It is Good to be Insured to be Sure

“It is good to be insured to be sure.”

Those are what my colleague said while we are waiting ii line at the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). He says that having insurance gives the person lesser worries. Be it insurance for your car, property, and even for your funeral – those insurance programs will be helpful to you.

However, many people have qualms in getting insurance. One of the reason is that many of them had to undergo strenuous application. Insurance companies will have stringent policies for accepting members. Many of the insurance companies demand ITR and other financial documents. Some insurance companies have strict policies when it come to medical or health issues of the person applying for insurance programs.

Because of these strict policies, many people do not get insurance that might help them in the times of dire needs or when an emergency occurred.

To address these issues about insurance, there are companies that offer policies that are less stringent than the regular insurance companies. There is an insurance company that offers No Exam Life Insurance. Also, there are other insurance companies that are not strict when it comes to financial documents.

So, if you are looking for an insurance company, you can consider checking insurance companies that are not strict but are reliable in assuring your insurance.

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  1. It is really good to be insured Ish, especially to those poeple who work in the dangerous fields!:)

  2. mabuti na ang secured...insured...

  3. TAMA! mabuti na ang secured! haha super help talaga yan! alam ko si daddy nagapply na din. :)

  4. TAMA! mabuti na ang secured! haha super help talaga yan! alam ko si daddy nagapply na din. :)

  5. i believe this is the one you were telling me? an example of opp? haha ayos.. medyo gets ko na. i tried applying but my site doesn't have any page rank yet. =(

    oh well... sa mga cars ko lang naririnig yang insurance na yan. lol. may tropa kasi akong nabangga tas kinwento nia kung pano nagwowork ung mga insurance na yan. :p

  6. @Steve, Jag, and Ren:

    Thanks for the visit. ^_^

  7. @Tine:

    Yes. This is an Opp.

    Ay ginanun ka? Well, medyo strict ang mgas ganyan sa mga website na tatanggapin.

    You have to increase PR first before getting accepted.

    This is the reason why I prefer writing in English to reach out to more readers.


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