Hainan Chicken and Roasted Duck

Before one of my friends flew to USA, he decided to treat me for a free lunch. Of course, as a person who likes free food, I gave his treat a go. Since we are in Binondo area and we are sated with the food from the fastfood restaurant, we decided to look for a Chinese Restaurant and this is the restaurant that we found:
Golden Fortune Hongkong Cuisine

It is my first time to dine in a Chinese restaurant in Binondo. I have eaten in Chowking but that restaurant is not a real Chinese restaurant. Golden Fortune is a nice place. It has courteous and attentive crew, which made me give them a generous tip.

My friend and I both ordered a meal of one cup of rice with Hainan Chicken and Roasted Duck.

I can’t recall the price of my Hainan Chicken and Roasted Duck meal but it is will not exceed 100 pesos. I first ate the roasted duck and I find it tasty. That is not bad for my first taste of roasted duck. I guess the cooking is right and it is still juicy. I did not event use any sawsawan (dip) for my roasted duck.
Hainan Chicken and Roasted Duck

My friend first tasted the Hainan Chicken and he commented that it tasted like Tinolang Manok without sabaw (broth). For those who doesn’t know, tinolang manok is a dish made by boiling chicken meat then adding papaya, chili leaves, and spices. I agree with him that the Hainan Chicken tasted like that. In the future, I might not order another Hainan Chicken.

I enjoyed eating at Golden Fortune. I’ll go back there to taste their roasted duck and taste other Chinese delicacies.


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  1. parang gusto kong itry yan ah ahihi~
    really di nag exceed sa 100 yung Hainan Chicken and Roasted Duck
    so affordable pala ahihi~~

    (ayan kalat na ang anonymous virus)lols~

  2. Wuy, I love chinese retaurants! mukhang masarap dito sa Hainan ah. Alam mo din ba yung Ma Mon Luk sa may Banawe? naku da best din yung mga Chinese foods nila dun ^_^

  3. Hala Unni. Pati dito nag-anonymous commenter ka. :-P

    Huy...baka mahawa yung ibang readers.

    Oh, yes. It is quite affordable. Unlimited rice pa yan.


    Araw-araw kong nadadaanan 'yang Ma Mon Luk parekoy pero hindi ko pa nasusubukan kahit kailan. Siuro pag tsambang bumaba ako duon eh subukan ko yung food nila dun.

  4. 100 pesos will be around 7 Malaysian riggit. That is quite reasonable for a classier Chinese restaurant like that...and you were given so much meat. May be cheaper at the coffee shops here but we do not get so much meat. Yum! Yum! I love duck!

  5. @Suitapui:

    Wow. Really? There is more meat that was given for me in that restaurant? Then that means that the price there is so reasonable, and to think that it is unlimited serving of rice.

    I love the duck too. I would go there to eat another roasted duck.


    Craving for the roasted duck?

  6. I also like free meal. Next time I go Philippines, will you treat me to a free meal? : D

  7. Oh! You have Chinese restaurants in Philippines!! I love hainan chicken and roasted duck! Yummy!!! If you ever come visit Malaysia, I can bring you to lots of Chinese restaurants! : )

  8. A free meal eh? Hmmm...al right! You have one free meal from me Foong. ^_^ I will await your visit here.

    Haha...we also have lots of Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines, especially in Binondo in Manila.


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