Blogging Tips: Email Hosting, Paid Hosting and Free Hosting

Last week, my friend in Facebook sent me a private message asking me about how to start a website. My friend is quite clueless in starting a website or starting a blog. She said that it she is not the one who is planning to start a website. Her friend wants to start a website or blog for their Facebook group.

So how could you start a website, or a blog? There are many ways that you could do it. But first, you must consider the things that you want to see on your planned website. For my friend’s website, since it was a site for their Facebook group, then she must consider a website that fosters interactivity among the member of the group. Chatbox, chatroom, and other widgets that promote real-time interactivity are needed.

Also, you must consider the webhosting of the site. You could opt for a free webhosting from Blogger or Wordpress or get a paid webhosting so that you could get a .com domain for your planned site. You could also consider email hosting, which are available to some hosting providers in the Internet.

Like what I said to my friend, if you are starting a website, you must plan very well so as not to waste you money, effort, and time.

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