Recycle or be Damned

One night, I saw the TV show of the comedians Maverick and Ariel in TV 5. The show is "Ang Totoo TV" and they went to the town of Morong in the province of Rizal to visit a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) there. MRF is a facility where garbage are processed before they even reach the sanitary landfills. In this facility, garbage are sorted into biodegradable, recyclables, and other.

In the garbage of Morong, the recyclable materials; like plastic, tin cans, metals, and bottles; are collected by the MRF personnel and sold to junk shops. Biodegradable garbage like, spoiled food and plants materials, are crushed and then turned to fertilizers which will be given for free to the farmers.
Neverending garbage
Too much garbage...

The policy of the town of Morong to recycle their garbage should be used as a model of the cities in Metro Manila. Everyday, tons of garbage are generated by Metro Manila and these garbage are being dumped to nearby towns of Rizal. The sad thing is that the citizens of Metro Manila don't care about the garbage that they generate.

Another sad thing is the used electronic gadgets that are thrown away as garbage. These type of garbage have chemicals that may poison the environment. It is no easy task recycling electronic components. Good thing that there are companies that can handle such task.

The problem on waste management is a serious matter and the country has haphazard system in managing its garbage. I hope that the MRF in Morong be copied by other towns and cities to protect our environment.

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  1. Yes...we must do our part, no matter how small. All the natural disasters in the world nowadays - scary! Recycle...

  2. You are right Suitapui.

    Most of the natural calamities that we are experiencing now is caused by our irresponsibility in caring for our environment.

  3. Napanood ko to nung isang gabi. Sobrang kinulit lang ng dalawang kumag yung mga nangangalakal ng basura sa Morong lols.

    Kawawa naman ang bayan natin. Ginagawang tambakan ng basura >_<

  4. Haha...napanood mo rin pala tong dalawang ugok na ito?

    Oo nga eh parekoy. Mismanagament ang problema dito at yung ugali nating hindi matipid at pagiging makalat ang nagpapalala ng problema natin sa basura.


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