Where is that Grandfather Clock?

I could not recall clearly, but I have a hazy memory of a big clock inside the living room of my grandfather’s house. That is when I am just a little kid and it is the first time I saw a clock that big. I remember then that I am amazed by that golden colored thing that swings back and forth like our “duyan” (swing) that was hanged from a guava tree in our backyard.

Growing up, I came to know that that big clock was called as a grandfather clock. Is that clock meant for grandfathers that’s why it was called as grandfather clock? I don’t know but what I do know that that grandfather clock is not there anymore.

When I start building my own family, maybe I will consider buying my own grandfather clock. Maybe the howard miller grandfather clock will fit what I want for a grandfather clock.

Maybe, when I already have my own grandsons and granddaughters, their mind will be impressed by a big clock that I will place in my own living room. Then their mind will wonder about that non-stopping swing of the bright and golden pendulum.

I remembered my grandfather’s grandfather clock and I want my grandchildren to also have a memory of their grandfather’s grandfather clock.

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  1. Reminds me of the song: My grandfather's clock... Ya...if anyone has kept theirs and handed down from generation to generation, it would be every valuable now - a real antique.

  2. Yeah STP. Grandfather's clock and other antique items is very valuable not only because of age, but also of history and clan history that it brings or associated with.


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