Waiting at Alphaland Southgate Mall

When I was working in a bank, I always see an unfinished building in the corner of EDSA and SLEX beside Magallanes MRT Station. That building was now transformed into an office of Alphaland Corporation, with a small shopping mall attached to it.

I am always curious to see what’s inside of that mall.

Last month, I got the chance to visit this mall and to see what is inside of it. Well, first Alphaland Southgate Mall is small. I guess it is one of the smallest malls that I visited in Metro Manila. Though it is small, the mall is not that crowded. There are many stores inside the mall like Jollibee, Chowking, Mang Inasal, Teriyaki Boy, Tapa King, and Binalot. The grocery shop in this mall is the Super 8.
Alphaland Southgate Mall is connected to MRT.

On the second floor of this malls are tiangges and other small shops that sell un-branded clothes, sunglasses and other items. Small food booths could also be found on the same floor.
Clothes for sale. Though I think you can’t bargain.

The best thing about this place is that the CD-R King there is not crowded, unlike the ones found in other malls.
The not so crowded CD-R King.

So that’s Alphaland Southgate Mall. There is nothing much to see inside that mall and my curiosity was quenched.


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  1. nako un lang pala laman nun? parehas tayo.. nacucurious din ako pag nadadaan un.. kala ko naman like mga bonggacious ung stores sa loob. sakto lang pala. :D

    i love cd-r king. haha.

  2. Haha...oo nga eh. Kala ko kung anong meron dun sa mall na iyon. Buti na lang at nalaman ko na.

    Loves mo Cd-r King? Ako may bad experience sa kanila eh.

  3. Waah! parekoy alam ko yang place na yan. Madalas akong dumaan jan dati nung nagwowork pa ako sa Pasong Tamo Ext., jan sa Magallanes. Galing, ganyan na pala ang itsura nyan ngayon ^_^ Sobrang namiss ko na yang place na yan!

  4. Hey! No photo of the eating places and the food??? LOL!!! Doesn't look like it has a lot of business...

  5. I heard Philippines has a lot of malls. I guess this is one of the not so successful ones?

  6. Well, yeah, most of the malls are in the urban areas. Especially in Metro Manila where malls are located everywhere.

    Well, the Alphaland Mall is just new that's why maybe it is not that successful yet.

  7. @Fiel-kun:

    Yeah, yan na siya ngayon. Hindi na siya yung white elephant na building sa kanto ng expressway at EDSA.

    Buti nga at inayos na nila yan at nang napapakinabangan at hindi rin sakit sa mata.


    Sorry about not having pictures of food here. I forgot to take photos of food during my visit on that mall. I am busy eating. ^_^



  9. Thanks for sharing this link Mr Anonymous.

    You have a novel idea there.


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