Prayer for the Departed

Dear God,

I believe that You are a loving and merciful God. I also believe that you do not consider death as the end but rather as the gateway to eternity. Therefore, oh Lord, I pray for my beloved relatives and friends who already fell asleep. I pray that You cleanse them from their transgressions and free them from the chain that prevents them from flying towards You.

My God, You love all human beings and truly desire that all of us will join You in Your kingdom for eternity. I pray for my grandfather and grandmother, whom my mother loves and misses the most. I pray for my aunt, who is the first one to take her rest among her siblings. I pray for three uncles, who have been a good father to their children. I pray for my niece, who left her parents in her infancy. I pray for my grandmother, whom I just met just for a few times but is a sweet and loving grandparent to her grandchildren.

Finally, I pray for all our departed love ones. May their souls bask under the sun of Your undying mercy.

I also pray for those of us, who are still alive, that we may continue following the righteous path that You had laid before us.

I pray this in the name of Jesus the Lord, together with the Holy Spirit.



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  1. magkahawig ba tayo? heheh parang

  2. Lord, May all of these that Ish is praying for will happen in your own dear time and will. We thank you for all of the blessings you shower with us, keeping us safe and healthy.

    All to our Almighty God, Amen.

  3. may all souls finds their way to god

  4. @Mots:

    Magkawig sa mukha? Hindi, mas gwapo ka. ^_^

  5. @Jag, Steve, Prince:

    Thanks for praying with me. :-D


    naalala ko tuloy ung homily ni father last sunday (yeah nagsimba ako. hahaha) ayon nga... na parang kaya lang naman may mga ibang bagay na andito pa sa mundo like mga souls etc. eh dahil humihingi lang sila ng prayers...gaya neto! ^_^

  7. Thanks Tine, STP, and Anney.

    God bless you all.


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