Ignore the SONA, Join the SSONA

It is just few days before the lackluster Philippine president Noynoy Aquino will deliver his second State of the Nation Address (SONA). After a year in office, I can't see that Noynoy made any improvement in the Philippine government. Noynoy Aquino promised that his administration will pass the "Matuwid na Daan" (Straight Road) and will not copy the rampant corruption of the Arroyo Administration. Well, that promise was broken and the corruption in the Philippine government continue unabated. Corrupt politicians can't even "moderate their greed." Well, this is not surprising because the allies of Noynoy Aquino in the Philippine congress are the former allies of PGMA and are a bunch of political hooligans.

What's worse is that the current president created division in the nation, instead of promoting unity. Noynoy Aquino foolishly supported the Reproductive Health Bill and played in the hands of the makers of condoms and the health-hazardous contraceptive pills.He also opened the gates for irrational people who have nothing but hatred against God and against the Church.

This is why there is nothing to be expected in Noynoy Aquino's SONA this year.He will just bash the former president so as to hide the failings of his administration. He may even gloss over the "benefits" of the RH Bill and will promise the its quick passage in the future.

So, I say let us ignore the SONA.Instead of listening to lies, let us listen to the true state of the nation. Everyone is invited to this event:

The State of the Soul of the Nation Address or the SSONA is set to commemorated the 43rd Anniversary of the Humanae Vitae, which re-affirms the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church regarding marriage, responsible parenthood, and lawful and unlawful ways of regulating birth.

The event will be held on July 25, 2011 (Monday) at Greenhills, San Juan City.

This event is not a Catholic gathering. Various leaders from various religious groups will attend the SSONA.  Ashort program will be held at the Corazon Aquino Kalayaan Hall at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City to be led by various heads of the inter-faith alliance.

Everyone in invited to join the SSONA. Let us show Noynoy Aquino that we do not approve of the RH Bill and his policies that disrespects the sanctity of life and divides the nation.

Read more about the SSONA at Filipinos for Life.

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  1. Sana maging maayos ang lahat we need to be united as a nation.

  2. Yan din naman ang gusto ko Kuya Diamond.

    Ang mga taong gobyerno naman kasi ang magulo eh. Sila-sila nagsisiraan dahil may mga faction sila sa loob. Tapos imbes na tamang pamumuno ang ginagawa ay mga maling panukala ang gustong isulong. Saan pupulutin ang Pilipinas n'yan?

  3. Looks like your Government is very corrupted! Well, not much different from our Government!

  4. Foong

    Well, it seems like there is no government in this world that is nt corrupt.

  5. You people should really stop letting religion run the government. I personally think the bill was a great idea; it will help control the rising birth rate in the Philippines, as well as reduce poverty. If you really don't want it then don't buy it. Simple.

    We could argue until the rest of our lives, but discussing birth control is a moot point. The people should focus on actually getting jobs and not depending on OFW relatives. Seriously, with all the professionals in the Philippines, it could be more successful than America with some hard work. But NO, people decide to be lazy and wait for remittances. At this rate, even Australia's and other countries' efforts to help will be useless.

    Now, I'm not referring to ALL Filpinos, but still, I know for a fact that Filipinos can do ANYTHING
    they set their minds to. Just TRY, and try harder.

    Sorry for that but I got carried away.

  6. Bravo Anonymous! Thank you for the visit.

    I disagree with your arguments for the RH Bill. Here are my reasons:

    One, you are telling me (or the people like me) to "really stop letting religion run the government." Are you serious about this comment? I mean, is the president of the Philippines a religious leader? I hope you know the news that Noynoy is at the forefront in bashing religious leaders, specifically the Catholic bishops, who disagree with his erroneous government policy. Instead of dealing with the comments from the CBCP like a good statesman, Noynoy and his minions are finding ways to destroy the image of the Catholic Church. Can you still recall the PCSO issue where Margie Juico lied about the Pajero?

    Maybe you are telling me to throw away my religious belief just to conform to your own set of beliefs. Sorry Anonymous. If you will cling to your set of anti-religious belief, then it would be fair for me to also cling to my religious belief.

    Second, the bill is great because it control rising birth rate then reduce poverty? Weh! Give me a peer-reviewed study that shows that population is directly related to economic growth of a country. You are barking at the wrong tree Anonymous. You want to solve poverty by sterilizing the poor because if there are less people then poverty incidence will also go down? Such a simple thinking! The problem of poverty lies in the fact that the natural resources of this nation is under the control of the few people. How many billions of pesos are in the hands of few rich people? How many parcels of land are “owned” by the few hacienderos? How many people owned the few private companies here in the Philippines? The problem is that many people are using the government to make themselves rich. The taxes that the Filipino people, yes including those who are below the poverty line, only goes to the pockets of few people. Are you telling me that sterilizing the Filipino people will reduce poverty. Well, you are dreaming.

    Third, you are telling me that “if I don’t want it then don’t buy it.” I assume that the “it” in your comment is the contraceptive tools like condom and pills. You know Anonymous, I am not buying any of those things. However, the RH Bill will force people like me to waste my money on condom and pills. Why? Because the RH Bill will require the government to buy condoms and pills yearly. The money that the government will use are the taxes that is paid by the Filipino people, including people like me who don’t approve the use of these things. So in the sense, with RH Bill, I am forced to buy it even if I don’t want it.

    I agree that the people should focus on actually getting jobs and not depending on OFW relatives. Also, we should not waste people’s money, including the remittances of OFWs, to buy pills and condoms. That is counterproductive.


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