Postcards around Davao Gulf

I was browsing through my collection of photos in my external hard drive, when I chanced upon the folder of my first visit to Davao. It is almost three years since my first visit to Davao and I am missing it so. I miss its delicious fruits. I miss its crystal clear seas. And of course, I miss the ambience of Davao with its nice and friendly people.

I had my great luck during my first visit to Davao. This is because I got the chance to visit all the parts of Davao Gulf, thanks to a mapping project. We traveled on a banca (boat) from Davao City following the coast down to Sarangani Islands to the West. Then from Davao City to the Southernmost part of Davao Oriental, wherein we were rocked by the extreme waves of the Pacific. Samal and Talikud Islands also did not escape our visit. We even stayed a night at Kaputian in the City Samal.

Davao Region is a place of great food and interesting places. I hope to come back to Davao soon. But for now, I’ll just be content with the photos I shot and collected around Davao Gulf:
 Starfish aplenty in the seas of Davao Oriental

I love Davao Oriental’s pristine seas that are alive with corals and many marine animals. Our fisherman friend told me that I could bring the starfishes to Manila. I pitied the lot of the starfishes so I returned them to the sea after taking some photos.

Large fishing boat in Davao del Sur
 The two towers, Davao del Sur

I always pass by these two trees whenever we go to the southern part of Davao del Sur. I dubbed these two as the “Two Towers.”

In the town of Don Marcelino or Jose Abad Santos in Davao del Sur, you will encounter these walls “protecting” the land from invaders.
Dugong tower. New Argao, Davao del Sur

Dugongs are still alive in Davao Gulf and the people of New Argao are working hard to protect them. This Dugong Tower is used to observe the dugongs. Luckily, we saw one dugong while we are on this tower.
Cape San Agustin, Davao Oriental

This is my favorite photo. This is my proof that I reached the southernmost part of Davao Oriental and met with the Pacific Ocean. This is the Cape San Agustin Lighthouse.

These are some of the photos that I took when I visited Davao. I do hope that I get more photos when I return them someday.


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  1. Nice photos, Ish! I wish I could go to Davao. The farthest I've ever been was Marinduque. lol. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow! You already visited Marinduque? I want to go there. Marinduque is very "dear" to me. There is a place there where all measurement of lands are referred from.

  3. Beautiful starfishes!! The Two Towers? Haha!! Oh, so u have dugongs there? Interesting! I wanna go Davao Gulf! : )

  4. Indeed we have Dugongs here but I just only saw one. Citizens of New Argao told me that there are still sea grasses in their area that's whay dugongs keep on returning to their place.

    Oh please do. Visit Davao. It is a great place. ^_^

  5. wachuchu. ayan ngaun gusto mo naman dyan sa davao. Grabe. wala pa kong napupuntahang iba kundi Bicol. tiksi,

  6. nice pics whatta lovely place davao is
    hope to see that too.

    have a great day

  7. @Renn:

    :-P Nag-iisip na nga akong bumili ng lote sa Davao eh. Bibili ako hng tatlong bundok. Kasama yuung MtApo. Haha.

    Buti ka nga nakapunta na ng Bicol. Ako kahit 1/2 Bicolano eh hindi man lang nakaapak ng Bicol.


    Thank you. ^_^


  8. ako davao hahha pero sa kasamaang palad di ko pa napuntahan yung mga napuntahan mo except samal at talikud island,,,stranger pa ako dito ah hahaa..

    viva IFA lols~

    ayan ah di na aketch anonymous...

  9. Well, Marinduque is my parents' hometown so I've been there a lot of times before. You should definitely go there. It's a lovely place. :)

  10. @Unni:

    Aba. Hindi ka na nga anonymous. ^_^

    Wow. Bumisita ka na rin pala ng Davao. Yep. Nice place yung napuntahan ko. Thanks sa isang project eh nalibot ko yung hindi masyadong dayuhin na mga lugar na iyan.


    Wow. You are from Marinduque pala. ^_^

    Yep. I will visit Marinduque. I will make sure of that.

  11. aktwali taga davao ako hahaha~~~
    gusto ko ngang makapunta ng oriental ang ganda daw ng mga beaches dun hehehe~

    aktwali anonyMOUSE ako now haha~

    horayyy IFA~


  12. Taga-Davao pala ka dai? ^_^

    Oo. Maganda talaga dun. Malawak pa ang mga coral reefs. Dun nga galing yung starfish dun sa pic eh.

    Anonymous ka na naman ha. At ikinakalit mo pa ang tagurin mo na IFA sa akin dito. :-P

  13. Ang gaganda ng mga kuha mo parekoy! uhmmm makapunta nga jan mamaya. LOL...marami p pla akong di napuntahan sa Davao hehehe...

  14. cool pictures! i love the starfish shot... gusto ko rin makakita nun in real life. nagalaw ba talaga sila? hahaha :D

  15. @Jag:

    Pupunta ka ng Davao mamaya? Isama mo ako. :-P

    Marami pa talagang mga "undiscovered places" sa Davao Region at minsan yun ang mga lugar na masarap puntahan.


    Haha...oo naman. Nagalaw sila. Yung kulay blue starfish nga eh tumatakas pa. Pero sobrang bagal niya gumalaw kaya palpak din yung attempt niya to escape.

  16. Huwaw! ang gaganda ng pics mo ng Davao parekoy! lalo na yung may star fish hehe. Dapat tumikim ka rin ng Durian while you're there. Saka nabisita mo rin ba ang Mt. Apo?

  17. what a shame on me! i have visited more than 10 countries but never been to davao. :(
    they said it is a clean and nice place. hope to visit davao someday.

  18. What a lovely place - nature at its best, unspoilt by man. Ya, I like the last pic too...with the lighthouse.

  19. @Fiel-kun:

    I did taste some durian parekoy. Nag-uwi pa nga ako pampasalubong eh. Yun nga lang hindi ko masyadong type. I prefer the lanzones at rambutan. Kakain lang ako ng durian kapag candy na.

    I did not have the chance to climb Mt Apo. Yung project kasi namin that time eh sa dagat lang. Pero nakita ko yung bundok na iyon from afar.


    That's ok. Davao will always be around, waiting for your visit. ^_^


    Wow! You like it also. ^_^ I believe the lighthouse was just newly established. I like the lighthouse built during the Spanish colonization. The lighthouse design during that time is great.

  20. great pics! Di pa ako nakapunta ng Davao. Sana one of these days e makapasyal din ako.

  21. Makakapunta ka rin dun Anney. One of these days. ^_^

  22. amazing po tlaga ang davao!


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