5 Hotels in Mactan Island and My Attempt to Find a Place to Sleep

Tourists in a tight budget will have a hard time looking for a place to sleep in Mactan Island. As in my case, I had a hard time looking for Mactan hotel that is affordable but still a suitable place to stay. However, for those who have the budget, there are so many hotels and pension houses to choose from in Mactan Island. Some of the hotels are located near the airport. There are some that are located near downtown Lapu-Lapu and more accessible to shops, restaurants, and public transportation that are going to Cebu City.

Here are some of Mactan hotels that were included in my canvass:

GV Hotel

Address: G.Y. Dela Serna St., Poblacion, Lapu-Lapu City
Telephone Number: (032) 340-3017 and (032) 495-4388

Looking at the website of GV Hotel makes me smile. The rooms that could be found in the GV Hotel in Lapu-Lapu City are a far cry from the rooms that they are showing their website. The GV Hotel in Mactan Island is at least three levels higher than the apartelle that could be found in Quezon City. However, I am not complaining. This is the place where I stayed for the whole duration of visit in Mactan Island. GV Hotel is affordable but is a nice place to sleep to. It is also in the Lapu-Lapu City’s poblacion or town center.

Each room in GV Hotel have its own bathroom that have shower, an air-condition, and a cable TV. The place is clean and secured. I leave some important things to my room but none of them were stolen or lost. You could request for room cleaning without additional fee. Heater and hot shower can only be found at deluxe rooms. However, Mactan Island’s weather is quite warm that you do not even need a hot shower in wee hours of the morning during the coolest season in the country.

The hotel personnel are nice and approachable, but do not expect them to wear the attire that is found at their website. For tourists that are in a tight budget, I recommend this hotel. In December, GV Hotel offered the promo rate for their hotels, which I gladly availed. I am not sure though if the promo rate is still being offered.

For me, GV hotel is the best of the cheap Mactan hotels that I found.

Mactan Pension House

Address: M.L. Quezon National Highway, Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City
Telephone: (032) 340-5524

This is the second affordable Mactan hotel in my canvass. It is located in the highway and is accessible to the Lapu-Lapu town center and the airport. Transportation to Cebu City is just outside the pension house.

The rooms in this pension house are fully air conditioned, with hot and cold shower. Every room also has cable TV and telephone in every room. Mactan Pension House also offers breakfast room service and laundry and pressing service.

Hotel Cesario

Address: M.L. Quezon Highway, Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City
Telephone: (032) 340-0211
e-mail: welcome@thebellavista-hotel.com

Hotel Cesario is the first Mactan hotel I saw when I came out of the Cebu – Mactan Airport. I saw their service vehicles for fetching their visitors from the airport. Hotel Cesario is on the same highway as Mactan Pension House and also near to city center of Lapu-Lapu City and the transportation to mainland Cebu.

The hotel offers free airport transfers, room service, and fax and photocopying services. The room rates are inclusive of the Buffet Breakfast for two persons at 1565 Café and free use of swimming pool at Bella Vista Hotel. 1565 Café and Bella Vista Hotel are just beside Hotel Cesario.

Amenities include fully air conditioned and carpeted rooms with direct dial telephone system. All rooms have cable TV. This hotel accepts all major credit cards.

Best Suites Hotel

Address: APP Building II, Quezon Avenue, Lapu-Lapu City
Telephone: (032) 236-9999
e-mail: bestsuiteshotel@yahoo.com

Best Suites Hotel has air conditioned fully furnished bedroom suites with hot and cold shower. Each room have cable LCD TV, broadband internet access, PABX telephone system. For security, they have a 24-hour CCTV security cameras. They also offer laundry and dry-clean services. Best Suites Hotel is a Mactan Hotel that has its own coffee shop.

The Regular and Best Suites have two single beds and kitchen.

Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino

Address: 1 Airport Hotel, Lapu-Lapu City
Telephone: (032) 340-4888
e-mail: wahc@waterfronthotels.net

Waterfront Hotel is the best Mactan hotel that I saw during my visit to Mactan. It has the best rooms and the best amenities and, of course, the least affordable. Because of this I did not took a canvass for this hotel. This hotel is located right inside the Mactan – Cebu Airport and is just few steps away from the airport terminal.

Waterfront Hotel offers internet connection for every room. It has a swimming pool and a café inside the hotel lobby. It is beside the Casino Filipino and there is also a KTV bar for those who are aching to have nightlife at Mactan without going away from the hotel.

For room rates, visit the Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino website.


This post is the second part of my travels in Mactan Island.

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  1. you go out a lot! good for you! keep doing this positive stuffs, ish..

    1. Thank you very much. :-)

      Yeah, if I got a chance then I do go out to acheive my goal of travelling the different part of the country

  2. i never had a chance to travel in far places... i hope someday... makatravel din ako,,,, takot kasi ako sa barko hehe

    1. Syempre you will have the chance to travel too. Malay mo sa ibang bansa agad yung mapuntahan mu.

  3. Hi there! Hope you will have a great year this 2010.... just dropping by here to greet you... Happy Monday!
    From a blogger mom,

    1. Thank you for dropping by. Happy New Year to you too. :-)

  4. Did your room have that nice view of the city? Nice place for a less-expensive price!

    I'm looking forward to visiting Cebu in time for a friend's child's Christening. She's from Mandaue. She said I'll stay in her place but in case I got lost or something these hotel information you posted would definitely be of much use.

    I'm sure you had a fun time.....

    making me jealous...

    I mean, staying in Cebu. :)))

    1. Haha...don't worry TIN. You won't get lost in Cebu. It is less complicated and smaller than Metro Manila and I am sure your friend will help you out if you are lost.

      Well, if that do happen, I hope that the information on this blog post will be helpful to you. But I pray that you will not be lost or something.

      Happy trip to Cebu. Regards to your friend. I'll pray for her child this night. :-)

  5. Thank you! She'll need it. She's anxious since it's her first pregnancy. :)

    1. Ah...first pregnancy pala.

      Yeah, there are always mixed feeling pag first time.

      Mas kailangan pala niya ng prayers. I'll pray both for the mother and the child.

      May God give them protection.

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  7. @CDO News:

    I have visited the site that you posted.

    It is a nice site. I will check your site if I got the chance to visit CDO.

  8. Thanks for sharing this! This post is really informative. I'm looking for an affordable hotel in Mactan near the airport and this post has helped me a lot. :-)

  9. You are welcome my Lovely Life. I am glad that my post is able to help you look for Mactan hotels.

  10. Yeah, this site Cagayan de Oro News is very helpful, because i was able to visit all the great spots in Cagayan, you guys should visit there. I really have a great time there, it is not so costly:) ,the best experience i have is the water rafting. WohOOo! want to try it again when i visit CDO.

  11. Hi! This post helped me a lot when I was planning my recent trip to Cebu. Because you recommended GV Hotels, I tried booking online on http://gvhotels.com.ph. It was a pleasant enough experience, just as you said. :D

    I subscribed to the email listing on their site too & I received an email saying to watch out for the piso room sale they're having soon. You should definitely check this out!

    Thanks again & keep blogging!

  12. You are welcome Gale. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Cebu.

  13. Ok lang yun no. Just visit according to your will and your time. Every visit you make is greatly appreciated.


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