United in the Defense of Life

The Feast of the Annunciation is one of the important feast of the Church. The feast commemorates the moment when Mary say “yes” to the will of God and let the Holy Spirit conceive a life inside her womb. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, was conceived unto this world when Mary said “yes” to God in her full obedience to God.

That is why the Feast of the Annunciation is the opportune time for those who value life to say “yes” and stand up for life. I am also one of those who said “yes” and joined thousands of Filipinos who values life and reject the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill). I answered the call of the Church to send a message to our legislators that Filipinos do not want the RH Bill.

Right after my work, I went directly to Quirino Grandstand, where the prayer rally is being held. While I am walking at Rizal Park, I saw many people who are also walking to Quirino Grandstand. What caught my attention is this:

There are so many people that attended the prayer rally. Many of them are priests, nuns and seminarians.


However, majority of those who attended that prayer rally are the lay Catholics who stand by the teachings of the Church regarding sex education; contraception; and sanctity of life, body, marriage and family.


The so-called “Reproductive Health” Bill does not really address the issue that it purports to solve. Its solution to poverty in the country is by reducing the number of poor people via “free” distribution of contraceptive tools like IUD, contraceptive pills and condoms; which diverts funds from important developmental projects for the agriculture sector, tourism industry and the education sector. The RH Bill’s solution to maternal death is by giving women tools that will prevent them from conceiving a child but will give them health complications. It is a known fact that many contraceptive pills causes breast cancer and the increase of incidence of that kind of cancer is blamed on the increased use of carcinogenic contraceptive pills. Also, other contraceptive tools like IUD rust inside the woman’s reproductive organ and cause health problems.

There are many questions that the congressmen pushing for the RH Bill that can’t address and it makes me wonder why they are rushing it in Congress without considering the medical, scientific and economic facts that are surfacing from various countries around the world that adopted similar bills or laws. Large numbers of studies contradicting the provisions of the RH Bill are just out there but the legislators pushing the RH Bill ignore those things and continue in rushing this bill.

I can only pray to God and ask intercession from Mary and Joseph for the non-passage of this bill.


For more information about the RH Bill, visit the Facebook page of I Oppose the RH Bill. Also, visit Filipinos for Life for a better article about the March 25 Prayer Rally.

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  1. Kailangan manindigan at ang ating mambabatas sa kung ano ang tama.Di masasagot ang problema ng ating bansa sa mga ganitong klase ng batas. Education ang kailangan ng mga tao para maunawaan ang kung ano ang dapat nilang gawin. hindi ang mga ganitong short cut.

  2. @Diamond:

    Come to think of it, yeah. Our government and even majority of Filipinos ay gusto nila ng shortcut na sulusyon.

    Akala nila na ang RH Bill ang sulusyon pero ayaw nila pansinin na ang katotohanan na mas gagawin nitong malala ang kondisyon ng bansa.

    Hindi ba tayong magbago at subukan naman nating ang mas mahabang daan na may long lasting effect at magtuturo sa mga tao na maging responsable sa kanilang mga buhay?


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