Buying Your Shoes? Go to Marikina!

My almost-three-year old hiking shoes finally retired. A true-to-the-bone cheapskate that I am, I kept on using (almost daily) my hiking shoes since my boss in a-small-private-firm bought it for me for our project in the landslide area in the town of Saint Bernard in Southern Leyte.

My old hiking shoes climbed the mountains of Leyte, visited the rolling hills of Bataan, walked the streets of Cebu, and endured the hundreds of kilometers walk around Metro Manila. It is not surprising that it will end up in a miserable condition. But I liked it, so when I looked for new shoes, I went back to River Bank Mall in Marikina City to buy the same brand and model of hiking shoes.

Too bad, the UCLA brand of hiking shoes are gone. So I had to find another brand of shoes and this caught my eyes.

This is a steel-toed high-cut shoes made by Vagono. Vagono is a local Marikina shoes company. This shoe caught me by its being steel-toed. I am excited to use it to hold-uppers and my “enemies.” Imagine hitting their groins with steel. ^_^

Marikina is a good place to buy your shoes. Especially if you are looking for shoes made of leather. If you are looking for a rubber shoes, then it is better that you go to the malls and buy some Nike or Adidas.

There are many shoe-stores in Marikina Palengke (Market), which is located across the Marikina Sports Center. One section of Marikina Palengke is dedicated to shops of local shoemakers of Marikina. That is where I bought my charol leather shoes that costs around 500 pesos.

So, if you are looking for good leather shoes, I suggest that you do your shoe-buying at Marikina, the shoe capital of the country.

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  1. the safety shoes looks nice. Pag gawang marikina maganda ang quality tested na yan. Mabigat ba siya?

  2. Yup! basta gawang marikina talaga naku matibay talaga! hehehehehhe... naks! bagong shoes oh... burger naman dyan! hehehehheheh

  3. Matibay ang gawang marikina! Natuwa namn ako dun sa steel-toed high-cut shoes mo! hehehe!

  4. @Diamond:

    Mabigat po yung steel-toedsoes. Pro carry naman. Type ko naman yung mabibigat na shoes eh. Pampataas ng talon. ^_^

  5. hahaha cool! namangha ako dati nung first time kong makakita ng safety shoes... indeed the end of it is really hard because of steel. lol.

    never been to Marikina. maybe it'll be a good place to shop. =p

  6. @Xprosaic

    Burger? Naibili ko nang sapatos yung pang-burger eh. :-P

  7. @Anney:

    Haha...natuwa po kayo. Thanks po sa pagdalaw.

  8. @Tine:

    Oo astig ito. Masarap pang-sipa. ;-P

    Hindi pa halatang steel-toeskaya ok naok pang gulat.

    Yung maganda lang naman sa Marikina ay yung mamili ng leather shoes. Yun ang main product nila eh.

  9. I can't wear leather shoes - my feet will hurt so badly.

    I just bought a new pair the other day before I went to KL - PVC (rubber) but made to look like leather. Usually softer, would not hurt...but not very lasting for everyday use - 3 months or so only. But they hurt so badly...that I had to take them off and use slippers instead everywhere I went in KL and even when flying home.

  10. I really have confidence for Marikina for it always didn't disappointment when in comes to shoes issues.

    I am just sad that most Filipinos today buy China made shoes which are disposable, although mura, the quality is still aren't there!

    I love this Pinoy topic!very....

    Nice shoes anyway Ish, i actually invest more on shoes "It takes you to beautiful places"

  11. @Suitapui:

    Your feet hurts? Then, wearing comfortable rubber shoes is better for you.

    Thanks for the visit.

  12. @Steve:

    Yes, that is saddening indeed. Filipinos are known to purchase foreign made products even if local made products are of the same quality or better quality.

    I hope this mindset change.

    Yep,Marikina's shoes are great.

  13. marikina shoes are really world class thumbs up marikenios thumbs up filipino

  14. @Poorprince:

    Yeah! Thumbs up for all Marikina shoemakers. ^_^

  15. @Claire:

    Oo nga eh. Hehe! Makntab talaga. ^_^

    Merry CHRISTmas!


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