Looking for Halloween Costume?

It is already just one month and few weeks before Halloween and people are already preparing for the Halloween Season. In the radio yesterday, I am hearing plans for Halloween parties, which is announced side by side with the reminders of the upcoming Oktoberfest. Because of these, many people are now looking for Halloween costumes that will make the jaw of their friends drop due to amazement.

Looking for a perfect Halloween costume is not that hard. Ideas for Halloween costumes abound in the Internet. You could even get ideas from cosplayers and impersonate anime or cartoon characters. Even walking around malls will give you ideas for Simple HalloweenCostumes because they are already selling Halloween costumes this early.

Of course, dressing up like one of the monsters in the folklores is still the best way to go. You could act like a werewolf, a ghost, or even a vampire from Stephanie Meyer’s books. Even impersonating singers and actors, and actresses is accepted for the Halloween Season. Thus, it is alright to wear costumes a la Lady Gaga. You could even resurrect Michael Jackson together with his minions his movie “Ghost.”

There are many ideas out there and if you let your creativity free then you can create a costume that will make you the winner of your “Halloween Party’s Best in Costume Award.”

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  1. perfect ish, i;m gonna start my kids' halloween costumes real soon!! i think my kids would love to be the Titans this time.. :)

  2. Titans!? Wow. Those are nice costumes. I am sure papakita mo yan sa iyomng blog. Aabangan ko yahn.

  3. Mag ti- trick or treat kami sa oct 31 kaya kailangn na bumili ng halloween costume next week. Syempre di para sakin hehehe! Para sa pamangkin kong si ykaie.

  4. I'm so fat...I think the best costume for me would be the pumpkin - Jack-o-lantern!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. @Anney:

    Haha...I thought you will be the one trick or treating. ^_^ Well, I will be seeing ykaie's costume on your blog. Aabangan ko rin yan.


    That is nice. Then those who are trick or treating will be given pumpkin juice or pumpkin soup.

  6. wow it will be fun to wear creepy Halloween costumes

    hmmm since theres this "twilight saga"
    going on try to do a unique vampire costume

  7. Wow! I guess because of the Twilight Series, vampire and werewolf costumes will be a hit.


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