New Finds, Good Finds

Last last week, I read Ate Claire's message on my chatbox.

In the message Ate Claire said, “hi, ish! i've got a Lovely blog Award for you ..”

And true enough, I found her post wherein she tagged me for this award:
One Lovey Blog Award

Thank you very much Ate Claire. ^_^

According to the rules of this award, I have to pay it forward to 15 bloggers who have blogs that I have discovered just recently. So, to keep the ball rolling, I am giving this award to the following bloggers:

Tine -
Poorprince - Poor Prince
Jag - Kaleidos
Mommy Tots - Mommy Tots
Sikoletlover - Moshi Moshi Anone
Unnamed Psalmist - Mga Kathang Isip ni Kiko
Jen - Ako si Jen
Rommel Diamante - One Acre of Diamond
Axl - Axl Powerhouse Production

I am giving this award to these bloggers as a way of saying that they have great blogs that are worth visiting. This is also my way of saying “thank you” to most of these bloggers who spent their time dropping by my site.

By the way, CoolnWeird’s blog is not new to me. I just re-discovered it last Sunday. I found out that I failed to include her blog on my Google Reader, so I am not notified if she has updates for her blog.

To everyone on this list, I want to say: “Thank you for the good blogs posts. Keep it up!”


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  1. Congrats. You deserve it. Lovely blog...and such a nice blogger too!

  2. Wow! kasama ako salamat! congrats din sa award hehehe...more power! :)

  3. @Jag:

    Oo nga no. Kasama ka nga. :-P

    Bago ka pa kasi sa panlasa ko eh, kaya kasama ka dito.

    Salamat sa pagbisita.

  4. Ayeeiii!! Napasama ako.. Salamat. =) And congratulations na rin.. for having a lovely blog and being a lovely blogger.

    World peace. =)

  5. wow im so flattered by this recognition gheeeh thanks for including me
    i really appreciate this

  6. gheeeh you deserve it buddy you really do keep up the good work

    for sure there's more to come

  7. Congrats sa award! have a great week!

  8. you really deserve this my friend
    you have the loveliest blog ever made,...
    anyway,,, have you received the package??

  9. na-touched ako. :)))) thanks kuya ish... i'm pretty sure kaya mo binagay sakin yan dahil sa layout ko ngayon. it's soooo girlie. hahaha basta thanks for always mentioning me here. :p will post that award in my next update...

  10. salamat! weee. katats naman. patawad ngayon ko lang nabasa

  11. Yay congrats sa award na natanggap mo. You really deserves it dude XD

    Nga pala, napansin ko na nawala na dun sa top ten commentators mo yung name ko... nagde-delete ka ba ng past comments? XD

  12. congrats! and....

    arigatou for the award :) tats... gusto ko tuloy umiyak haha joke

  13. @Leah:

    You are welcome! ^_^

    Lovely blogger...haha...girl na girl. :-P

  14. @Poorprince:

    You are welcome. You really deserve this.

  15. @Bluedreamer:

    Thanks Blue.

    I will not be telling about the package coz I want you to see it in my next post.

    But since you asked...yes I received it.

    Thank you very much Blue. The Capiz box is really nice.

  16. @Tine:

    Haha! Girlie talaga. :-P

    Oo, super girly nga yung layout mo ngayon.

  17. @Mots:

    Welcome. ^_^ Late mo na nabasa? Ok lang....

  18. @Fiel-kun:

    Salamat parekoy. ^_^

    Ay...oo nga no. Bakit ba bigla ka nawala?

    Hindi ako nagde-delete ng comments parekoy.

    I guess, may connection iyon sa nagyari sa site mo. Nakaka log-in ka na ba?

    Noong bumisita kasi ako eh may lubas na warning. Sabi na untrusted or dangerous yung website mo.

    May nilagay ka bang bagong widget? Baka may virus yung widget na iyon.

  19. @Sikoletlover:

    :-P Hetong tissue. Haha...salamat sa pagbisita.

  20. Congrats for the award! Hey how come I'm not in the list? Haha! Just kidding : )

  21. Haha...sorry foong. Included in the list are newly found blogger friends.

    You already are one of my long-time blogger buddies.


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