MMDA Male Urinal is Clean and Fragrant

I had been aching to take photos of one of the refurbished MMDA male urinals, which are scattered all over Metro Manila. These MMDA male urinals are the novel idea of the former MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando. During Fernando’s term, these urinals are pink in color and are famously called as “pink urinals.” The new MMDA chairman decided to change the pink color of the urinal into green.

For those who do not know, MMDA stands for Metro Manila Development Authority. The role of this agency is to beautify the metropolis and ease the flow of traffic.

Finally, I got my chance during my brother’s entrance exam in UP. I took the photo of an MMDA male urinal located along Commonwealth Avenue across the Ylanan Road entrance of the university.
MMDA Male Urinal
 Ooops! Somebody’s inside. :-P

Well, I have wanted to take a photo of the MMDA male urinal because I saw this interesting adage:
MMDA urinal is malinis and mabango.

The words printed on the MMDA male urinal says: “Ang urinal na ito ay malinis at mabango” (“This urinal is clean and fragrant).

Funny claim huh? But in fairness, that urinal is indeed clean and not that odious. However, I do not know the case for other MMDA male urinals. Many people complained about these urinals. They said that it is unsanitary. Others defended the urinals, especially the jeepney and taxi drivers that its usual users.

How about you guys? Are the MMDA male urinals really “malinis and mabango?” Or should we remove them for health reasons?


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  1. Public toilet? So open... LOL!!! Well, as long as it's clean... In KL, I saw at one place in the city centre, they have public toilet booths by the road but you need to pay to use...

  2. This is indeed interesting and novel! I won't be able to tell whether it is a good idea or not. But I know that in emergency, this thing is a very good idea!

  3. Actually, ok na rin yan... para di magkasakit sa napagtyatyagaan namang gamitin... I also tried it... wala lang hehehehhehe....

  4. @Suitapui?

    Open? Haha...yeah. It is very open and it is for free. MMDA is the one who maintain these facilities.


    I agree with you there. I have used these urinals during those "emergencies." I believe that it is a good idea so long as it is well maintained. However, there are some male urinals that are not maintained well and really smells bad.


    Haha...parang lahat naman ng mga taga Metro Manila ay nakagamit na nito. Syempre yung mga lalaki lang yung tinutukoy ko. Mas mabuti na dito kesa sa pader mo gawin ang krimen. :-P

  5. Napadaan ako sa may Ayala at mabantot to be honest lang...

  6. may nadaanan akong ganyan ha pero sobrang panghi kaya dapat di na nila nilagay na malinis at mabango ang urinal.

  7. @Jag:

    Yes. Maraming ganyang mabantot na urinal around Metro Manila. Kahit ulanan pa at bombahin ng tubig eh hindi mawawala ang amoy. I guess dapat na nilang tanggalin ang mga ito at maglagay na lang ng mga matitinong CR. AT saka dapat matuto ang mga Pinoy na wag umihi na tulad ng mga dog.


    Positive reinforcement yang style nilang yan. It is like hypnotism. Malay mo, maniwala ang mga tao na mabango at malinis ang urinal.

  8. phils actually dun have enormous funds to build lavish public restrooms. we should be thankful we hav 'em! : )

  9. I agree with you. But if MMDA chose to continue building these male urinal, then I guess it is their responsibility to keep these facilities clean and well maintained.

    I do believe that it is better to build public toilets so as to be fair with the girls. ^_^

  10. lol urinals like that was just so useful
    hahaha i got a chance using that even here in cavite

  11. Haha...yeah Poor Prince. These urinals are sometimes great "life savers." ^_^


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