Still Lost

Supposedly, when you reach the age of early twenties (I am now 22), you already have a clear-cut goal in your head. A planned path that you will take to reach that goal, especially when you already finished schooling and were thrown in the real world outside the realm of academics.

Apparently, I am lost. This the realization that dawned on me in the last months of my college life and being felt more profoundly these days. I am lost, yes, but I am not a loser ---- no not yet. Yes, I already finished college without so much of the academic wounds. Yes, I am already an engineer and gained my license with flying colors. I successfully kept myself from becoming a bum by jumping from one job to another. I started from a low paying but exciting job, transferred to a higher paying but boring one, and now to another job that makes me feel uncertain.

Now, at this moment that I thought that I had gained many great things, I began to feel that I am losing most of the good things in my life.

I am lost, and losing. The only thing that is keeping me sane is the fact that I still can keep my depression at bay.

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