Of Red Ribbon Bakeshop Cake and Year 51

Last last week, my dad celebrated his 51st birthday. Though, he may not admit it, he is getting older and older. And that’s not all, after few more months; he can be legally called as lolo (grandfather). But before you think of anything, I will clarify that I will not be the one who will be giving my father his first grandchild. It is my older sister, who will give him either a bouncy baby boy or baby girl.

It was a much simpler celebration, as compared to my sister’s 18th birthday. We have no visitors and my mom just cooked spaghetti for the whole family. To add more birthday-ness to the event, we decided to buy him a cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop (I am a “suki” of Red Ribbon Bakeshop). I did not bother checking the cakes from Goldilocks since I think that their cakes are not as good as the cakes from Red Ribbon Bakeshop at almost similar price.

My Beloved and I chose Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s bestseller, which is the Black Forest.
Yummy Red Ribbon cake.

I like Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s Black Forest for its dark chocolatey goodness. It has chocolate toppings and chocolate flavored chiffon bread. The chocolate is good, but what makes me “dislike” this cake is the cherry filling inside it. The cherry reminds me of the cherry flavored-medicines. Aside from the cherry filling, the cake is also topped with sliced cherry fruits.

For me, eating Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s Black Forest is not like eating a cake but drinking some cherry-flavored cough syrup. All in all, the cake is great and it is very well to be Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s best seller. The cherry works well with the chocolate flavor and makes the cake smell good. I guess I am just “maarte” (picky) that’s why I did not enjoy eating this cake.


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  1. heypi berthday lolo. ayoko ko rin ng goldilocks. masyadong matamis :) (o baka ako lang yun)hehehe

  2. Belated happy birthday to your father...black forest is my favorite cake of RR hehehe...

  3. @Mots:

    Hindi mo rin pala type masyado yung Goldilocks ah. ^_^

    Ako kasi sa tingin ko mas yummy ang mga cake sa Red Ribbon.

  4. @Jag:

    Thanks sa pagbati. ^_^

    Gusto mo rin pala ang bestseller ng Red Ribbon. :-D

  5. Happy birthday naman kay daddy :-)

    di ako mahilig sa cake buti pa spaghetti :D

  6. @Lord:

    Ayaw mo ng cake? Bibigyan pa naman sana kita nitong....mmmmm...masarap....na...cake na ito. ^_^

    Thanks sa pagbisita.

  7. Happy Birthday to your dad. Gosh...he's a lot younger than me. The cake certainly looks nice. Yum! Yum!

  8. Thanks for the greet STP. :-)

    Yes...the cake is yummy. Red Ribbon is one of the best cake shops in the Philippines.

  9. Red Ribbon cakes are undoubtedly better than Goldilocks cakes. In Goldilocks, they use commercial flour, I think so after a day na hindi pa nauubos yung cake, nagiging sticky na sya at hindi na masarap kainin.

    I don't like their Black Forest too. I'd go for Chocolate and Dulce De Leche.

  10. cough syrup? kadiri naman... though yeah.. a lot of people are going crazy about rr's black forest. ewan ko.. hindi ko matripan. i like goldilock's cake more. ang tamis kasi unlike red ribbon... parang kulang sa lasa. hahaha

  11. @HalfCrazy:

    I already tasted Dulce de Leche and it is so sweet! It made my teeth ache.

    Dulce de Leche is not my fave, maybe I'll go for chocolate cakes or I'll try the Ube cake.

  12. @Tine:

    Ah...you are a Goldilocks lover.

    I have nothing against Goldilocks, I just like Red Ribbon better.


  13. Ako, kahit na ano.. Red Ribbon.. Goldilocks. Kahit na yung bi-nake (bi-nake??) na cake ni Aling Dang2 na kapitbahay ko.. okay na sa akin. Basta bah, libre. Nyahaha!!! Nagpapalibre lang ako. Mahal rin kasi ang mga cake ngayon. Kuripot pa naman ako.. LOL...

    Pero kung pagpipilin talaga, sa Goldilocks ako. Mas gusto ko kasi yung matamis... =)

    Anyway, belated happy birthday nga pala kay Lolo.. este, Dad mo pala. =)

    Dumaan dito, nagbasa at nagkomento. Gandang gabi. =)

  14. Ahahaha...dalawa na kayo ni Tine that prefer Goldilocks. ^_^

    Mukhang masasarap yung mga pinagsasabi mo ah, lalo na yung kay Aling Dangdang. ^_^

  15. Of all brands pinakagusto ko talaga Red Ribbon. The best.

  16. @Raffy:

    Yeah! Walang binatbat ang Goldilocks. ^_^


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