Perfume Gift for Christmas

Christmas is almost a month away and I am sure that money people are now thinking of what kind of gifts they should give to their loved ones. I am sure that many are now planning where to buy their gifts.

Malls and department shops are now prepared to the Christmas rush that will come this December. Christmas bazaars and booths are now springing up like mushrooms in many places. Divisoria, that one busy market in Manila City, will be busier this time of the year.

What are the gifts that you could give to your loved ones? Of course there are the usual toys, dress, pants, shoes, cash gifts, and the like. You could also give them something more expensive like a car, jewelry, a yacht…but those gift ideas are for billionaires.

My suggestion is why you don’t give your love ones a unique kind of gift. A gift that they will remember you once they smell it. Yes, I am talking about perfumes. Perfumes are a nice gift idea for Christmas Season.

Perfumes have different kind of brands. There are different varieties. There are different scent like rose and strawberry. There is a stocking stuffer perfumes. And there is so much more and you could easily purchase those in the malls or in the Internet.

Consider giving perfume as gift and I am sure they will like it.

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  1. Huling bakasyon ko yan ang pasalubong ko, Gucci na worth $80, di ko pa tinanggal ung price tag para makita nya, ayun!parang wala lang lolzz di rin kasi mahilig sa pabango eh :D

  2. My missus will always buy me perfume for Christmas, birthdays, Father's I have a lot in stock. LOL!!!

  3. tyak magugustuhan kasi mahal yun hahaha.. :) Merry xmas! gift ko? lol

  4. @Lord: Haha...di umubra yung gift mo. ^_^

    Baka iba yung type na gift.

  5. @STP: Hahaha...many stocks of perfume eh. You could start a perfume business. :-)

  6. @Jag:

    Pwede na yung Aficionado Perfume? Galing yun kay Lord of Scents.

  7. gheeeh why not buy perfumes for gifts well di nmn siguro offensive sa kanila un hhahahah

  8. i'm actually planning to buy perfumes for my hubby and in-laws too :)

  9. @Poorprince:

    Haha! Tama ka jan. Perfume gifts are nice.

  10. @Mommy Claire:

    Hmmm...maganda yan. :-) Especially if they like the scent.

  11. Wish I saw this earlier but anyway I am so interested to this kind of perfume I love it.



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