Anak ng Papi!

Senate...keep your hands off from the hello Papi scandal. Damn, the Senate has many work to do and the senators should not waste time by having an inquiry in aid of legislation about the cheating issue in the show Wowowee.

Nak ng Papi naman oh! After the Ultra Stampede, our boob tube is again bombarded by another issue about Wowowee (which is a crappy show, btw). There seems to be cheating in one of their contests wherein Willie pulled out two numbers. one of the number is zero and the other is number two which signifies 2 million pesos. The incident created an issue that there is a cheating on the show. ABS-CBN said that it is just a technical glitch. After watching the video of the incident, I am convinced that there is really cheating, that what happened is not a technical glitch.

Currently the issue revolves around the fight of words between Joey de Leon and Willie. the top honchos of ABS-CBN are excellent tacticians. They engineered their media to focus the issue not on the real incident but on the word war between the two noontime show hosts. Now, Wowowee scrambles two keep their TFC viewers from leaving them.

There are news that the senate will investigate the matter. Wot the hell! Why don't they let the Department of Trade and Industry to tackle the issue.

In the end, I say that Wowowee should be removed from the air and ABS-CBN be punished in its crime in the Ultra Tragedy and now in cheating the contestants and breaching the trusts of their viewers in general. Willie should be imprisoned by inciting the poor people to swarm in Ultra by giving false statements and untruths.

In the end, we viewers must show our strength by saying to these media establishments that we want intelligent programs. The bastards, all they care for is their profits.

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