In the Little City of Fremantle

I can't help but compare Fremantle City with the cities found in the Pokemon world. Fremantle City, just like many Pokemon cities, has large swaths of vegetation. Fremantle City successfully balanced nature and man-made structures. What's missing, though, is the presence of Pokemons and that's a little bit disappointing.
Fremantle City - Pikachu is disappointed

I went to Fremantle for a short seminar. Of course, I didn't pass the opportunity to know more about the place.

Fremantle City is in the state of Western Australia and is located at the mouth of Swan River. It is the first area along the Swan River occupied by British colonists led by Captain Charles Fremantle. It served as Western Australia's major port during the 19th Century to early 20th Century.

What I like in Fremantle City is that it has clean surroundings and fresh air. The heaps of trash that I'm accustomed to is absent. Trees abound, which makes the city pleasing to the eyes. Fremantle City has plenty of old buildings and the good thing is that they are well-preserved and well-maintained.
Fremantle City old buildings
Well-preserved 19th Century buildings along High Street as viewed from the Round House.
Night shopping is unknown in this part of the world. I discovered this the hard way when I looked for a plug adapter because the electric socket in Fremantle City is different from the electric sockets in Philippines. Therefore, I couldn't charge my cellular phone. Unfortunately, shops are close very early and only few are open beyond late afternoon. The only good news is that restaurants and food shops are all open until evening and many of them are packed with people.
Fremantle City - Australian eating out

There are many places to see around Fremantle City and my handy “tourist's guide book” pointed me to many interesting places in the city and these are the Fremantle Prison, The Esplanade, The Shipwreck Galleries, the Round House and the city's historical wharf. I will talk about these places in next blog posts so please watch out for those.

There are other places in Fremantle City that are worth the visit. One of that place is the Fremantle Markets
Fremantle Markets in Fremantle City

Fremantle Markets was opened on 1897 during the height of Western Australia gold rush. It has over 150 shops that sell vegetables, meats, fish, groceries and other items. Fremantle Markets is the best place to buy souvenirs. I bought the kangaroo stuffed toy for my niece as well as other pasalubong at this place.

Located in the middle of Fremantle City is the newly restored Fremantle Town Hall. The building is a good background for photos.
Fremantle City town hall

Did you notice the “black bird” insignia located below the clock? That insignia represents the Black Swan, which is inhabits the length of Swan River. Black swans are quite important to Western Australians that's why they are well protected. They are even present in the flag and coat of arms of Western Australia.
Fremantle City - black swan
(Source: Wikipedia)
Fremantle City is well connected to other parts of Western Australia. Tourists can travel by bus to go to places around the city. The City of Perth can be reached by riding the train at Fremantle Railway Station, which is a fine example of Victorian railway architecture.
Fremantle City railway station

My seminar in Fremantle City of Western Australia is too short. I did not got the chance to see the wonderful wildlife parks in the vicinity of Fremantle City. I even failed to see the sights in Perth nor visit Rottnest Island.

Well, at least I enjoyed my stay in the city and my tour somehow filled the cravings of the traveler/blogger in me.


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