Of Siomai, Wantan Noodles and Dining at Chowking

My beloved is sick for five days but still she went to Ortigas last Friday to attend a seminar for her work. After the seminar, she felt worse and has high body temperature (a clear sign of fever). Before going home to Laguna, she asked for a “masabaw” (soupy) lunch.

I took her to Chowking at Starmall Ortigas. We both ordered Chowking’s Beef Wantan Noodles. I also ordered some siomai to compare Chowking’s siomai with the siomai sold at the stalls inside the LRT/MRT stations.
Beef Wantan Noodle of Chowking.

Chowking’s Beef Wantan Noodles is just like a more expensive version of Lucky Me! Instant Beef Noodles. However, Chowking’s noodles are thicker than that of Lucky Me!’s and more al dente. It is quite al dente to the point that I thought that the noodles were not fully cooked. Chowking’s beef wantan noodles have big chunks of beef meat and two pieces of siomai-like food, which I believe was the wantan.
Of course, my beloved left her food unfinished. :-)

The beef wantan noodles of Chowking are not bad and I think that I will eat that if I drop by Chowking again. What I don’t like about Chowking’s beef wantan noodle is the Chinese pechay because they included the stalks of that vegetable. They should have removed the stalks and just left the pechay leaves.
Oooops…only two siomai left.

Chowking’s siomai is not as good as the ones I buy at Siomai House located in the MRT/LRT stations. Chowking is unreasonable for its siomai that costs 39 pesos with just 3 siomais. Siomai House’s siomai taste better and only cost 25 pesos for four siomais. If you are craving for siomai, don’t go to Chowking but visit the siomai stalls because their siomai is better.
Siomai is better at Siomai House.


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  1. SHIOMAI dude sarap nyan hahha
    i like it fried lol

  2. May fried siomai? Ngayon ko lang narinig yun ah. I will try it next time.

  3. ayun oh my beloved nman pala~~pero sick.
    honestly i dont like chinese soup noodles hahahaa,,,,
    panalo talga sa lasa ko ang korean hahhaa,,sus mi ang ingay ko nanaman,,,
    chowking's siomai is a nono for me,,,di cya masarap ...


  4. Hi Anonymous Unni. ^_^

    Ayaw mo pala ng noodles? Masarap naman ah. Parang Lucky Me! Instant beef noodles.

    Tama ka. Mas masarap pa yung binebenta sa mga siomai stands sa mga sidestreet at train stations.

  5. Never had beef noodles with wanton - here they may add the beef tendons and the stomach...and beef balls, together with the slices of meat.

    The sio mai...or what we call siew mai (in Cantonese) or sio bee (here in Sarawak in Hokkien dialect) looks the same as ours...but dunno the taste. We have lots everywhere but many are simply not good.

  6. The siomai that we have in Siomai House is quite good. The siomai there has pork and shrimp.

    It is popular because many people line up just to buy their siomai before they go ride the train.

  7. i remember my dad now. he likes eating those masabaw food in chowking.. which i hate. hahaha. i mean un nga.. kasi mahal tas parang wala namang special dun. :p

    ...though the siomai, nako mag-aaway tayo dun. hahaha. coz i think chowking's siomai tastes better. manamid-manamis kasi eh. un nga lang.. it's expensive plus it's small. sa php25 sulit and busog ka naman na sa siomai house. :))

    i hope your beloved feels better now.

  8. Yeah. She feels better now Tine. Back to work na nga eh.

    Manamis-namis na siomai? Eeeew... :-P I prefer the original non-sweet taste. Naalala ko tuloy yung siopao nila na halayang ube yung laman. Di ko type.

    Yeah, I agree. They do not have something special sa Chowking. Pero masarap pa rin kumain dun paminsan-minsan.

  9. Favorite ko ang mga noodles ng Chowking saka yung Chao Fan fried rice nila.

  10. Chao Fan fried rice? Hmmmm...masarap nga 'yan. ^_^


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