Should I Play on the Stock Exchange?

My boss has a sideline and that sideline is trading and playing in the Philippine Stock Exchange. According to my boss, buying and selling stocks is both risky and fulfilling. He said that it is fulfilling in the sense that stock exchange makes his mind off in the stress in the work. Studying the trends in the stock exchange also makes his the analytical part of his mind working.

My boss encourages me to play in the Philippine Stock Exchange. However, I am hesitant because I still have much to learn about how to play in the stock exchange. Some of officemates are already playing the stock exchange. Others are so cynical about the stock exchange that they refuse to grab the opportunity in buying and selling stocks?

Now, I am thinking of which side I must join. Looking at my boss winnings in the stock exchange, I believe that it playing the stock exchange is profitable. However, stick exchange is not for the lazy people and for those who are afraid to take risks. Playing the stock exchange requires continuous study and observation of daily events, not only the news in the business sector but also the news around the country.

Playing the stock exchange also requires having the person some kind of foresight. The stock player should know when to buy and when to sell at the right moment. The stock player should know if he should use option trading or not. The person should know if the trend would go up or go down.

Should I play the stock exchange? Maybe I should. But first, I must study and observe to assure that I win.

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  1. No!!! Unless you are not working and can sit there and analyse...when to go in and when to pull out! Otherwise, it's a losing game... Don't gamble with it.

  2. You have a point there. Playing in the stock exchange requires a lot of time, effort and guts.

  3. the returns of stock exchange for minute investments, i mean not by the hundreds of thousands, are not that attractively inviting considering the effort of getting "preoccupied". constant monitoring, thinking and risks plus sensationalizing. the stock market is not a substitute for income in terms of minor investments. i mean you could get an additional job or something and still have greater compensation. if you're not after profit, then go ahead by all means.

  4. Thank you for leaving your ideas here Anon.


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