoDaddy because the browser in my laptop is not working well. There is an instance when I got stump because I can’t use my PayPal account to buy the custom domain because it requires me to verify my account by using a credit card or debit card. Because of this, I was forced to apply for a Unionbank EON Card just to verify my Paypal Account.

After all the hassles, I finally bought and set-up my new custom domain. Now it is time for me to get serious in this blogging business and earn as much money as my idol Bluedreamer.


Visit Ahab Reviews and Tips and read how to apply for a Unionbank EON Card.

Good Logo Equals Good Business

In the previous post, I talked about my officemate who just started her business. As I had said, she already had a domain name and hosting for the website of her business. All that she needs are contents for her website and the marketing strategies that she can use for her business.

Another thing that I told her is the need to have a good logo for her business. I told her that a good logo can easily catch the attention of prospective clients and may make them contact her. I told her that she may opt to get logo designers for her business and there plenty of talented logo designers that she can ask for help.

One thing that she could do is to look for talented and trustworthy logo designers online. There are plenty of such companies that offer logo design services and you can count on them to help you brainstorm and put into drawing the logo that will fit perfectly for your business.

So, if you are starting a business like my officemate, I suggest that you also think of a good logo design that will catch the attention of prospective clients. Also, hire logo designers that will enhance the logo that you thought or help you think of the logo that will fit you business.

Available Marketing Strategies

Yesterday, I talked with one of my officemates and she told me that she is planning to start her own business. She said that she already bought a domain and subscribed for Internet hosting of her business’ website. All she has to do now is to fix the lay-out of her website and populate her website with contents. She said that she has loads of work to do for her business and she is just starting with the technical aspect of her business and not yet considering the marketing side of her business.

To help her in her business, I told of some of the things that I learned through my three years of blogging. I told her about marketing strategies that I used for my blogs like using the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I also told her how to target specific key words and also told her how to find profitable key words that are related to her business.

I also told her about other marketing strategies that I never tried of using like the opt in email marketing. My officemate is just starting out her business because she believe that she need to have a business to be successful in life.