Losing Patience

“Patience is a virtue,” wise people had said. Apparently, I noticed that I am losing this virtue as I grow old. As I get more exposed to the fast – paced environment of the Internet, I get more and more impatient on the dealings of the things in the real world. Even simple things that I had patience for in the past were not also exempted to the list things that I am getting impatient for.

Now, I tend to demand that things in the real world to move at the speed of 2 Mbps or faster. The red traffic light should blink into green in an instant. The jeepney should be filled in just a few seconds. The traffic should move in the speed of the light. My textmates should reply after few milliseconds. And so on and so on.

This is the effect of being exposed to things that are prepared in an instant, especially in the Internet. I observed that the more the person is exposed to the Internet, the more he/she shortens his/her patience.

Thus, it is no wonder why many products nowadays offer things that produce results in a blink of an eye. Instant cleaning detergent soaps, instant noodles, instant coffee, instant jackpot, instant lover.

Sometimes, I miss the lazy afternoons when I was a kid. Those days when I do not have to be fidgety in waiting on many things.

In our fast paced world, the greatest challenge for me is to keep the virtue of patience within me. As wise people say, “Patience pays off in the end.”

P.S. I am just thinking. What if a person from the medieval era suddenly appeared in our time? I bet that he/she will be overwhelmed with the speed we deal on many things. Too overwhelmed maybe that it may result to his/her death.


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  1. I totally agree... maybe because we tend to have more activities which requires more time. However, that's not possible. Tendency, we just squeeze everything in 24 hours... so basically the shorter time we accomplish something the better for us...

  2. awwwww... i like this post again. hahaha. it made me realized, i am also like that. out of patience... i get mad easily when my bf do not reply right away, when traffic happens for about 3 minutes... basta ung mga ganon. and the last part... baka nga mamatay ung lokong un dahil nabigla. haha

  3. Haha! You are quite right. Things are moving really fast in the Internet world. And you can get into this habit of wanting everything to come to you immediately.

    Maybe you need a break from Internet and enjoy a lazy day away from the computer.

    I find that even when I visited a different town or city I experienced the locals there moving and speaking at a much slower rate than me! LOL!

  4. Naku, ang fast-paced na buhay natin ngayon ang dahilan kung bakit madaming "stressed" na mga tao. Just try to relax and live life one day at a time parekoy XD

  5. I'm old...but not very patient. My daughter would always remind me, "Patience! Patience!" It is true - that "patience is a virtue"...

  6. @Xprosaic:

    That is another thing. We have so much activities that time for ourselves and family got sacrificed. Work is about 8 hours. Add 4 more hours of travel between work and home because of heavy traffic. Add 2 more hours for errands and time for other things. In the end, we will be driven to stress and make our health suffer.

  7. @Tine:

    Haha...maging patient ka kay BF. Pero pag super-ultra-mega late eh dun mo na siya kaasaran.

    Mabuti kung yung traffic eh 3 minutes lang. Ang masaklap ang traffic ay umaabot ng 3 hours!

    Pamatay talaga ang traffic sa Metro Manila.

  8. @Foong:

    A lazy day without Internet. It happened to me a long time ago when Typhoon Ondoy visited us and shut down the electrical system.

    But I miss those days. Just strolling around the neighborhood with no place to go in particular or playing games.

    Ah...those are in old times my friend.

  9. @Fiel-kun:

    Tama ka parekoy. Sobrang fast paced na ang buhay natin na nakakahigal na paminsan-minsan. Lalo na ako sobrang workaholic. Laging puno ang sched.

  10. @Sutiapui:

    It is the way around eh? Instead of you telling her to be patient. It her telling you to be patient. ^_^

  11. keep smile always..relax and enjoy everyday..

  12. well dude in my case im akind of guy who doesn't have much of that virtue,

    im always hot headed lol


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