Halloween is Coming!

September is the month that ushers in the season that we Filipinos call as the “Ber” months. The start of the “Ber” months is the unofficial start of Christmas Season in the Philippines. As of now, morning TV shows already started the countdown to Christmas Day.

However, before we reach Christmas Day, we have to pass through a nightmare. Not the nightmare that you have whenever you sleep but the nightmare and horror that is celebrated during the Halloween Season. Halloween is just a recent celebration adopted in the country but that does not mean that this season is a dull one. Halloween is a good time to scare people with scary costume and horrifying stories. Some people even use Halloween as an excuse to show up in the craziest costume they could ever think of, especially the amazing cosplayers around the country.

Halloween Season is costume season. It is the best time to crank up your mind and think up of a great Halloween costume that will amaze your friends on parties and happenings. There are many ideas that could be found in the Internet. You could buy costumes from malls and you could even spice up your scary attire by using some Halloween Contact Lenses .

So, before thinking of your Christmas list, maybe you should think of a good costume to celebrate Halloween. Remember, it is only once per year when you walk around in costume without anyone thinking that you are out of your mind. Advanced happy Halloween!

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